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You are looking for a spiritual box and you have trouble choosing the one that will suit you best? We have created several boxes, here are our advices and all the details that will allow you to choose the spiritual and well-being box that will suit you best.

Always in an effort to provide you with quality artisanal products, we have associated with local artisans to offer you authentic, quality products that speak to your soul.

The stones are also carefully selected from a French partner. Quality and high vibrations, we promise!

What is also important to remember is that we do not offer a monthly box, as is often the case elsewhere. We leave it up to each person to select the box or boxes that best meet their needs or problems.

In a stressed, overactive, polluted world, many people are looking for well-being, of the body as well as of the mind. The solutions and techniques of well-being are numerous and very diverse

Mandalashop helps you to find your inner balance through the combination of sacred geometry, lithotherapy and other esoteric items.

We are convinced that you will find your happiness here.

Wellness objective

Life is often organized in such a way that you miss the essential. You have a mission to accomplish, but you will be pushed unconsciously to put forces, energies in motion that do not come from your own source. Everything takes you away from what you really have to accomplish on earth.

The use of the symbols of sacred geometry allows you to find yourself, to be just yourself and one with the universal life.

You must discover your center, your ray, your particularity, your note, your color, your strength

All our boxes have been designed to help you in this sense.

Our boxes: highlighting spiritual products

Each spiritual box contains symbols of sacred geometry, several stones, and depending on the case, a handmade candle, magic salt and a prayer or a ritual.

Purify your home

White sage : how to use white sage to purify

This magical act can really clear a space of negative forces and charges that have accumulated there. It can also bless and heal the beings around you

You can do this to purify a space you are devoting to prayer, meditation, cleanse a room in the house after a tense moment, regenerate energies. You can do it inside, but also outside to bless plants, a garden, flowers, a river...

Take an incense holder, a box of matches and your white sage smudge.

Place yourself in the atmosphere of meditation. Take a few moments to center yourself within.

Light your sage smudge.

Concentrate only on the gesture you are about to perform.

Let your thoughts become clear, free from any other preoccupation than that of purifying the atmosphere, of clearing, of healing.

Hold your sage in one hand, at heart level, and with the other hand, in a very slow, gentle, concentrated gesture, send the sage smoke from the palm of your hand outward, toward the room, place, object you wish to bless or purify. Perform these gestures with great gentleness, great purity.

You can blow on the rising sage smoke at the same time and think, "Clarity, purity, blessings."

Then calmly place your smudge in a suitable warm container.

You may wish to collect yourself or meditate for a few moments before resuming your activities.

Go bury the ashes of the sage.

Salt to purify

Salt is the alchemical result of the energies of the elements. It is crystallized fire, water and air. It can take on the color of the earth in which the alchemical transformation takes place. It can be harvested from salt marshes, caves, snow from high peaks, stormy rain. Depending on the place where the salt is created, its elements and virtues are different.

Salt has become an essential condiment in cooking, but originally it had a greater value and was also appreciated for its great magical and sacred virtues.

Coarse salt is reputed to absorb negative energies. Salt naturally attracts the good and drives out the bad.

The consecrated salt that we have chosen for our boxes is even more effective than ordinary coarse salt. But if you don't have any, take ordinary coarse salt.

Here are some procedures for spiritual purification with salt:

The simplest method is to place coarse salt in 4 ramekins and place them in the four corners of your room. The salt can also be put in a small transparent or opaque jar, then placed in a room to absorb the bad waves. This should be renewed every moon and the old salt should be spread on the ground or buried outside of a place of passage.

Placing salt of protection around the house, at the 4 cardinal corners, will drive out bad influences and forbid the entrance of evil spirits.

Putting salt of protection in a small yellow cloth bag with laurel, rosemary and a mandala of Protection and placing it near the front door will attract luck, virtue, good exchanges, good relationships, money, prosperity. The salt of protection will activate the power of the mandala and make it radiate, attracting a corresponding current of energy.

Check the color of the salt once a week. If it is black, it is impregnated with negative energies and it is time to change it.

If you feel the presence of a spirit in your home, you can use salt to protect yourself from it. Before going to sleep, sprinkle salt across your doorway. This will prevent spirits from entering your home.

If you have a restless sleep, you can put some protective salt around your bed to help protect you from possible nighttime attacks. Spirits do not pass through a salt circle.

