Tree of Life canvas: 3 good reasons to adopt it

The symbol of the Tree of Life is a source of mystery, of magic, of inspiration, of wonder, of renewal.

The mystery is everywhere, we have forgotten it. We have named everything, categorized everything, enclosed everything, defined everything according to our own vision. We have obscured a whole part of existence that is inaccessible to us and yet could teach us about life, beauty, the noble and sacred path.

Many beings are looking for an opening, a breath of fresh air and are showing an increased interest in trees. Men and women want to try to reconnect with this mystery, this sacred science of trees, to understand their intelligence, to learn the wisdom of the druids, to get closer to the forest, to commune with their brothers of the plant world. This is beauty. These men and women sense a forgotten path, a natural force to be found...

Here are the 3 good reasons to put a Tree of Life canvas in your home

1) The Tree of Life to recharge your batteries and meditate

The Tree of Life radiates soothing, structuring energies.

If we look at a man meditating, his shape is that of a pyramid. This man is standing on the earth and behind him is theTree of Life.

The man who meditates like the Buddha is the pyramid placed on the Mother Earth. There are very beautiful statues of the Buddha in meditation, with a face full of serene light. We can see that he is in great calm, great peace, but he is not sleeping.

He is like a wise man, and he meditates by his tree. When a man meditates he puts his body down, he puts it to sleep and he awakens his mind, his soul, his inner being.

Man first lives in the roots, like a seed. A base separates this root world from a higher world. The man who connects with the higher world only realizes the writing that is in him, like the seed. Then he blossoms because he stands on the stability of this foundation.

2) The Tree of Life for cultivating deep states of mind

The tree is eternal and immortal. It lives in the immensity of the stars and the sun. Like him, the men must cross worlds to go towards the sun of their being. This is why all peoples have venerated trees.

Try to imagine our ancestors, pure of heart. Try to imagine their eyes, the eyes of our ancestors when they saw trees. What happiness! They saw majestic beings that bear fruit, colors, flowers.

Everywhere on earth, wherever they are, in all peoples, our ancestors have venerated and adored trees because they were amazed. They had this ability to be amazed, to be enthusiastic, to meet beings and to communicate. They were less locked into beliefs and concepts.

Our ancestors were amazed by the trees and when they prayed, it was always with the trees in their midst because they understood that these beings carried a message, a writing, that they were a force.

So they called upon the forces of wisdom within them to guide them. It was Mother Nature who guided them to greatness because the tree showed them the way to grow, always grow and go to greatness.

Some people knew how to look at a tree in its dignity. Like the tree, these men and women wanted to be centered within themselves. They wanted to unite with their true being.

Man and tree have the same structure. The tree unites beings.

This is the state of mind you need to focus on when you concentrate on your Tree of Life painting. In this way you powerfully enliven this symbol within you and at some point it will begin to speak to you from within.

3) The Tree of Life to improve the vibratory rate of a room

An environment that radiates beauty is an open door to the world of the soul. The body knows this instinctively and seeks through the subtle senses that animate it to become larger, more ethereal, to commune, to integrate, to merge with the greatness. It knows that by approaching the soul it will find supreme happiness.

A beautiful environment, a magnificent Tree of Life painting are only writings, only supports through which the world of the soul can establish a contact with the world of man and open an energetic door. This is a secret of the Tree of Life, it represents a bridge between the worlds and that is why it creates a balance in life.

The symbol of the Tree is a source of protection and blessing. Somewhere it is like a talisman.

Placing a Tree of Life painting in your home or office will help harmonize the atmosphere of your room.

You will feel good.

Your Tree of Life wall frame

The Trees of Life are our own creations. We have declined this symbol in 3 different colors: a green Tree of Life, a black Tree of Life and a white Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life in decoration is always an excellent choice, because without being a too esoteric symbol, it speaks to everyone. So you can even give it as a gift without fear of getting it wrong!

White Tree of Life Canvas
Black Tree of Life Canvas
Green Tree of Life Canvas

Our other Tree of Life deco items

Our Tree of Life collection in wood

The Tree of Life energizing tray can also be used as a Tree of Life wall decoration thanks to its notches on the back.

We print our creations on different supports. You will find the Tree of Life in metal, whether as a suncatcher, on boxes or as a pocket mirror.

Our Tree of Life collection in metal

Box of tricks :-)
Pocket mirror

Our Tree of Life glass collection

Tree of Life energizing plate
Photophore - Tree of Life candle holder
Photophore - Tree of Life candle holder

Printable Tree of Life

Mandala coloring is always a good option to relax and focus on positive thoughts. With the Tree of Life it's the same!

Focus on the roots, the trunk and the tree during your relaxing moment. And see how it resonates (or not) with your own life.

To download your Tree of Life

Discover our Tree of Life collection

A collection created and printed by us in the south of France

We arrive at the end of this article. I hope you liked it.

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