Protection rituals

The concepts around protection

As with everything, unfortunately we are lived by concepts, erroneous visions and false beliefs. We look through the filter of our education, our society, our heritage.

And inevitably we all end up putting our own mortal and limited vision on the things of life.

So, if we are interested in the art of true protection, we will be able to see a common error in the world. It is a false interpretation of the idea of protection

Bicycle helmets, anti-theft systems, airport searches, vaccines, sun creams, armoured doors, alarms, mosquito repellents, seat belts, cameras, police, armies, insurance, even after the body has died, we need a coffin to be sure we are protected from worms...

Underneath this apparent benevolent protection are worlds that are far from reassuring, not particularly wanting our good, but rather taking and stealing our Common Good, the light, the beauty, the harmony that lies within each human being when he is in communion with a higher world, that is to say with his true being, his own sovereignty.

Most humans want to be protected, but from what?

Very often, they pray not to suffer, to be safe from trials, karma, the consequences of their actions or the results of their passivity

Most often, man is unaware of the real value of protection. He thinks that he is protected against all odds and that, whatever he does, this protection will always be effective. But this is really an erroneous view of life.

Protection is an essential value of life, but also a weakness. The intelligence that governs the world of man has understood this reality and exploits it to the fullest by increasing fear in beings and then proposing means of defense. Thus, it seizes their destiny.

Ask yourself, take time for yourself, to meditate and ask yourself the right questions.

It is a beautiful path for the one who seeks to awaken, who does not take for granted everything he or she is told and who especially tries to seek and verify for himself or herself.

That is why I always tell you to let yourself be inspired by a virtue. It is human, we always try to understand intellectually what Love means, what Peace means.

But we systematically place our ideas and concepts on principles that are much greater than ourselves.

I really do not claim to tell you what wisdom is hidden behind protection! It is a mystery that is beyond us all.

What if we finally accept that we don't know?

What if we asked the true and eternal Protection to show us the way that leads us to it? Let her show us what is not right in our lives and what prevents us from living with her?

Perhaps we will come to the conclusion that, despite all the protections, especially physical ones, that today's society sells us, we are not really safe. We do not control anything: neither our actions, nor our words, nor our thoughts, nor our destiny.

Because, let's face it, we've all been trained to look outside for solutions instead of looking inside.

You are made to believe that you are not safe, that you should be wary of your neighbour, etc etc.

But if you are in an inner stability, if you know who you are and what you have to do, I can tell you that you no longer look at the world in the same way!

Already you start by turning off the television, you stop watching the news that lies to you constantly.

You refocus within yourself and you try to look at the world with a neutral eye. You get into the activity and you take back your power. You take back your life in hand instead of being subjected to it.

To be protected, we must awaken from within, enter into this discipline and stay focused on the purpose, the concerns, the directions that determine our path of Light

If each one understands this wisdom and fulfills it in his actions, he will find and keep a permanence, a concentration and will be able to place himself under the influence and the protection of greater worlds.

It cannot be denied either, that sometimes, certain magics are done against people, what we could call the evil eye.

What is the evil eye?

The dictionary definition is: "The evil eye is a sign of bad luck. Someone with an evil influence can cast the evil eye on a person and confer bad luck."

In fact, by your actions, by your words and by your thoughts, it is like sending arrows to a person in the subtle.

And if, for example, you have the habit of concentrating on a person and uttering bad words or bad thoughts towards him, it will affect him much more than you think because everything is acting.

This "murderous gaze", capable of attracting misfortune, illness or death, appears in the texts of Sumer, Babylon and Assyria. In Europe in the Middle Ages, witches were reputed to use the evil eye against all those who had the misfortune to cross their path. Their victims were then struck with various ailments, lost the love of their spouse or were thrown into misery.

Amulets or talismans are used to divert harmful influence. They are often eye-shaped, like the eye of Horus in ancient Egypt.

These eyes are traditionally placed :

- at the entrance of houses

- on the hull of boats, etc.

Others use symbols such as the Pentagram, the Triskel, the hand of Fatma etc.

Protecting your home

To protect your home and your daily life, you can place a small stone at the entrance and bless it every time you pass the door. You can choose an amethyst for example, because its purple color is purifying. The more you bless it, the more it will glow

Inside your house, you can create a powerful field of luminous life by your way of thinking, speaking, feeding yourself, acting in accordance with the laws of the beautiful life.

By decorating your home with symbols of sacred geometry, such as vibrational Mandalas, a Pentacle, a Pentagram, or a Triskel, and by connecting to them, you ensure a constant protection of Light.

