The power of our vibratory Mandalas

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Mandala "Attracts joy, helps to get through the trials"

The Mandala: representation of life

Throughout the ages, mandalas have been used to release creative energy and focus on positive thoughts. They were designed to structure and harmonize the inner life. Each mandala vibrates at its own frequency and releases specific energies such as balance, harmony, heart opening, joy, energy, healing, creativity, peace..

A Feng Shui element, the mandala brings balance and harmony to your home or wherever you choose to place it.

Canvas on stretcher
Dynamizing glass plate
Photophore and harmonizing disc

Our mandalas are contemporary and unique

There are many mandalas on the market, and you may wonder what's different about them?

Basically every shape radiates, this is called a shape wave.

But not all shapes radiate in the same way.

Our Mandalas have been inspired by the Wisdom of Nature and have been designed for our present time according to sacred geometry and form waves

Each mandala is a creative force and a source of unlimited inspiration. Each mandala corresponds to a virtue, a positive influence, to which one can connect and work with.

By their colors, their forms, they have the power to rebalance the energies. They will help you in your daily life thanks to their energizing and harmonizing power.

Why were the vibratory mandalas created?

In our modern world, where all energies are deliberately directed towards material success, it is more and more difficult and rare to be able to take time for what is more vast, greater, more essential. Our happiness requires the opening of a spiritual space that connects us to sacred energies. Our soul needs to be nourished to blossom.

Even though we are surrounded by comfort and have everything we can imagine, we still feel a sense of dissatisfaction, anxiety and anguish. Our heart, our conscience and our soul yearn for something essential, something spiritual

The most awakened know that material goods cannot fulfill all the needs of our soul. Of course, they are useful for the well-being of the body, but they are totally ineffective in fulfilling our deepest aspirations and our need for inner happiness. Our soul wants to have a real experience of spirituality.

This is where the vibratory Mandalas can intervene. They are mediators and agents of balance between body, soul and spirit. Since ancient times, people have used mandalas because they know that they must harmonize with the universal Soul and Spirit that animate the living nature, source of benefits.

Each vibratory Mandala has a thought-form, a soul, an influence of its own. They reflect the diversity of the world, cultures, peoples, philosophies. However, there is a common trait that unites them all: their desire to reunite scattered energies with the One Source, with the divine center.

It is with this state of mind that one must approach a vibratory Mandala to harmonize with one's aura, one's soul. You must not lose sight of the fact that they are there with you to help you walk on the path of happiness and fulfillment. Their role is to promote the energy of good fortune and to help you create the atmosphere that will allow all your dormant gifts and abilities to awaken.

Perhaps this is the meaning of life and happiness: to awaken the divine potential that lies dormant in each of us in order to create a world of ideas, feelings, colors, sounds and harmonious movements.

Mandalas to cultivate your inner life

Vibrational Mandalas are designed to structure and harmonize the inner life. By their structure, they harmonize us and lead us to cultivate our inner space. The message is clear: it is not enough to surround ourselves with beauty and things we love, we must also allow beauty to emanate from within, to become a source of beauty and energy

Basically, the outer world is a reflection of who we are. Therefore, the more we discover and cultivate beauty within, the more it appears around us.

Mandalas to cultivate positive thinking

Vibrational Mandalas have been elaborated from a know-how that unifies art, science and religion (the etymology of the word religion comes from "religare" which means to connect).

Basically, they are artistic creations and are intended to decorate the walls of a house, a room, a place of prayer or meditation. However, they have been elaborated from an exact knowledge of a magical and invisible world in order to improve the quality of life. In this, they are the application of a real science.

Smile Mandala
Meditation Mandala
Mandala Source of Happiness and Enthusiasm

Their spiritual aspect lies in the fact that they increase positive energy and connect us to higher states of mind and consciousness. It is the fundamental meaning of all spirituality to increase the positive and to connect people with God, nature and all living creatures in mutual respect and love.

All vibratory Mandalas act on the mind, the heart and life at the same time. In this, they are entirely positive because they naturally unify all the components of the human being and his environment.

Today, science is presented everywhere in opposition to religion, or artistic works that do not mean anything and that link us to chaos, to disorder. This destructures the human being and leads to a decrease in energy. Man, having no strength left, cannot push back the harmful influences that want to destroy the earth. Everywhere there is strife and war, because the secret of the harmony between science, religion and art has been lost.

Art is omnipresent in our lives. But is it an art that ennobles us or debases us? This is the big question that every conscious and awake person should ask himself.

Vibrational Mandalas have a spiritual dimension in that they are connected to a magical world and connect us to the sacred, to the energy of life.

Mandalas to center, root and harmonize

The real power of the vibratory Mandalas comes from the fact that they are centered and that they show us the need to center ourselves in the Divine that is within us, that is us. When we are divine, we are ourselves and we radiate.

Through its structure, the Mandala speaks to us of the creation andharmony of the cosmos. It links what is inside, the microcosmos, to what is outside, the macrocosmos. The planets moving in a circle around the sun constitute a Mandala. In the same way, the galaxies with their spiral shape or the electrons gravitating around the nucleus of the atom reflect the same structure, the same intelligence manifesting itself in the infinitely small and in the infinitely large.

