The powers of the Metatron Cube

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Our new "Metatron Cube" creations are finally online!

Surprisingly, there is little information, or sometimes misinformation, about this powerful symbol of sacred geometry.

The purpose of this article is not to tell you aboutArchangel Metatron but to stay on the theme of sacred geometry and its powers.

The cube of Metatron is one of the most powerful symbols of sacred geometry. This symbol reveals to us the best kept secrets of creation and the universe. The Metatron Cube is a sacred geometric figure with a very high vibratory rate.

It contains not only the sacred forms of the Flower of Life, the Seed of Life and the Merkabah, but it also contains all the Platonic solids.

What are the Platonic solids?

The 5 Platonic solids are regular volumes (all their faces are equal), they are convex (all their angles are less than 180°) and inscribable in a sphere (each vertex the whole surface of the sphere). All their angles constituted by the junction of their faces as well as the dimensions of the edges, are equal. This postulate was demonstrated by the mathematician Euclid, a disciple of Plato, in his Treatise of the Elements book XIII.

Plato solids have been known since Neolithic times. They were named after Plato even though they were demonstrated by his student Euclid at the school of Athens. In his book The Timaeus, Plato associated the five solids with the five elements. He associated the tetrahedron with fire, the hexahedron with earth, the octahedron with air, the icosahedron with water, and the dodecahedron with ether, the cosmos and the divine spirit.

There was a justification for these associations: the heat of Fire seems sharp and dagger-like (like the tetrahedron). Air consists of the octahedron; its tiny components are so soft that one can hardly feel them. Water, the icosahedron, escapes from the hand when grasped as if it were made of tiny balls. The most stable solid, the hexahedron (cube), represents the Earth. These small solids make dust when crumbled and break when grasped, a big difference from the smooth flow of water

For Plato's fifth solid, the dodecahedron, Plato remarked obscurely, "the god used to arrange the constellations all over the sky. Plato equated the dodecahedron with the Whole (Phaedo, 110b; Timaeus, 55c), because it is the solid that most closely resembles the sphere. Aristotle named this fifth element, aithêr, (aether in Latin, "ether" in French) and postulated that the universe was made of this element, and that it was substantial to all the others, that it contained them all.

The influences of the 5 Platonic solids

The tetrahedron, source of energy and vitality

The tetrahedron is an angular solid with four triangular faces. It is therefore a balanced volume. Its aspect is very dynamic. This solid is linked to fire, an active element, whose symbolism is linked to the emergence of elevation.

The vibration of the tetrahedron's shape can strengthen our general health or can amplify an intention. The use of the tetrahedron can help us to overcome an important fatigue or activate a convalescence.

The hexahedron, source of stability and mastery

The hexahedron is a massive solid and its cubic shape with its 6 squares is very reassuring

This solid is connected to the earth, a dancing and stable element and its vibration of form will favour stability, precision and security

The hexahedron will favour a good management of the material world and thus the survival of the physical body.

The octahedron, source of balance and subtlety

The octahedron is a solid made up of 8 equilateral angles and its aspect is very symmetrical compared to a vertical axis. The rough diamond crystallizes with the shape of an octahedron and symbolizes purity and love

The octahedron is a solid related to air, a very subtle element, whose symbolism is the exchange between all directions and all dimensions

The vibration of the form of this solid promotes subtlety and lightness for our psychic environment. It also helps to strengthen the aura.

The icosahedron, source of purity and love

The icosahedron is a solid of 20 faces and it is perfectly balanced in space because it can be inscribed in a sphere

The icosahedron is a solid linked to water, it favours fluidity, dissolution and purity. Water is also a medium of communication of all the information of our environment as it is also inside our body which is composed of 80% of water. It is through water that our cells communicate with each other and that life is created and regenerated

Masaru Emoto 's extraordinary discoveries have revealed the richness of the messages that water can offer, as well as its capacity to inform itself of the worst and the best

The vibration of the shape of the icosahedron can help open the heart chakra and connect us with our causal soul. It is very suitable to help us dissolve our blockages in order to create an emission of affection and love towards others, to modify our vibratory emission and change our life.

The dodeahedron, source of intuition and spirituality

The dodecahedron is a volume of 12 pentagonal facets and each of the 20 vertices is in contact with the sphere in which it is inscribed

Of the 5 Platonic solids, the dodecahedron is the one connected to the ether. It symbolizes the fifth element, the ether, the invisible energy that underlies the four formal elements. The ether corresponds to prana in India or Qi in China

This solid is designed to promote our spiritual development. The pollution of modern life, whether formal or psychic, creates a deep imbalance in our inner life. It favours a connection with our spiritual soul and with our incarnation program.