It is essential to have objects and decorations that remind you of the omnipresence of the magical world and that vibrate in harmony with it

A portrait of someone you love can be a mandala that allows you to touch the sublime depths of life. Objects, paintings, furniture also have a soul that can influence your life without your knowledge. That is why it is important to decorate your home only with positive, intelligent, harmonious and lucky things

Vibrational Mandalas, in particular, have been specially designed for this purpose. It is a knowledge that can greatly improve the quality of life in everyday life for oneself and for others

To rise and live in beauty is an ideal of perfection. Art is about serving this beauty, celebrating it, making it alive, active, participating in its realm, in its body. Its role is to create the atmosphere that will allow all the sleeping gifts and abilities to awaken and to let in the good influences while keeping the bad ones away.

There is also the knowledge of colors which is greatly beneficial ( chromotherapy), because they surround and invigorate the subtle worlds that live around us (and they attract beneficial or malefic influences. In everything, there are colors and living in harmony with them is very good, because it brings an atmosphere conducive to what is healthy.

More concretely, you can place the Mandala of Protection above your front door, either in the form of a harmonising disc or in the form of a magnet.

Place this scripture in consciousness and ask that what is not in harmony remains outside your home. Ask that your home be protected.

And of course you can choose the medium that suits you best from all those we offer. Each one will radiate in its own way in your interior.

It will increase the vibratory rate of your room and contribute to its global harmonization.

Purify your home

I touched on this in my previous article but I would like to explore it further.

My preference for purifying the house is to use frankincense. I also sometimes use consecrated salt.

However, if you feel that your space needs a deep cleansing, I highly recommend sage fumigations.

I have white sage at home but you don't have to use that one in particular. There is also sage officinale (green), which works very well.

It just produces a thinner smoke but grows more easily locally so you can grow it, or buy it locally and not have to travel too much white sage from California

Beware, however, of red sage, otherwise known as Salvia, which does not have the same priorities, has psychotropic properties and is best used in meditations or rituals reserved for very experienced people.

Find a container, or a stone, which will resist the heat when you put your sage stick still burning.

I start my cleansing and purification ritual by opening the windows. This also prevents inhaling the smoke and allows it to escape more quickly. And then, after all, there are very simple things that we miss, like airing our house, our rooms, regularly. This allows you to renew the air and to get rid of some of the heaviness and atmosphere.

If there is a space in your house where you do not necessarily feel good or that you feel more charged with negative energies, start with it. If there is, start with the place where you spend the most time and/or have the most people over, such as the living room.

Sometimes, if the atmosphere is a bit leaden, you will feel the need to do so after the passage of some visitors. Listen to your feelings.

Light your sage stick and walk around your room, in the smallest nooks and crannies, making your intention clear with simple words or a simple phrase that cannot lead to confusion

For example

- "May everything that is unclean and unfit be driven out of this house"

- "I want to drive out what is bad"

- "May the negative energies go away"

You can say these intentions mentally or out loud if you wish

Personally, if I want to give more strength to my intention, I prefer to do it out loud and I pronounce the words consciously.

Insist on mirrors, windows, doors: in fact, everything that can be a passage. Treat every room in the house and end with the windows and front door, then end with yourself, as if you were showering with smoke

Let the sage go out on its own in a container and ventilate as much as necessary.

Ritual of protection with the Pentagram

Here is a very simple ritual that you can perform in nature or indoors to activate the magical symbol of the pentagram within you

It is a writing and a gesture of protection.

The pentagram of the 5-pointed star pointing upwards is a powerful symbol of the awakened and conscious man of Light, thought and wanted by God

Stand upright, in the axis of verticality, conscious and awake

As you raise your arms out to the sides, palms facing up, inhale deeply.

Hands meet above the head, arms outstretched, palms facing forward

Thumbs and index fingers touch to form a triangle

While holding the air, visualize in this triangle a pentagram of Light, it is the resurrected, regenerated man. You can help yourself with a harmonizing disc Pentacle if you wish.

As you exhale, let your hands go down to your sides, palms facing downwards, imagining that the influences of the man of Light penetrate your entire aura, like a protection, through the movement of your hands. You can feel a diamond-gold light surrounding you

Welcome and give thanks

Protection ritual with the Mandala of Protection

This Mandala invites us to become aware that if we choose to do so, we are fragile and fallible, that we feel insecure and therefore live in fear.

Listen to your inner feelings, trust yourself

This Mandala of Protection offers courage, assurance, home, stability for everyone. It does not judge, it always gives confidence and hope, it does not abandon you

You can perfectly hang a painting with this mandala on your wall. Some clients have hung it in their hallway, for example.

In my article"How to work with symbols in your daily life", I give you some tips to set up a practice with symbols.

I invite you to read it.

Other Mandalas are also focused on protection:

- Mandala Protection against harmful influences

- Mandala Protects the house and creates a balanced atmosphere

- Mandala Protection for the children's room

Protection from harmful influences
Protects the house and provides a balanced atmosphere
Protection for the children's room

To go further, I invite you to read my article " 4 good reasons to harmonize your home with symbols "

And to conclude, be vigilant. And like the tree, stay deeply rooted in your earth, your true being and open in the heights to the vastness.

If you have any questions or would like to share your protection rituals with us, leave them in the comments below.

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