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Practices and rituals to attract love

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If I ask you for a definition of love, what does it mean to you?

Love for a loved one, love for a child?

Romantic love? Inextinguishable passion, perfect complicity, butterflies in the stomach?

Candles, soft light, music, the languorous melody of love, a loving couple embracing, contemplating each other, the exchange of passionate and intense devotional vows?

Perhaps this is how you imagine the image of the ideal love or, better said, the perfect couple.

I feel that we tend to cage this energy, to limit it too much with concepts and false beliefs.

Living with love is a path, a natural aspiration that we carry within us. Love is omnipresent. It constitutes us, it is a force that holds the whole universe together. We are essentially made of love, made of God

Why do we have to make an effort to find this source that flows naturally within us?

It is a natural way that we have forgotten little by little by letting other beings, other forces enter and fertilize us, distancing us from this source which is our true being

Thus, men and women suffer from not being themselves, from not being true, authentic, from having to wear masks.

Love is the source of all life, everything that breathes impetus, joy, expansion of our souls. Love speaks to us of unity with all beings, of harmony with all worlds.

To find the path of communion with this energy of love is an impulse of love towards oneself, towards one's true being. It is a stripping away of all the masks and pretences, of concepts, beliefs and of all the education that has led us to live and act outside the intelligence of love

Love is a vast, great, universal superior intelligence that speaks to us through all beings. We perceive it in the eyes of a child, in a flowing stream, a bird's song, a sunrise...

We often look for it on the outside. However, it is by looking for it and finding it inside that we end up finding it outside.

I see here and there white magic rituals to attract love....It makes me despair..

I'm not saying that some magic works but I don't see how it can be anything lasting

Insofar as we look for the easy way out and do not work on ourselves to heal this energy, we will constantly reproduce the same patterns and therefore we will constantly be confronted with the same difficulties, trials.

Now I share with you some exercises and rituals to cultivate and grow love within you.

Small daily ritual of Love

The following exercise could be likened to a positive thinking exercise.

Do it simply but fervently.

Two minutes are enough to accomplish an act that transforms the world... Here is a very simple rule of life to integrate into your daily life:

Every morning, before you start your day or work, direct your consciousness for 2 minutes to the cosmic consciousness to connect with all living beings.

During the first minute, direct your thoughts to the first great law: love for God.

During the second minute, think about the second great law: love for your neighbor.

Concentrate on these two laws; forget everything else.

Try to cultivate this state of mind, this consciousness in you, throughout the day.

Exercise to transform a situation with the energy of Love

Love is a pure energy whose power we sometimes forget. We must trust its power of transformation. You can call upon it in all circumstances to soothe a situation, to calm, to heal.

For example, when you are caught up in irritation, anger, when you feel sad or hurt inside, when you find yourself in a difficult situation, breathe deeply, then send to this sadness, this anger, this situation a thought of love, speak a word of love, sing a song of love, make a simple gesture of love

You will soon notice that everything is transformed, that these worlds can evaporate, leave you

By calling for love, you open a source in your heart. Let it flow inside you and fill you, let it act; its intelligence is great. It is simply a matter of opening your heart and calling for love.

Try this very simple exercise as soon as a negative emotion comes towards you to try to overwhelm you.

Observe what is happening inside you. Observe your breathing, your feelings transform. Welcome and give thanks.

The more you do this exercise, the more it will become a new response in you, a new way of acting, a tool for healing and liberation.

The more power you give to the love within you, the more it can manifest in the world.

The message of the Mandala of Love

The Mandala of Love invites us to become aware that when a being gives you his love, it is God who loves you through him and when you love, it is God who loves through you.

Love is the language that can unite man to the greatest. So let it not be an abstraction, a vision, a hope, but let it really and truly be part of your life.

He who has truly understood that the supreme law governing life and the cosmos is love, which wishes to lead all beings to happiness, no longer has the same attitude towards existence

For example, he is no longer discontent, he no longer revolts against the negative circumstances of life and no longer tries to escape his responsibilities, because he knows that it is the cosmic intelligence that places him in the best conditions to evolve, to perfect himself, to settle his karma..

The goal of all this being love, he seeks to overcome all the trials to reach it.

It is obvious that sometimes we must rebel, but we must not mistake our target: our real enemies are inside us and it is those that we do not see.

