Zen canvas: raise the vibrations of your interior

They have been flourishing for a few years. Zen canvas have appeared in offices, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, entrances ... It seems that these small Zen objects are real antidotes to stress.

The Zen painting helps you to meditate and relax, but also to concentrate. Easy to integrate into your interior design, the Zen painting is a useful decorative object in everyday life.

Here is a selection of zen decorative objects to help you create a zen atmosphere in your home.

Why put a Zen frame or canvas in your home

In the universe, everything is vibration, everything is filled with life, everything radiates a field of influences that acts on your body, your being, your life and your destiny.

Knowing how to surround yourself with good vibrations means knowing how to consciously choose the energies with which you want to associate yourself. To know how to surround yourself with good vibrations is to preserve balance, harmony and happiness in yourself and around you.

As everything is alive, you must be able to choose what acts positively on you, elevates you and protects you, leads you where you really want to go. Everything around you acts: colors, shapes, thoughts, nature, beings, objects... Each form emits a wave, a vibration: this is what we call a wavelenght form.

You must therefore know how to surround yourself with the vibrations that nourish your highest aspirations, those that contribute to your well-being.

The outside world is constantly calling on us and it is easy to get lost in the many suggestions that surround us, to let certain negative vibrations fertilize us.

To awaken is to choose the framework of life, the symbols, the sounds, the beings, the objects, the Zen decoration, the thoughts, the activities with which we want to live to inspire us, to surround us, to raise us and to protect us.

Surrounding yourself with good vibrations is taking your life in hand, knowing how to discern and lighten up from situations, contexts and influences that do not vibrate at the frequency of your soul. It is to choose on a daily basis, in a conscious, clear and simple way, to offer our soul the best, the purest, the highest.

We must choose what brings joy, happiness, love, what vibrates in harmony with our heart.

Surrounding yourself with good vibrations will allow you to become a conscious and awake actor of your life, choosing at each moment the best for you and for your entourage.

Be attentive and choose the sounds, the colors, the thoughts, the friends, the surroundings, the activities that lead you upwards. Choose the zen decor that elevates and ennobles you so that the vibrations you nourish radiate within you and in your environment.

Which Zen canvas for the bedroom?

To create a Zen atmosphere in your bedroom, choose soft and pastel colors for your Zen wall frame.

If you choose a Flower of Life painting for example, pay attention to the Feng Shui colours.

Therefore, avoid too bright colours such as red, orange etc.

Our Zen triptychs

Another alternative to create a soft atmosphere at home or in your workplace is to hang a triptych. We have composed triptychs with 3 Mandalas, so three energies that will radiate and contribute to theZen atmosphere of your home.

Luck - Happiness - Prosperity
Authenticity - Destiny - Splendor

As soon as a Mandala is placed in a place, all energies are transformed, the vibrations are raised. Placing such Mandalas in our environment or concentrating on them helps us in our daily life to transform ourselves and to attract to us the vibrations of the corresponding energy.

Mandalas have been used a lot in therapy to create a particular atmosphere and especially to change certain vibrations in a positive way.

The Mandala is first a center, then concentric patterns radiating outward.

- The center is the concentration, the self, the birth, the beginning, and the end too..

- Around the center, the other circles symbolize the organization of our relationships to the world.

- The square that often encloses the Mandala is our realization in the world.

For thousands of years, the creation and contemplation of Mandalas have been used either for meditation as a sacred ritual by Buddhist monks, or as atherapeutic tool for self-discovery and healing by Native American shamans.

Our Flower of Life canvas

We offer a large choice of Flowers of Life which are our own creations

To choose your color, trust us and let us inspire you!

Where to buy your zen wall decor ?

We offer you a large choice of sacred geometry symbols. You can choose your size of wall painting according to your needs.

See the collection

Each canvas is printed by us and ready to be hung on the wall.

How to make your own zen canvas?

You can choose from a wide range of symbols as we offer more than 400 different mandala designs.

You can create your own personalized canvas.

To access the mandala catalogue.

To conclude

What we put into a room in our home will not only affect us, but also our lives outside.

Each room has its own use and its own destination. The office is for being active, dynamic, creative. The bedroom is for relaxing.

Vibrational mandalas and sacred geometry symbols show that we are co-creators of our environment.

If your daily life does not suit you, you can change it by using your creativity.

By placing a vibratory Mandala on a wall, you transform the soul of a room, of a house. Thus, you are the creator and it is up to you to know what you want in life and not to be passive.

We arrive at the end of this article. I hope you have enjoyed it.

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