The 2 methods to work on the aura

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Often when we have the opportunity to meet in a salon, a question comes up: "to which chakra does this Mandala or this Flower of Life correspond?"

Personally I consider that the question is meaningless.

Why is this so?

Because it is a mental concern and nothing else. On the other hand, if you choose your Mandala or vibratory symbol with your intuition, with your heart, your soul, you will necessarily be attracted by the one you need or the one you are in affinity with.

And then it makes sense!

What is the aura?

The aura is the manifestation of the energy field and is found around the body or head of a living being. Known for thousands of years and well described by the Hindus, the aura is the subtle, vibratory structure that surrounds all reality in our world, human beings, but also animals, plants and minerals.

For humans the aura is a combination of the emanations of their different bodies. And each body, through its own emanations, adds particular nuances to the aura. For some it is very vast, animated by intense vibrations and has magnificent colours. For others, on the contrary, it is narrow, dull, and blurred. Everything depends on the life that each one leads.

What is the purpose of the aura?

The aura can be compared to the atmosphere that surrounds our planet, the earth. We also have an atmosphere that filters the currents we are exposed to. Just like the earth, in our aura there is a kind of ozone layer which protects us from the harmful currents to which we are exposed. When a person is able to bear hatred, suspicion, jealousy, when he does not let himself be disturbed by external events, it is because he has known by his love and wisdom to create around him an envelope of light, and he is protected. Various nervous diseases are due to the lack of spiritual ozone in the aura.

Our aura is also a way of knowing beings. When it is pure, it makes us sensitive to what is hidden in their soul. Even if they do not manifest themselves by any gesture, any word, any facial expression, we feel their different states as chaotic, dark currents, which contract us, or on the contrary as harmonious waves of light and warmth which dilate and rejoice us.

If we had to summarize what the aura is, I would say that it is like a real garment, and as we make it, it provides protection, it keeps us safe from our inner enemies, but also from our outer enemies.

The 2 methods to work on the aura

The aura is an emanation of the inner life. By love you will vivify it, by wisdom you will enlighten it, by mastery you will strengthen it, by purity you will make it more and more limpid transparent.

There are therefore two methods of working on the aura.

The first one: through thought, through imagination, you concentrate on the colours and you surround yourself with these colours.

The second: much more effective, and to seek to develop the virtues which correspond to them. And there, even if you don't do any concentration exercises, by only trying to cultivate divine virtues, whether you want to or not, whether you think about it or not, you will weave little by little around you this garment of light whose colors will appear always more beautiful and more intense.

Concentrate on the colours

Initiatic science mentions 7 chakras, 7 suns inside man. These are 7 states of consciousness.

The word "Chakra" means wheel in Sanskrit. There are seven of them.

These are energy centers, which are related to colors, notes, endocrine glands, kingdoms, sounds, senses, bodies, planets, stones, yoga postures, etc..

They vibrate at different frequencies from the lowest for the base chakra to the highest for the crown chakra.

Red color. Note DO. Adrenal glands. Mineral kingdom. Sound LAM. Sense of smell. Physical body. Planet Saturn. Stones Red jasper, ruby, hematite. Posture the lotus.

Orange color. Note RE. Glands the gonads. Plant kingdom. Sound VAM. Sense of taste. Etheric body. Planet Jupiter. Stones moonstone, carnelian. Posture the frog.

Yellow colour. Note MI. Pancreas gland. Animal kingdom. Sound RAM. Sense the sight. Affective/astral/emotional body. Planet Mars. Stones amber, citrine, tiger's eye. Posture contraction of the abdomen.

Green/pink colour. Note FA. Gland the thymus. Human kingdom. Sound YAM. Sense of touch. Lower and upper mental body. Planet Venus. Aventurine, jade, emerald stones. Fish posture, cobra or sun salutation.

Blue color. Note GOLD. Thyroid gland. Subhuman kingdom of souls (angels). Sound HAM. Hearing sense. Causal body. Planet Mercury. Turquoise stones, aquamarine, blue topaz. Posture the candle.

