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Do you awake in the morning by feeling already tired?

Between organic tiredness and psychic tiredness sometimes there is only one step.

Personal or family concern, professional overwork, hectic rhythm of life are as many factors of stress that trigger these states.

I must acknowledge that the degradation of the work conditions is certainly one of the root causes. Personally, after working for 20 years in big companies, I could note a slow but unquestionable degradation of work conditions. It is often very insidious but it is real. I think that at the time of our parents or even our grand parents it was really different. Of course one should not generalize but relationships were simpler, we communicated more easily, pressure was different, the rhythm of life was different.

An article of February 2018 published by IPSOS, speaks about the mental effects of men and women like a societies’ problem. This article states “nearly 20% of the French estimate today to suffer from it in an excessive way. Women and men do not feel concerned in an equal way: 2 women out of 3 (63%) consider that they are more touched against only 1 man out of 3 (36%)”.

Besides 8 women out of 10 (77%) state to have too many things to think about and to be afraid to forget some.” Does that speak to you? That speaks to you inevitably if you are a woman.

With tiredness, irritability or stress one can easily get in a state of extreme lassitude, or even worse, it can be at the origin of a professional or even personal burn out. One can quickly get into a vicious circle where one nourishes thoughts of discomfort, tiredness etc. and one does not see how to get out of it. But, the more one will concentrate on what does not go well, the more it will grow, and get bigger.

So, do you wish to have more energy and you can't figure out how to do?

Did you take your vitamins, supervised your food, and nothing is improving?

Did you consult somebody who can help you?

So I will give you my secrecy to find energy, to have always a positive energy and to preserve it. Of course, that does not exempt medical care if required.

Why to drink dynamised water is necessary to have more energy?

Are you familiar with the researches of Dr. Masaru Emoto?

Dr. Masaru Emoto was born in Yokohama in July 1943. He is a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University's department of humanities and sciences, with a focus on International Relations. In 1986, he established the IHM Corporation in Tokyo (General Research Institute) and represents I.H.M' S International HADO Fellowship. (HADO Kyoikusha Ltd.)

This Japanese researcher became famous thanks to his revolutionary researches on the power of water and its capacity “to print” any information it receives: written, oral or musical.

Why am I talking about that? It is simply because the experiments of Dr. Emoto have very important implications. They show that the human thoughts and the intentions can deteriorate physical reality, like the molecular structure of water.

Dr. Emoto confirms that “all is energy” like Einstein said. Besides the electromagnetic radiations, the words, the feelings, the words and even the thoughts influence water. The negative words and thoughts involve disharmonious crystallizations, whereas “thank you” or “Love”, no matter what language is used, form splendid images.

“Revolutionary researches”? In fact not really if we look closer. Dr. Masaru Emoto had the merit to prove scientifically that all is vibration, energy, that all is living around us. The animist people know this knowledge since a very long time. It is still very present in some contemporary universal traditions where nature teaches us that the word is living, the thought is living, and the movement is living. It is only that we have lost this consciousness of reality.

It is not because we do not perceive certain things, such as their radiation, that they do not exist. Take the example of the tide: it is due to the deformation of the oceans by the attraction forces of the Earth and the most influential celestial bodies like the Moon and the Sun. However we do not necessarily perceive these forces but they do exist!

But let’s come back to the work of Mr. Emoto. Not only do they allow evaluating the degree of purity of various tap waters, lakes, sources and rain, but they also confirm the “memory of water”. They allow visualizing the effects of various energies on water (external and interior since we are made of water up to 70%), from the most famous (electromagnetic radiations, music, etc.) to the most subtle ones (like the energy of the words, the forms and the thoughts!). His work confirms that water thus reacts to all information, positively or negatively. This is why Emoto subtitles his work: “Messages from water are telling us to look inside ourselves”.

After having frozen water, he photographs by microscope the water crystals formed by freezing: they will be splendid if the information transmitted as a preliminary to water were a message of love or hideous, if it was a demonstration of hatred or anger.

The almost perfect crystal was given by water whose words were written on a sheet of paper that was used to wrap the bottle containing water. 
“Love and Gratitude“.