Working with the Love Mandala

There is a subject I wanted to talk to you about a while ago: it is the creation of an altar.

We can make a whole representation of it, but in concrete terms, it can be something very simple to set up.

It is not obligatory either, but it can be a source of concentration and thus a help in your daily life.

Do you know the animated film Coco by Disney?

This is very well represented in "Coco", where we see the family of young Miguel setting up an altar, composed of several levels representing the places crossed by the souls of the deceased. We can see them gathering in front of portraits of the deceased but also in front of personal objects of the latter, candles, flowers, etc.

So no, the idea is not to turn your house upside down and start praying to your ancestors! But the idea is to be inspired by them.

In the same way, I am sure you have already heard about or even seen those Japanese altars dedicated to the family, to the ancestors.

The Japanese worship their ancestors. In the Japanese home, the butsudan is the shrine where this ritual is performed daily.

Butsudan means Buddhist altar (dan) (butsu). It is a small shrine traditionally found in temples but also in Japanese homes. Its function is to allow each person to venerate Buddha, and through him, the ancestors of the family.

In fact, it is often the first thing the Japanese do in the morning, and for some, the last thing they do before going to bed: kneel down in front of the butsudan, join their hands and pray for their deceased relatives

The butsudan is a central element of Japanese spirituality, as it creates a space and a time for meditation inside the house. It is found in almost every house in Japanese villages, and in more than half of the homes in cities

On the model of the butsudan, you can arrange a similar space in your house. Besides, we are all more or less used to putting our precious objects in the same place, often with a photo or a candle. Often in the bedroom or even in the living room.

For example, you can put on a chest of drawers, as on the photo, a harmonizing disc of the Mandala of Love with a candle jar and stones (pink quarter and blue chalcedony).

Do it according to your feeling. Let this space be a harmonious place where you can gather, meditate and call virtues, energies.

Thanks to this small place to be arranged according to your artistic sensitivity, all the inhabitants of the house will be surrounded and protected. For let us not forget that all the symbols of sacred geometry will not only radiate in your space and increase the vibratory rate but they will also act as talismans.

From this space will radiate an atmosphere of serenity,harmony andlove that will naturally restore right relationships within your home.

You can gather there, light a flame, and ask the Mandala of Love to guide you in your path

Thus, in your family, in your home, gentleness, love, brotherhood can be invited on a sacred altar which can be perpetually fed by the inhabitants of the place

Parents and children can gather there together in order to cultivate devotion, good intentions, good wishes and especially to vivify this beautiful energy of Love in everyone's life.

This practice must not be lived as a constraint, but rather as an invitation, as a call to joy

Thanks to this small place fitted out for beauty and right human relations, no negative force will be able to penetrate this place of the house. An atmosphere of serenity and harmony will radiate from it and all the inhabitants of the house will be surrounded and protected by this focus of strength

This place must be sober and pure. It is up to each one to arrange it according to his artistic sensitivity

Do not hesitate to share with us by email or on our Facebook page a picture of your space and place of meditation and tell us about the benefits it brings you.

And to finish, I share with you a little prayer to attract love.

It is a suggestion. You can adapt it according to your feelings.

And then of course you can focus on this wonderful Mandala of Love by drinking your tea or coffee from a Mandala cup, energize your water and food on the Mandala energizing plate or the Mandala placemat.

You can make it shine in your home with the Mandala printed canvas.

You have understood it well, all these objects are also a help to concentrate on this energy and to make it radiate in your interior (in the 2 directions of the term). So you will find all our suggestions of articles around the Mandala of Love at the bottom of this article.

Prayer to attract love

"Holy Love, light of lights, strength of forces, be blessed.

Holy Love, through your presence in me, may I open myself to what is great, to the divine, to the mystery.

May my heart expand towards beauty and greatness.

May my heart open, may my being grow and allow me to travel into the infinite.

I want to cultivate the gift of love, to perfect this language that unites man to the divine.

I love men, I love the divine world, I love all that exists, for love opens my heart and teaches me.

May love not be an abstraction, a vision, a hope, but a real part of my life.

May true Love become alive for me.

I want to be fulfilled by Love.

Let everything in my life become greater, more vast and take on a sacred meaning.

I want to cultivate love within me, to spread it, to grow it and to taste an experience of love every day."

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Living with the Angel of Love by Essenia

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