Indigo color. Note LA. Pituitary glands and pituitary. Subhuman kingdom of the planets. Sound OM. Intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy, space-time, mediumship, telepathy. Buddhic body. Planet Saturn. Stones sapphire, lapis lazuli, azurite. Posture the corpse.

Sahasrara padma
Colour violet, white, gold. Note SI. Pineal gland. Subhuman kingdom of solar systems. Sound OM. Sense knowledge, intellect. Divine or celestial body. Planet Saturn and Jupiter. Rock crystal, diamond, amethyst stones.

Exercise to concentrate on the colours:

In general, I always propose to do a practice, over 7, 21 or 40 days.

For this example, let's imagine that we decide to work with the color red. Just like the rainbow, imagine that a red ray comes through you and that it floods in a very subtle way all the organs of your body. You can imagine it going down into your head, your eyes, your ears, down into your neck, into your shoulders, into your chest, into your belly, into your pelvis, and then into your legs, and even into your feet.

And as this ray of color passes through you, imagine that it cleanses all that needs to be cleansed within you. Kind of like taking a shower.

And finally, make it return to the earth, to recycle everything that must be recycled.

You can also concentrate with your eyes open on a red mandala or on a red Flower of Life, but I am convinced that the exercise I just suggested is more effective.

What is important is the regularity of the exercise that you can repeat several times a day, and this over 7, 21 or 40 days. You will thus invigorate and make the color you have chosen shine inside you, like a sun.

Develop the virtues that correspond to the colors

This second method is the safest and corresponds to the work on virtues such as purity, patience, indulgence, generosity, kindness, hope, faith, humility, justice and unselfishness. You work on the virtues and it is the virtues themselves that form the aura.

Red is the spirit of life, which brings dynamism, ardor, initiative, enterprise, holy activity, creativity.

Orange is the spirit of joy, which opens the perception of the inner life. It refines feelings, strengthens sensations, awakens free inner happiness.

Yellow is the spirit of wisdom, of intelligence, which allows you to strengthen right thinking, to reach knowledge, to develop clarity of mind.

Green is the spirit of destiny, of eternity, which helps to understand the deep meaning of life, to know the reason for coming to earth. It brings wealth on all levels.

Blue is the spirit of the true soul, of truth, which brings peace, fullness, love, higher consciousness, the perception of the great, the true, the beautiful, the just, the good. It opens the door to higher consciousness.

Indigo is the spirit of strength, which brings commitment, inner strength, courage, humility, order, discipline, celestial harmony.

Violet is the spirit of purity, which allows you to reach mystical states, rapture and ecstasy. It chases away all that is dark and negative and opens the doors to the divine consciousness within. It is truth, freedom, purification, mastery of all subtle bodies.

Some time ago we released a set of 7 chakra magnets with mandalas.

We have tried to associate the mandalas according to their color but also their virtue so that they correspond as well as possible to the 7 energy centers, the 7 chakras.

Violet: Wisdom
Indigo Blue: Clarity
Light Blue: Speech
Green: Balance
Yellow: Royalty
Orange: Will
Red: Harmony

So of course, we can vary for example by replacing Wisdom with Purity, replacing Speech with Communication, Harmony with Stability etc.

And so you can make your own 7 chakra box with virtues. And with each virtue you powerfully invigorate each energy centre and you work effectively on your chakras.

How to work with the harmonising discs?

Virtues are the activators of life, they are the subtle things that make you alive. They can guide you towards a greater consciousness, a clearer, more awakened thought, more settled feelings.

You can work with a virtue through thought, by naming it several times a day: for example "Harmony... Harmony... Harmony..." or "Balance.... Balance.... Balance...."

So by concentrating on a harmonizing disc, you put yourself in resonance with high vibrations. And as it is a very practical object to carry everywhere with you, you can use it in all circumstances.

You can also place your glass or bottle of water on it. The water will become energized and tinged with that energy/greenness that you wish to work on. It is this energy that you will transmit in depth to all the cells of your body.

Our mandalas are real magical talismans, which were created on the model of flowers. Just as flowers give off a sweet and subtle fragrance in the atmosphere, when you work with a virtue, with a mandala, you gradually learn to give off a fragrance through your beautiful thoughts and noble feelings, which attract a purer world.

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