Sleeping with the Flower of Life: pro or cons?

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Your nights are restless, your days are exhausting: how to react? How to stop fearing the moment of waking up with your head in your socks?

According to the site, and according to the study of the INSV / MGEN conducted in 2015, the French sleep on average 7.05 hours during the week and 8.10 hours on weekends. If these figures remain stable and in the current standards of industrialized countries, this study has however revealed that 1/4 of French people complain of lack of sleep, especially on working days, and that 1/3 declare to suffer from sleep disorders.

In fact, the sleep of the French is of poor quality. 73% claim to wake up at least once a night for about 30 minutes. Reduced and interrupted nights that affect the awakening of the French during the day. 25% admit to dozing off during the day, especially among 25-34 year olds.

Sleep disorders are therefore common. According to the results of this report confirmed by the sleep centers, 16% of French people declare to suffer from insomnia, 17% from sleep rhythm disorders, 5% from restless legs syndrome and 4% from sleep apnea. The French people most affected by a sleep disorder would be the 55 -67 years old, the people who sleep 6 hours or less, the sleepy individuals during the day and the regular snorers.

There are many reasons for these sleep disorders. For example the use of cell phones or television just before going to bed.

But also worries, depression etc.

The consequences of lack of sleep

Obviously, lack of sleep is not harmless. It has many consequences, in particular on the professional life. It can result in a lack of energy in the office and difficulties in concentrating.

But in concrete terms, we are also much more irritable, we can make bad decisions when we are not at our best.

And to go further, lack of sleep can have multiple negative consequences on health: overweight, diabetes, worsening of respiratory and cardiovascular problems, drop in performance, relational difficulties, lack of vigilance, fatigue, irritability...

Good practices for better sleep

I had already dealt with the subject in my article " how to solve sleep disorders with mandalas ". I had already dealt with the subject in my article "How to solve sleep problems with mandalas", where I mentioned why the question of sleep was essential and why I was well placed to talk to you about it!

Already, some good practices to put in place right away to find a peaceful sleep:

- avoid all stimulants (coca-cola, coffee, tea, vitamin C),
- do not have a heavy dinner and ban alcohol,
- avoid practicing sports after 7 p.m.,
- give preference to relaxing activities (music, reading),
- go to bed at the first signs of fatigue (yawning, stinging eyes, etc.),
- sleep in an airy room where the temperature is between 18 and 20°C.

And the question that I see coming up from time to time concerns the use of symbols to sleep better. And in particular the use of the Flower of Life for better sleep

The virtues of the Flower of Life

This symbol of sacred geometry is known for its energizing and revitalizing properties. The Flower of Life has a great energy of regeneration and purification.

It gives off a vibratory frequency that is sufficient to purify and considerably increase the energy of anything that can be placed on it (about 70,000 Bovis units), such as stones & crystals, food supplements, medicines, drinking water or that of your plants, food, to name but a few examples.

Knowing that we are composed of about 70% of water, of course we can use the Flower of Life to regain vitality and feel better.

I know that many of you use this symbol to improve the quality of your sleep.

It is true that we can ask ourselves if it is a good idea to use a symbol like the Flower of Life to sleep.

Knowing that we only use Mandalas in our daily life, what I did was to ask you the question directly through a questionnaire of 5 questions.

At the time of publishing this article, I have collected a few dozen responses and as a result, I may have to modify the "results" according to the answers that will come later.

Survey results

The first question I asked you was: "Do you use the Flower of Life to sleep"?

35% of you answered yes.

For those who answered "yes" to the first question, here are the answers to the following questions:

Second question: "If yes, which support do you use? Mat, disk or other (specify)?"

- At 80% you use a harmonizing disk
- At 10% you use a mat (mouse pad or harmonizing mat)
- At 10% you use a sticker

Third question: "Where do you place it?"- There was a multiple choice

- At 50% you answered under your pillow-
- At 10% under your mattress
- At 40% elsewhere (on a wall or other)

Fourth question: "What are the effects on your sleep?"

Here are the answers that stand out the most :
- Faster sleep
- Deeper sleep
- Fewer nightmares (and protection perhaps)
- Serenity
- Restorative sleep

And for a minority of answers, you indicate that it is variable or that there is not much improvement because other things interfere.

And the fifth and final question, "Do you use any other symbols?

Not everybody answered this question but what emerges is that either:
- you don't use other symbols or;
- you use the Tree of Life, the Sri Yantra, the Metatron's Cube, the chakra symbols or even some mandalas.

What appears from these results is that the vast majority of you are noticing positive effects from sleeping with the Flower of Life.

Honestly, I expected a little more variety in the results. But maybe if I get more feedback from the questionnaire the answers will be more nuanced :-)

Now, for those of you who don't use the Flower of Life to sleep, I still got some diverse feedback!

Some of you use Bach Flowers, lavender, passionflower, or medication.

So know that you can put your Bach Flowers, your essential oils or your medicines on a Flower of Life harmonising disk for example, you energize them before ingesting them. You are going to re-inform your oils or elixirs.

We give you our opinion on the question

What is important, in my opinion, is to listen to your feelings to know what suits you best.

We do not all react in the same way to colors, just as we do not react in the same way to symbols.

As I told you above, in our daily life we use mainly Mandalas (except a Tree of Life harmonising disk with black background stuck on our counter to absorb the waves).

I have already tested sleeping with a Mandala under my pillow for several weeks. Not to sleep better but to work with a virtue, an energy. Honestly I didn't feel anything special but I'm not hyper sensitive either!

It is not because we do not see something that it does not exist. And so, the symbols will work in the subtle even if we do not necessarily realize it.

The final word

To finish, I warmly thank all those who accepted to answer the questionnaire and if you also wish to contribute to our survey, here is the link to answer it:

I am taking part in the questionnaire!

And you can also share your experience with us by leaving your comments directly on the blog.

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