It is good to carry it with you in a small box or bag to call forth protection and awaken the power of the Light within you. Carrying a few pinches of thyme salt also helps to protect you from negative spirits.

You can put a handful of coarse salt directly in your pocket or in a small bag that you will keep in your purse or in your pocket.

Touching the salt with one's hand awakens consciousness and willpower and calls the spirits of magic into the invisible worlds. Thus, in any situation, it is possible to put one's hand in one's pocket in order to awaken one's consciousness and magical will. This will allow you to take advantage, to remain alert, vigilant, attentive, concentrated and to wait for the right moment to place the word, the gesture that will transform the situation and provoke certain events thanks to the spirits and the presence of the invisible.

It is possible to take the salt in your hand and purify yourself by putting it on the top of your head, your hands, your feet and also around yourself to drive away certain disturbing influences.

The gesture must always be associated with thought, word and intention so that the spirits understand exactly what you want and can act on it.

You can also use this method for your car. By putting a small bag in the glove compartment. Remember to change the salt regularly, at least once a month. Avoid touching it and preferably bury it in nature.

The purification salt can be happily used by adding it to water to clean the house, clothes, dishes. It will purify all objects and attract luck and good fortune. It is good to associate it with lavender.

It is possible to put some purification salt in a bath or use it in the shower with essential oil of rue or leaves of this plant to remove the harmful and untie a knot of bad fate. This will drive out negative spirits and remove the evil eye.

It is good to put salt with incense on a burning coal. It will burst and this scares away the evil spirits, destroys them. Such an offering of incense can bless and protect a day, an event, a situation, a journey, the stages of life.

Lighting a flame

The simple act of lighting a flame can become magical if you put soul, attention, gentleness, delicacy, pure intention into it. You will then call through the flame the worlds you really want to invite. It is very important to name things

When you light a flame, if you don't name what you are calling through it, unwanted forces can come and inhabit it without your knowledge.

It is how you light your flame that is important

The flame must be lit in the subtle before it can be lit in the real and it is this flame that is important.

The way you light the flame determines the spirit you will call through it.

Stand in front of your candle.

Stand in concentration.

Your gestures should be precise, dignified, gentle, full of life, with clear intention.

Approach the candle with respect and devotion to the being you are about to call. You may crouch or stand upright.

Remain centered in your heart, fully focused on your gesture, which will call forth forces, spirit, intelligence, and strike your match.

Raise the flame, then lower it again to light your candle.

Open your other hand as a sign of respect.

Consciously and calmly say a word of consecration to the being you want to call: the Light, an Angel, the Protection, the Purification...

For example, "By the true being that I am from all eternity, I dedicate this flame to the Angel of Protection, may it be alive in my inner and outer earth."

Let pure and sincere words of devotion rise within you. Trust your heart

Be in awe.

Lithotherapy: the benefits of stones

The term lithotherapy comes from the Greek word Lithos which means stone and Therapeia, therapy. Lithotherapy is a technique that uses the properties of stones and crystals in order to provide care.

Stones and crystals act on the physical and psychic level by rebalancing the vital functions of the body. Lithotherapy is part of the holistic energy therapies that are known to promote the balance of the body.

If you've been following us on the blog for a while, you know that just because you can't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. And in lithotherapy, as with sacred geometry symbols and form waves in general, we must first recognize the existence of non-visible energies that make up us and everything that is manifested

These subtle energies that compose us are the manifestations of our state of being at the emotional, mental and spiritual level. If we change our emotions we change the vibratory frequency of our emotions

Minerals have a strong energy with very marked characteristics according to their composition and crystallization, a subtle and stable energy which is used in lithotherapy to influence our subtle body and obtain improvements of our state of being.

Be careful however because the quality of the stone is important, its mode of extraction etc.. This will considerably impact the vibratory level of your stones.

You can wear health stones, which will be in relation to your need, to restore harmony, to work on a problem, to help for example against stress, to promote healing, to reduce pain, to energize an organ, to get back to sleep, to fight against migraines, to allow you to have a good night's sleep, ... the field of applications is limitless.

The effectiveness of the stones is very variable and depends mainly on two points: the depth of the problem and the sensitivity of the person.

