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The most powerful power symbols and their meanings

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Symbols of strength are ubiquitous in our society. Some symbols are more powerful and have deeper meaning than others.

But... what does strength mean to you? A physical force ? a mental force ? a spiritual force ?

If the title of this article attracted you, it is not by chance.

We have a whole idea of strength and I imagine that the first part of this article will confirm you in your ideas, in your concepts.... But now you know that I like to take you where you don't necessarily expect it :-)

Shall we go?

Which animal represents strength and courage?

Have you ever heard of totem animals?

Here is its meaning.

Your totem animal is the animal and spiritual representation of your personality.

The totem animal is an animal that is venerated as a deity, the ancestor of a clan or a protector. Very present in the Native American cultures, the totem animal is also found in many African and European cultures.

For the Amerindians, each being is linked to the spirit of an animal throughout its life. For each tribe, it is therefore a sacred symbol. Some tribes believe that an individual can have several totem animals, which intervene at different stages of his life. Others believe that one can only have one totem animal.

Let's look at the animals that are most representative of the symbol of strength.

The lion: symbol of quiet strength and courage

The spirit of the lion is generally associated with inner strength, with quiet strength. If the lion appears as a powerful totem to you, its presence can be interpreted as a positive representation of your confidence or personal power. This protective animal invites you to rely on the qualities of strength, courage and self-confidence, as illustrated by the Marseille tarot card "La Force" which depicts a woman holding the mouth of a lion open with her bare hands.

The bull: symbol of power and strength

The bull is a symbol of power and creative force but also of raw nature and heightened virility but also attachment to the earth, stability and vitality. We all have in mind the image of the bull that rushes headlong.

In Greek mythology, the Minotaur is a fabulous monster with the body of a man and the head of a bull or half-man and half-bull. At the symbolic level, the minotaur represents the man dominated by his instinctive impulses. Theseus' fight against the Minotaur reflects the hero's quest to overcome his lower impulses. He must go through the labyrinth of his unconscious to overcome his animal nature within himself.

The eagle: the messenger, symbol of strength of mind and concentration

The eagle can fly high in the sky without apparent effort. Like most bird totems, this animal of power is often seen as a messenger carrying communications from the spirit world and the unseen.

If you have the eagle as a totem animal, you may be inclined to play with divination tools and use your intuition to guide your steps in life. Working with the eagle totem could strengthen your ability in this area.

When the eagle appears in your life, be sensitive to the messages it can bring you and be receptive to your own intuition.

To learn more about the eagle and its 7 principles of life, click here.

Now we leave the framework of the totem animals, with 2 legendary mythical animals: the dragon and the phœnix.

The dragon: Chinese symbol of strength

The dragon is a legendary creature represented as a kind of gigantic reptile, with spread wings and clawed legs.

By its reptilian appearance, the dragon is intimately linked to the earth. However, it is detached from the earthly world by its ability to fly. However, its representations vary greatly depending on the civilization. A symbol of life and power in China, a protector in Indonesia, a protector of treasures in ancient Greece or an evil kidnapper of princesses in medieval Europe.

In Western tradition (Greek, Celtic and Norse mythology), it is a winged, fire-breathing reptilian creature that many heroes or gods will have to fight in order to establish order in the world. They are above all creatures linked to earth and fire, symbolizing the power of natural forces.

Unlike their European counterparts, Asian dragons, although associated with the forces of nature, are dangerous but not really hostile. They do not show the often violent character of Western dragons. They also differ in appearance: they are slimmer and more aerial and do not especially have wings. They are regularly associated with the powers in place.

The phoenix: the eternal force or symbol of rebirth and renewal

The phoenix, sometimes written phœnix (from the ancient Greek which probably means "blood red"), is a mythical bird, endowed with great longevity and characterized by its power to be reborn after being consumed in flames. The phoenix thus symbolizes the cycle of death and resurrection. It is called by a modern periphrase "the firebird".

Which object symbolizes strength?

The objects that we see most frequently linked to this quality are the sword (which represents physical strength in the Celtic people) and the anchor. The latter symbolizes the strength of hope as one of the theological virtues in Christianity.

But, personally I see a sacred object much more symbolic of strength. It is the Djed pillar

The Djed pillar is a symbol of Osiris as a pillar/tree of life. The Djed pillar was used in architecture and as an amulet representing the backbone or spine of Osiris. It is a symbol of stability, and therefore a symbol of strength.

The symbols of strength in sacred geometry

The world offers us a lot of things to take us out of our true, individual ray, out of our own being and out of the knowledge of ourselves. Today, we are overwhelmed with information, captivated by screens, solicitations, images that saturate us and take us further and further away from our true nature and, above all, from the possibility of remaining centered in what really belongs to us, of focusing on our own life, what concerns us. The false grows and multiplies, the false takes over the world like a plague that penetrates our consciousness and all the components of our being. And this makes us weak.

Entertainment is a way to unbalance our head, our heart and to place all around us a world to fill the discomfort and to numb the forces that are unbalanced to satiate them. These forces in us are then saturated and fall asleep for a moment; thus, we are calmed, we have a little peace. Then they get excited again, and we have to satisfy them again... So we spend our time feeding things that are not us, that have nothing to do with us, that weaken us, steal from us, plunder us, take away our strength, take away our power, make us weak. Look at all this.

