The symbols of life: the top 8 representations

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Our articles are starting to be numerous on the blog.

So I'm going to give you a little rundown of the best representations of the symbols of life.

If you want to go deeper into each symbol, I'll link you to additional articles.

The elements: water and the sun

We tend to forget that the elements are necessary for life. Earth, water, air and fire are the 4 elements essential to life

It is said that water is synonymous with life, that it is the basis of all life, and this is demonstrated by the fact that in space research aimed at discovering the existence of life on other planets, the search for water begins. The powers of water are known and recognized from all times: the baptism with water poured, the blessing of water, the transformation of water in curative potion

Similarly, modern science focuses on the study of the properties of the so-called liquid crystal. Since it has a crystalline structure, it has the ability to remember. We know the research of the Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto, with water crystals. He made the water crystals listen to different kinds of music, he told the crystals pleasant and unpleasant words, he read prayers, and he was able to see that the crystals became beautiful or ugly, which can be seen in the photos he made. The effect of remembering water is known even in homeopathy, where this property is used to "insert" curative abilities and to produce potions that can heal.

The water that is drunk by most of the population is generally of good toxicological and bacteriological quality, but no water system takes care of its physiological quality, its " vitality "

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And the sun in all this?

The solar energy transmitted by solar radiation makes life on Earth possible by providing light energy (light) and thermal energy (heat), allowing the presence of water in a liquid state and the photosynthesis of plants.

Without the element of fire, without the sun, there is no life.

The sun, the star of life, is sometimes represented by a circle with a dot. In ancient Egypt, the sun was venerated. Ra (or Ra) was a solar god in Egyptian mythology, creator of the universe.

The Flower of Life

What is the Flower of Life?

The Flower of Life is known throughout the world. We have devoted several articles to it on the blog.

The Flower of Life is composed of several figures, each of which symbolizes a representation of the world:

- The seed of life, composed of the seven outer circles, which correspond to the seven days of creation of the world

- The egg of life corresponds to the central part of the flower of life. It represents the shape of a multicellular embryo in its first hours of formation.

- The fruit of life is divided into 13 circles that take the form of a star. Like a map of the universe, it symbolizes the atom and the different molecular structures that make up life.

- The Tree of Life occupies a central place in the wheel of life. It symbolizes our common descent.

What is the symbol of the Flower of Life?

The Flower of Life symbol is the one you find in our store, with the 19 circles and the 2 protection circles.

If you find a symbol with truncated circles, beware as this may interfere with the high vibratory rate of the symbol.

How to activate a Flower of Life?

This symbol of sacred geometry does not need to be cleaned, activated or recharged. It is a wavelenght form that naturally emits its beautiful vibrations.

How to use the Flower of Life symbol?

We answer this in detail in this blog post.

You will see that the uses for your well-being are really multiple and you will be surprised of some applications.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is an exciting symbol to study because it carries within it a memory of a teaching that connects us deeply to it.

Take the time, stop and try to look at it differently. Perhaps the tree will speak to you about yourself and change your view of the world?

The tree is like the prayer of the Earth reaching up to the ethereal and infinite sky, not only to commune with it, but to enter a perfect world and receive its blessing.

The tree is an organ of communication, between a limited world and a limitless world. It is the promise of a greater life and allows the earth to rise, life to grow in a multitude of forms, colors and worlds.

The tree must live in you and that is why you must concentrate on it. Then it can inspire you and connect you to the eternal wisdom.

If all the initiatory traditions of the Peoples have spoken of the tree and associated it with life and universal knowledge, it is because when man is in a perfect connection with the great Whole, his etheric body or body of life has the shape of a tree.

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The Egyptian cross or Ankh cross or key of life

What does the Egyptian cross mean?