Regardless of the person's beliefs, lithotherapy is not a placebo, whether you believe in the effects of the stones or not, they will have an effect (like symbols). On the other hand, a person who is naturally protective, who does not accept new ideas, who has difficulty in questioning his beliefs, will have difficulty in feeling the effects quickly. This state of mind creates a kind of energetic defense barrier that prevents one from being positively influenced by the beneficial energies of the stones

In each of our spiritual boxes, we offer one or more carefully selected stones. We have chosen to work with partners who offer high quality stones.

How to choose the stones

Generally speaking, if you are looking for the crystal that best suits you, choose it by feeling. It is enough to feel attracted by a stone, whether it is by the shape or by the color, what counts is to feel in harmony with it.

In our boxes we have carefully selected the stones that relate to the theme of each box.

How to use the stones

Elixirs: simply leave the crystal that suits you best in a glass of water for at least 12 hours for whatever you have to treat. Then remove the crystal and drink the water. Beware, however, of the toxicity of certain minerals. Look at their chemical composition and if in doubt, abstain.

Displayed in a room: a large block or a single point is ideal to harmonize a part of the house.

Put on the skin: this technique is simple, you just have to put crystals on the skin, during a meditation for example. The most practical way is to wear them as a pendant. But, with your rolled stones, to make them last all day on you, you can fix them with a plaster. Or simply slip them in your pocket and maintain a regular contact with it throughout the day

Spiritual box or esoteric box : our selection

Here is an overview of our thematic boxes

Protection box

To protect your home and your daily life, you can place a small stone at the entrance and bless it every time you walk through the door. You can choose an amethyst for example, because its purple color is purifying. The more you bless it, the more it will radiate. Thus, many entities carried by the people who enter your home will be repressed. These people will be temporarily cleared, but they will recover their tenants as soon as they leave your home

This practice is similar to taking off your coat before entering a house. When you leave, you put it back on your shoulders.

Inside your home, by decorating it with Mandala paintings or other symbols of sacred geometry and connecting to them, you ensure a constant protection of light.

It is fundamental to have objects and decorations that remind you of the omnipresence of the magical world and that vibrate in harmony with it. It is important to decorate your home only with positive, intelligent, harmonious and lucky things. Vibrational mandalas, in particular, have been specially designed for this purpose. It is a knowledge that can greatly improve the quality of life in daily life for oneself and for others

Prayer is also a source of new energy and a powerful support.

Prayer increases the vibrations of the human aura. Thus, man becomes invulnerable to the lower influences that surround him and he creates a protection against the anxieties and terrors of the world, which can no longer reach him.

As you light your tea light in your candle jar, place a special intention for protection.

Ask the symbol to teach you and show you the way to vertical protection.

We often look for protection outside ourselves, but true protection, like other virtues, must come from within.

Your protection box includes :

1 candle holder of your choice
1 harmonizing disk of your choice
3 protection stones: labradorite, tiger eye and black tourmaline
Protection salt
1 candle
1 protection ritual

Purification box

Whatever the place where you live, it can be disturbed and need a purification and an energetic harmonization. Indeed, the walls and the objects are filled with energies, these have a memory. They absorb different ambient energies or emotions over time and store energies, sometimes disturbing

It is also advisable to carry out a purification and an energetic harmonization after an important trial in your life, such as a depression or an illness, in order to chase away all the bad energies trapped in your home with the aim of finding it more pleasant and healthy

To go further, in relation to what I wrote above, start your cleansing and purification ritual by opening the windows. This also avoids inhaling the smoke and allows it to escape more quickly. And then, after all, there are very simple things that we miss, like airing our house, our rooms, regularly. This allows you to renew the air and to get rid of some of the heaviness and atmosphere.

If there is a space in your home where you don't necessarily feel good or that you feel is more charged with negative energies, start with it. If there is, start with the place where you spend the most time and/or have the most people over, like the living room for example.

Sometimes, if the atmosphere is a bit heavy, you will feel the need to do so after the passage of some visitors. Listen to your feelings.

Light your sage stick and walk around your room, into every nook and cranny making your intention clear with simple words or a simple phrase that can't be confused

For example

“Let everything unclean and improper be driven out of this house”
“I want to chase away what is bad”
“Let the negative energies go away”

You can say these intentions mentally or out loud if you wish.