In front of this, be awake, but remain centered, observant. Get away from all these things and create an atmosphere of peace. Tell your thoughts, your feelings, your inner strength that now you want to enter your true being. You breathe, you calm down, you look for what you really want and you think about your own being, about yourself and not about others. This is not indifference, it is a vigilance, a discipline. You detach yourself from everything that is not you.

If you center yourself, your thoughts, your heart, your imagination will be in balance.

To be yourself is to be strong.

If there is one sentence to remember from this article, it is this one!

Basically all the symbols of sacred geometry help you to be strong because they all point to the same source: God, the living nature, the universe, call it what you will.

However, some symbols in particular represent this notion of strength.

Celtic symbols of strength

Among the most famous Celtic symbols we can mention: the Triskel, the Celtic Tree of Life, or the various Celtic crosses with their magnificent interlacing.

But there are two symbols in particular that are symbolic of strength: the vulture and the Celtic dara knot.

The vouivre is a Celtic symbol formed by two intertwined snakes. The vouivre represented the strength and qualities of the earth element. It was also considered the guardian of the Earth

For the Celts, snakes were closely linked to the sacred and to forest deities. Thus, for the Druids, the snake represented the confused and contradictory duality of nature.

It is said that whoever owns a vouivre as an amulet will receive love and power. It is also ideal for those who have difficulty living in the present, because the vouivre, being linked to the earth, is also linked to the present moment.

And to go further on the subject, the symbol of the snake (or dragon sometimes) that bites its tail is known by another name: it is the ouroboros.

Have you ever heard of it?

The ouroboros is a very ancient symbol that can be found in many cultures on all continents. The oldest known representation is undoubtedly an Egyptian representation dating from the 16th century BC.

Meaning: purifying seal. It symbolizes the eternal unity of all things, embodying the cycle of life (birth) and death.

Let's come now to the Celtic dara knot and see what is its meaning.

It comes from the word "doire", which means oak in Gaelic. The symbol represents the roots of the oak, a tree to which the Celts attributed great power and which symbolized for them wisdom, strength, destiny. Symbol of personal strength but also of a certain spiritual power.

The Tree of Life: symbol of inner strenght

I have devoted several articles to this symbol of life, so inspiring do I find it.

We have been told about the Tree of Life, the tree of the Kabbalah, the master tree of the Buddha, the tree at the center of the world among the Celts, etc. In reality, these stories should fill us, awaken us. They show us that beings who did not know each other began to have the same objects of worship, the same meditations, the same reflections, the same concentrations.

Look at the tree and see how stable its trunk is, how powerful it is, it is stable, and all its branches are fine, soft.

Everywhere on earth, wherever they are, in all peoples, our ancestors have venerated and adored trees because they were amazed. They marveled at the trees and when they prayed, it was always with the trees in their midst because they understood that these beings carried a message, a scripture, that they were a force.

They called upon the forces of wisdom that were within them and that guided them. Moreover, our ancestors the Celts said that the tree was royal, that the tree was great, that it was noble.

Plants and trees show us fundamental values: righteousness, dignity, honor, respect, being right, being just, being true,

Trees are stable in the concrete and welcome the highest energies in the subtle. If you are trees, and if you have a treasure in your hands, then root yourself, be clear, focused and unwavering on your goals and put everything in motion to achieve them, to make them appear.

To connect to the Tree of Life in your daily life

Discover our collection Tree of Life, created and printed by us.

Mandalas associated with strength

The vibratory Mandalas help us to harmonize with the positive energy of life and to rectify our thoughts, our attitudes, our behavior.

The strength of the vibrational Mandalas comes from the fact that they remind us of the reality of higher consciousness. Thus, we are ready to accept our own limitations and receive help in a lucid way.

The Mandala of Strength

Symbol of strength par excellence, his mandala shows us that life will always bring on your path events, circumstances, situations that will test your inner strength, your determination, the direction of your life.

To be strong is to be able to focus on an important point and not let go until it is brought to the perfect conclusion.

The 4 Elements Mandalas

Balancing the 4 elements in yourself is a real strength in your life. You stop being tormented, you find stability. You feel like a tree: strong and powerful. The wind may come and try to disturb you in the heights, but you remain powerfully anchored, unperturbed. You know who you are.

Which tattoo symbolizes strength?

Whatever your reason for wanting to get a tattoo, whether it's on your forearm, shoulder, etc., you can now choose your symbol of strength with full knowledge of the facts.

If you choose symbols of sacred geometry, you must be careful to respect the proportions, otherwise the energetic power of the symbol may be compromised.

A word of conclusion

Everywhere the symbols of strength bring us back to the earth.

The earth is there to carry us, and the simple fact of walking teaches us that hardness is a support that allows us to move forward. The flower or the tree show us that they can pierce the stone to be and blossom, to offer themselves to the light. Before rising to the purest heights, the eagle leans on the rock, the tree or the earth

Strength lies in the earth and that is why mastering the 4 elements within is the path to transformation, to fulfillment, to true strength.

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