Geometric figures in nature

These geometrical figures, these forms are so perfect that even nature uses them. They belong to what is called sacred geometry because they are the basis of the creation of the universe serving as a model for the atomic bonds of all known matter in the universe and in the universe

Plants, animals, minerals ... are composed of these crystalline forms. There is an important relationship between the different configurations of molecules and the configuration of these perfect crystal forms. The molecular structure of the human body is also subject to this.

Sacred geometry is the universal language of the creation of the universe.

To learn more, read my article on sacred geometry in nature.

The Cube of Metatron and the Flower of Life

Often we see on the internet that the Cube of Metatron contains only 4 of the 5 Platonic solids.

This is not true.

It does contain all five solids.

On the other hand, 4 of the 5 solids fit perfectly into the Flower of Life pattern.

What is the Merkabah or tetrahedral star?

In a few words, the merkabah is defined by the essence of its name. According to Egyptian terminology, it is composed of three words: MER, the celestial light, KA, the energetic body, and BA, the incarnated soul. The word Merkabah (or Merkavah) is therefore an Egyptian term, then a Hebrew one.

In the Kabbalah, it took on the meaning of a vehicle or chariot and was associated with the inner journey. Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah have their origins in ancient Egypt.

Likened to an energy vehicle, the Merkabah can help our body, mind and soul to access and experience other levels of consciousness or life potential.

How to use the Metatron Cube?

As you may have noticed, the Metatron Cube is a condensation of the 5 Platonic solids, the Merkabah and the Flower of Life.

This is what makes it such a powerful symbol.

The Metatron Cube for rebalancing and protection

A major symbol of sacred geometry, the Metatron Cube has been used for centuries for the protection and purification of places. A rebalancing tool for your home and a protector against negative energies.

You can use the Metatron Cube on a variety of mediums but the ideal for a home would be canvas on stretcher. Be careful of the space where you put your canvas because the radiation of this symbol can be unsuitable for certain spaces like the bedroom for example.

The Cube of Metatron to energize water

I wrote a complete article on the subject on our blog. To consult it.

To summarize, all our tap water and bottled water currently meet all the worst possible conditions for quality drinking water. We drink daily water without energy, without structure, without any dynamics or vitality.

There are different techniques to give back the water all its vitality. One of the most accessible is that of the waves of form like the mandalas or the Flower of Life.

Drinking energized water allows you to have:

- better vitality, less fatigue

- better hydration

- better sleep

- a better immune system, less disease

- improved endurance and recovery after exercise

- a feeling of satiety more quickly reached

The symbols allow not only to energize water but also food supplements, medicines, essential oils, Bach Flowers etc..

To do this, simply place your bottle of water or your food on a dynamising plate for example, or on a harmonising disc or a place mat. In short, you get the idea.

The Metatron Cube for cleansing and recharging minerals

I don't know about you, but it's often difficult to remember whether it's salt, water or incense that suits your stone to clean it. It's even more complicated when you have a whole collection of minerals and stone jewelry at home!

What is great about the vibrational symbols is that you just have to put your stones in them after each use and take them back a few hours later or the next morning. No need to use water, sunlight or other restrictive methods when you want to cleanse your crystals daily or after each use.

And hop! A passage on the harmonizing disc and the trick is played!

The Metatron Cube to meditate, increase your vibratory rate

The vibratory symbols in general act by themselves, it is thus enough to carry them under the form of your choice or to place them in your environment to benefit from their benefits.

But you can also set up a meditative practice. Contemplate its color, its shape and then let yourself be won over by its surprising harmony. Then perceive its energy, its soul, its intelligence. This can awaken in you a new look on yourself and your surroundings.

The purpose of this exercise is to perceive the energetic aura of the symbol and enter into it to receive its blessing. This increases your own energy and awareness.

We have intentionally developed a range of Metatron Cubes in different colours to work in parallel with the benefits of chromotherapy.

The Metatron Cube to find harmony, health and serenity

The world of symbols is the world of life. Life works with symbols and manifests itself through them, every object is a symbol that contains life. To penetrate life, you must work with the symbols and, conversely, to discover the symbols and understand all that they contain, you must live the true life. The symbols are seeds that you can plant.

The symbols show us what we must strive for, a perfect balance of all worlds. They are powerful tools for awakening and healing.

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