Personally, if I want to give more strength to my intention, I prefer to do it out loud and say the words consciously.

Focus on mirrors, windows, doors: in fact, anything that can be a passage. Treat all the rooms in the house and end with the windows and the front door, then end with yourself, as if you were showering with smoke

Let the sage burn itself out in a container and ventilate as much as necessary.

Your purification box includes :

1 candle holder of your choice
1 harmonizing disk of your choice
1 smudge of white sage with 7 chakras petals
Salt of purification
1 amethyst

Zen Box

In our time, stress is one of the most widespread scourges. Whether it comes from work conditions, family relationships, financial difficulties... or any other cause, it frequently invites itself into our lives and never leaves. Thus, it ends up spoiling the existence of the person who lets it settle in his house.

A real nuisance, stress never comes alone. It brings with it its own set of friends and more or less profound consequences such as sleep disorders, immune weakness, emotional and nervous instability that can lead to depression, difficulties at work, family tensions...

The natural state (i.e. linked to nature) of man is inner peace, deep calm. Stress therefore comes from a disconnection of the individual from living nature.

This separation, this imbalance, is grafted on a rhythm of life and an artificial environment, on a way of living totally out of sync with real needs.

By re-aligning yourself with the great principles of nature, you can regain a sense of stability, a fluid and harmonious life.

Vibrational Mandalas are great tools to reconnect with your true nature. But we also invite you to go to nature as often as possible. Nature has this amazing ability to cleanse us.

After a walk in the forest you will feel calmer, more serene, in better connection with yourself. Ready to face the world!

At home or in your work space, creating a healthy environment contributes to being more Zen. The habitat and the decoration are now considered as important elements of our well-being.

Organizing your home according to the rules of Feng Shui and adding plants to purify the atmosphere while leaving plenty of room for light can be a simple way to achieve this.

The use of symbols and stones can help you to let go and be more Zen.

Put all the conditions on your side to achieve this: to begin with, take time for yourself.

Enjoy pleasant moments, do things to please yourself! Take the time to do nothing and relax!

Practice self-satisfaction when you manage to relax, rest your neurons! Relaxation to help you overcome your stress and that of others gives excellent results. Learn to detach yourself from situations and not take every gesture, every look, every word as an attack on yourself that is based on personal perception.

Your Zen box includes :

1 candle holder of your choice
1 harmonizing disk of your choice
3 stones: amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal or 1 selenite pebble
1 lotus flower candle

Love Box

Humans place unlimited trust in the external world and therefore come to forget the treasure hidden in their own hearts. Yet it is in the heart, in the inner life, that the truth lies. How much time in your life have you spent trying to enter the sanctuary of your heart?

Yet the inner life is the only thing that can really be relied upon, the only thing that is always present, faithful and reliable, for in it is manifested all the love that the cosmic intelligence has for us.

If you look for what is stable and eternal in you, in your life, in your heart, in your intelligence, you will also discover what is stable and unchanging around you, in the outside world. It is then that all illusions and lies will disappear from you.

Love is the source of all life, everything that breathes life into our souls. Love speaks to us of unity with all beings, of harmony with all worlds.

To find the path of communion with this energy of love is an impulse of love towards oneself, towards one's true being. It is a stripping away of all the masks and pretences, of concepts, beliefs and of all the education that has led us to live and act outside the intelligence of love

Love is a vast, great, universal superior intelligence that speaks to us through all beings. We perceive it in the eyes of a child, in a flowing stream, a bird song, a sunrise...

Your Love box includes:

1 Love candle holder
1 Love harmonizing disk
1 Rose quartz pebble or 1 Selenite pebble or 1 Selenite heart
1 Heart candle
1 Meditation to enter the atmosphere of Love

What to remember

The most important thing to remember is that all our spiritual boxes are 100% handmade.

You can compose the box that suits you thanks to the choice between different products and/or symbols.

We do not offer a monthly box because we think that the monthly box is not adapted and we prefer to let everyone free to choose the spiritual box or boxes that suit him best.

Our spiritual boxes combine the benefits of sacred geometry, lithotherapy and other esoteric or magical items.

We prefer to focus on the development of themed boxes. Each spiritual box has a specific theme that you can work with.

What also makes us different is that we give you clear indications on how to use your products, notably thanks to the numerous blog articles, as it is the case with this one.

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