The center point represents the creative source, divinity, eternity. The spiral symbolizes the feminine principle, the breathing sphere, creation, time.

When we were in our mother's womb we formed a Mandala. We were the center, and the placenta, along with the amniotic fluid, was the spiral of evolution.

At this very moment we are the center of our life and our aura radiates forces, influences all around us.

Through their structure, the Mandalas encourage us to harmonize with ourselves and with our environment. The spiral invites us to reflect on the nature of our relationship to ourselves, to others, to the cosmos. There are several centers in us that emit vibrations: the center of thought, of feelings, of will, of the body.

Mandala of Stability
Mandala of the Force
Mandala of the Earth Element

The Mandalas to reach the center of yourself

Everything in them speaks of the center, everything revolves around this mysterious center and that is why they possess the power to re-center, to ground, to harmonize.

All the questions, misunderstandings and anxieties of man disappear like the night before the rising sun when the connection with the inner and outer centers is re-established. The inner center is in harmony with the center of the universe and with all centers. The center is one.

When you are truly centered within yourself, you come into harmony with the center in everything. The Mandala is centered and that is why it radiates a soothing, structuring energy.

The first thing to do is to become aware of the center within oneself and also outside oneself. These two centers are really one center. Thus, the sun that shines outside offering its light, its heat, its energy to the world is the same as the one that lives in our center, generating the thought, the feeling, the will in us.

This fundamental awareness pushes us to intenseharmonization.

When we become aware of our center, we realize that everything revolves around it, that everything depends on it. The "I" in itself, the force of the Spirit, must remain at the center.

Some influences want to monopolize the center in order to become a center of interest, of attention.

The center is our true wealth, our freedom, our creativity. If we abdicate it to the periphery, we lose everything.

All these centers must be in harmony with each other and with the corresponding centers in the macrocosmos.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are connected to a multitude of circles that range from the smallest swirl to the largest circles.

Everyone is connected to the earth, to certain stones, trees, animals, humans, deities. When we progress, when we harmonize and become richer in Wisdom, all the circles, the whirlpools that come out of us are charged with beneficial energy for the happiness of all the beings that are connected to them.

To set in motion is the key, it is the strength of the spiral, of the circle. It is not enough to be for peace, but it is necessary that peace becomes a center of interest, a foundation of life, and that it is set in motion, that it forms circles that grow larger and larger.

Only a center can generate a spiral. If you don't have a center in you, you can't take charge of your life, be responsible for your actions, become a creator of goodness, of well-being.

It is not a question of finding the center to be independent, to cut oneself off from others, to be more than the world. The center serves to unify us in respect and beauty.

It makes us co-creators of the world, of the future. Each center is a part of the incarnated divinity that makes the world bloom with a thousand colors. Divinity is at the center of all centers.

It is fundamental to reflect on the circle and on the center. We must look at ourselves to discover what lives at the center of our consciousness, of our deepest motivation and in the circle of our concerns, of our relationships, of our contacts, of living exchanges.

By meditating on the center and the circle you will discover the Mandala of your own life.

Everything is connected by the circle and the spiral. From this comes a harmonious and balanced communication that connects the worlds and can generate authentic Peace.

The fundamental message of our Mandalas

The world is magical, it is sacred, divine, beautiful, sublime. Life is a mystery and it remains so no matter what we do

Their message is "Come into harmony with the magical world and let beauty enter you. This world is not polluted by hypocritical good and evil. It is pure. By tuning into it, you will feel what is authentic, pure, eternally true emerge within you.

The most important thing in life is life itself. It is the foundation. What you do with life is never more important than life. Vibrational Mandalas are in harmony with the magical forces of life and encourage all forms of life to find this deep harmony, this osmosis. They have the power to take us out of our daily agitation and awaken us to the omnipresence of the sacred world and the magic of life.

Peace of mind that radiates its energy into the heart
The Hidden Dignity

The Mandalashop approach

What we perceive in a vibratory Mandala, as in anything else, is a function of who we are, of what we live

To solve our problems, we have always gone about it in a physical way and we must admit that the results have been mediocre. Now we can understand the importance of the invisible and the energetic side. This opens up a new, higher way.

The physical beauty increases the energy and allows us to rise to the soul and the spirit.

Vibrational Mandalas help to restructure ourselves and are a reminder of the presence of the magical world within us and around us.

We are well aware that no one talks to you about symbols as we do. This is a pity, but it is also the strength of Mandalashop.

The world teaches you to stay on the periphery of things but also on the periphery of yourself. It is when you are centered that nothing can touch you. Everything flows. You are strong.

And of course, some worlds have an interest in your being weak because you are dependent on them.

The symbols of sacred geometry show you the way. They are great tools for awakening if you really want to use them as such.

The Mandala on the outside is just you! If you are attracted to symbols it is normal! It is as if you were attracted to the light at the end of the path.

And everyone is looking for the light, consciously or unconsciously.

We have imagined and created all these articles around the symbols of sacred geometry to accompany you in your daily life. They will radiate their beautiful vibrations and guide you on the path of light.

We arrive at the end of this article. I hope you liked it

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