The ânkh (in Egyptian hieroglyphics: ☥), also known by the various names of ankh cross, cross of life, key of life, Egyptian cross, Nile cross, is a hieroglyph representing the word ˁnḫ, meaning "life". In Egyptian civilization, it was used by the Egyptians to symbolize life. The Egyptians believed that their time on Earth was only a part of a greater eternal life. The cross of life therefore symbolizes not only mortal existence on Earth, but also their immortal existence in the afterlife.

The Christians of Egypt, called Coptic Christians, used a cross similar to the ânkh. The cross of the early Christians of Egypt is called "crux ansata" meaning "cross with a handle" or "annealed cross" in Latin.

The ânkh can be a symbol of long life, even eternal life. Based on the shape of the Latin cross, the vertical axis of the ânkh could symbolize the divine dimension, and the horizontal axis the physical dimension. The ânkh would then mark the period from creation to death and beyond death into eternal life. The ancient Egyptians thus associated the ânkh with the spiritual life of the soul. Its oval shape could symbolize the eternity of the living deities, and the cross coming out of it is a symbol of continuation and extension. But the ânkh is also subject to other interpretations.

More recently, the Ankh has become a popular symbol in the West, especially as jewelry and tattoos.

The Triskel

The word Triskel comes from the Greek "Triskelês" which means three-legged. The symbolism of the Triskel has been interpreted in many ways. It is a symbol representing three human legs, or three intersecting spirals. It is above all a symbol of good luck.

The very shape of the Triskel as a wheel also reminds us that it is a principle of life linked to the fundamental notion of natural cycles: life, death, rebirth.

This is what nature shows us through the magic of its seasons.

It links us to a symbolism of fertility and fecundity. This is what we find in the spirals that compose it. This aspect linked to the mother earth is very important.

The spiral shape of the branches of the Triskel is a symbol of life, dynamism and enthusiasm in opposition to everything that is straight and seems to be frozen. It is therefore the movement, the life. In Breton, it means the "three rays". Some people compare it to the sun, because it looks with its three branches in the three directions and seems to watch the universe.

A universal symbol of movement and the cycle of life, the Triskel combines the harmony of sacred geometry with a symbolism that links us to the laws of nature. Somehow it is the link between the forces of the earth and the celestial and cosmic forces.

What symbol represents life?

The mandala of Life is the symbol that is in essence associated with life.

The message of this mandala is clear

He asks us to honor life. If our eyes no longer see life, let us open our ears and listen to the teaching of a higher intelligence that tells us that the mother (nature) is alive and appears in minerals, plants, animals and humans. Behind this visible world is an invisible, subtle world, which is the other dimension of life: the world of angels, archangels and gods. It is this higher world that brings the visible world to life and gives it a sacred, eternal, divine meaning.

What is the symbol of life and strength?

And now I come to the symbol which, in my opinion, is the most life-giving

Let's be clear, all the symbols of sacred geometry at the base are connected to the life energy of the universe and that's why their vibratory rate is so high.

However, the symbol of the seed is the one that seems to me the most representative

The symbolism of the seed is important because the seed contains in germ all the potentialities of the future plant. The seed reminds us of all the potential that is within us and that we can let blossom. It gives us to reflect on what we really want to let grow in us.

And it is also a symbol of strength because plants are able to break through the hardness. They put all their energy and all their concentration to rise to the heights. In this they are truly a model for humans.

The Seed of Life is formed by seven circles arranged in sixfold symmetry, forming a pattern of circles and lenses, which are a basic component of the design of the flower of life.

The first day is supposed to be the creation of the sphere, the second day the creation of the vesica piscis, the third day the creation of the "tripod of life", followed by an additional sphere on each subsequent day until the seven spheres build the "seed of life"

The Seed of Life symbol, with its seven interconnected circles, symbolizes the interconnectedness of life on Earth and universal existence. It also symbolizes that all life originates from a single source in a divine plan.

Most people are drawn to the Flower of Life because it is so talked about, but honestly there are many other symbols that deserve much more attention!

And you, what is your best symbol representation of life? Tell us in comments :-)

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