In this regards, Dr. Emoto wrote: "The words" gratitude and love "are the fundamental principles of the laws of nature and the phenomenon of life". This is why the water crystals formed from the words "Gratitude and Love" are so perfect in their hexagonal form. On the other hand, if one associates with water words such as anger, idiot, hate, one will not obtain crystals, but ugly and mediocre results. This shows that these words have no correspondence in nature and that they are made by that part of man called the ego or the mind. According to the experiments of Dr. Emoto, it seems that only vibrations from love such as joy, peace, beauty, harmony and gratitude exist naturally in nature and can also be applied to both vegetal reign and to the animal kingdom.

Just like the planet whose 70% of its surface is covered with water, the adult human being is constituted of 70% of water. Since water quality improves or worsens according to the information that is given to it, the corollary for the essence of the human being whose receiver (the body) is mainly made up of water is the importance to receive good information.

How to surround yourself with beautiful energies?

Each one has experienced in his life moments when he needed assistance. All the articles and symbols that you can discover here were thought and created to respond to this fundamental need.

At any level, all those who use these mandalas will receive help, assistance, a support in their life and their companies, their projects, their wishes.

Just like Dr. Emoto demonstrated, and knowing that all is living and energy, it is important to be surrounded by beautiful energies. Our soul needs to be nourished to open up. We can be surrounded by comfort and have all that one can imagine, we still have a feeling of dissatisfaction, concern, anguish. Our heart, our conscience and our soul aspire to something essential.

Words and images are vibrations. You can really change your life by looking at or by using all these symbols because they are connected to a living world, that of nature. Nature, like a mom, looks after us and heals us. Do the experience to walk in the forest or in the countryside. Don't you feel better afterwards, like released of your concerns, of your poisoning thoughts?

Each one offers a single vibration that we invite you to choose with your heart (and not with your intellect). You will get better results like this. Even the simple fact of having them close to you will create vibrations with which you will be able to enter in resonance. While concentrating on virtues, positive energies, you will attract to you their vibrations and thus you will be able to improve the quality of your interior water to recover a positive energy.

To get dynamised water

Let us take an example: do you miss confidence? If you drink your coffee or your tea in your mandala cup of Confidence, the mandala will act directly on the liquid and on you. In the same way you can decide to place your water bottle on an energising plate or a harmonising disk with the mandala of Confidence. Your water will be impregnated of this virtue, of this energy. By drinking your water throughout the day you will communicate this energy to all the cells of your body.

It's really very simple and above all very effective.

For us it's really important to offer practical and functional articles for your daily life but also items to harmonise your interior (with the meaning, your home or your office, but also and especially your inner being, your soul). Each article is full of meaning, emotions, wonder and well-being. We print them by ourselves and so each article is printed with care and love.

What are mandalas and flowers of life?

Expression of the movement of Life, the mandala exists in all the traditions of the world.
Through the ages, mandalas have been used to release their creative energy and to focus on positive thoughts.

Our mandalas are contemporary and exceptional. Inspired by the Wisdom of Nature, they were designed for our era according to sacred geometry and wavelenght shapes. There is a creative force and an unlimited source of inspiration on each mandala. Each one corresponds to a virtue, a positive influence, to which we can connect and with which we can work.

They were designed to structure and harmonise the inner life. Each mandala vibrates at its own frequency and releases specific energies such as balance, harmony, openness of the heart, joy, energy, healing, creativity, peace ... Feng Shui element, the mandala brings balance and harmony in your home or in the place where you choose to place it.

By their colours, their forms, they have the power to rebalance the energies. They will help you in your daily life thanks to their energising and harmonising power.

The Flower of Life is a very old symbol. It is a sacred geometrical figure represented by several circles that overlap and intersect. The Flower of Life is considered to be sacred through many traditions around the world. Inside this symbol we find all the constructions of the universe. Its shape brings us harmony and balance. The Flower of Life helps to raise the vibratory rate and amplifies your creative power.

In the coming weeks we will publish a dedicated article related to the Flower of Life. So remember to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of its publication!

To know more:

Masaru Emoto’s publications

  • The hidden messages in water, 2004
  • The healing power of water, 2005
  • The secret of water, 2006
  • Water crystal oracle, 2006
  • The spirit of water: the hidden message for all of us, 2007
  • Love thyself: The message from water, 2007
  • The Shape of Love: Discovering Who We Are, Where We Came From, and Where We are Going, 2007
  • The miracle of water, 2008

This list is not exhaustive

The website of Dr. Masaru Emoto: http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/index.html

Download his children's book in PDF (but also very informative for the older ones!)


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