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Here is the beginning of spring and the breath of renewal that accompanies it.

It is wonderful to be able to taste and live this energy by going into the living nature.

And yet, if you look around you, there is a whole world, in the so-called modern world, which spreads its wings to lock up beings and lead them into slavery.

They put masks on you.
We stop you from going out.
They cut all your social and family ties.

We learn history at school and yet we are unable to learn from the past and we continue to reproduce the same events over and over again.

Today I received a newsletter from Julien Peron (Neo Bienêtre Agency) entitled "Are you a rebel

? A rebel is one who does not react against society. He observes and understands the whole thing and simply decides not to be part of it. He is not against society, he is rather indifferent to what is going on in it.

That is the beauty of rebellion: freedom!

The revolutionary is not free. He is constantly fighting, struggling with something. So how can he be free? He is always reacting against something. Where is freedom in the mechanical reaction to external things?

Freedom comes from understandingFirstyou

have to understand the mechanisms involved. Once this is understood, you simply get out of the system without even a scar. The rebel forgives and forgets, he just distances himself from society, without any love or hate relationship with it.

The media tells you who to love, who to hate, who to believe, who to fear, what to think and what not to think."

And in fact, this notion of freedom is closely linked to that of lightness.

And like the butterfly, to be light is to be free of concepts, open, neutral, receptive.

What about you?

Are you light in your life? Can you cultivate the art of flight? Do you know how to dance and rise above the influences of the world to find the original purity of your being? Have you learned to be light?

To be honest, I am afraid that no one teaches us to live with lightness.

On the contrary, the world cultivates fear and distress to better enslave its people.

A conditioning from birth

When we were born, a weight was put on our shoulders: a first name, a family name, a culture, a religion or beliefs, an environment, a set of concepts, an identification with what we are not. Little by little, we have been "educated" with values, memories, a certain vision of the world, morals... Certain attitudes, behaviours and ways of doing things have been demanded of us. We have been required to have certain attitudes, behaviours, ways of doing things. We have been awakened with strengths, needs, desires, aspirations. We were shown and taught what life was, what our duties were, what we had to know how to do and not to do in order to take our place..

We have been made to look at things, we have been asked for our opinion, we have been made to take an interest in the world and in everything that is going on around us. We were bombarded with information, emotions, thoughts, rules, influences, legacies..

In short, we have been conditioned.

It is obvious that lightness is not a virtue that is at the heart of our society's values. Our way of life leads us rather towards heaviness. We are asked to see everything, to look at everything, to carry useless weights, to give our opinion on everything, to lock ourselves into a narrow vision of the world and of life... All this takes us away from our original source, from our inner purity, from our capacity to be light

I would even say more, we are burdened by a whole world that crushes us.

What if we learned to be lighter to breathe with Life?

To live more simply, more serenely?

To make decisions that are good for us?

And who better than the eagle can tell us about this lightness?

The eagle and its 7 principles of life

The eagle that soars majestically above the world is a scripture that speaks to us about ourselves

1- The eagle has a precise vision.

He can see 360° and up to 8 km. No matter what the obstacles, the eagle does not divert its attention from the prey until it catches it.

Principle n°1: You must have a vision. The 360° vision allows you to become aware of your strengths and weaknesses in order to change, to transform yourself. The vision also allows you to look at things with hindsight. And by taking a step back from events, we make much better decisions.

2- The eagle is focused on its objective

The eagle is focused on its objective, on its prey. He sometimes misses his target! But he starts again with a lot of patience: he can sometimes wait hours to reach his goal.

Principle #2: You must have a vision and stay focused, no matter what the obstacles may be and you will succeed.

3. The eagle has a sense of timing

The eagle not only flies but soars high. Unlike other birds, the eagle, from the morning, remains perched on a branch for hours while the other birds fly. What does it do there? He has a sort of internal thermometer or thermostat that tells him the right temperature for flying. As soon as it is reached, he takes off and rises higher than the others.

Principle #3: Observe your surroundings. Take time to make the right decisions.

4. The eagle flies through the storm.

When the clouds gather, the eagle is excited, using the storms to soar higher. Once it finds the storm wind, the eagle will use the raging storm to soar above the clouds. This gives him the opportunity to glide and rest on his wings. Meanwhile, all the other birds are hiding in the branches and leaves of the tree.

Principle #4: Face your challenges head on knowing that from them you will emerge stronger and better than you were before the challenges. We can use the storms of life to reach greater heights. Those who focus on performance are not afraid to climb to the highest heights. They are not afraid of challenges, but rather they relish them and use them profitably.

5. The eagle is faithful

The eagle marries for life: he is a faithful and responsible husband! He marries only once and is monogamous.

He and his mate hunt together, nap together, do almost everything together. And when his female is not around, he looks after the eaglets.

By the way, when a female eagle meets a male and they want to mate, she flies down low to the ground, picks up a twig, and flies up into the air with the male eagle in pursuit. Once she has reached a high enough altitude for her, she drops the twig to the ground as she watches. The male eagle chases the twig, catches it before it falls, and then carries it back to the female eagle. The female eagle grabs the twig again and flies to an even higher altitude to drop it off again somewhere for the male eagle to continue pursuing. This will happen for hours at ever higher altitudes each time, until the female eagle is satisfied that the male eagle has mastered the art of catching her twig, which is proof of her commitment. Then and only then will she allow him to mate

Principle #5: Whether in private life or in business, test the commitment of the people who are going to partner with you. Only partner with people who have actually demonstrated a desire to partner or work with you and have shown a determination to do so. This principle can also be used when it comes to accepting your spouse for life.

6. The eagles prepare their young for flight.

They remove the feathers and soft grass in the nest so that their young become uncomfortable, and thus prepare them to fly, eventually the young feel compelled to fly when it becomes unbearable to stay in the nest.

Principle #6: Drop your comfort zone, there is no growth for anyone who stays in their comfort zone.

7. When the eagle grows old.

His feathers become weak and can no longer carry him as fast and high as they should. This makes him weak and could cause him to die. So he retreats to a place deep in the mountains. There he plucks the weak feathers from his body and breaks his beaks and claws against the rocks until he is completely naked; a very bloody and painful process. Then it stays in that hiding place until its new feathers have grown, and its new beaks and claws have formed, and it emerges, able to fly much higher than before.

Principle #7: We need to deliberately break old habits, no matter how difficult it is, things that weigh us down and add no value to our lives need to be let go.

The art of flight

Nature is a source of teachings.

If we know how to look at it, then it teaches us and shows us the way.

It is the beginning of spring, the time when the sap rises in the branches, and the energy rises. It rises in nature but it also rises in us.

Look at how we begin to burst with energy in the spring. This is the time of new impulses, of blossoming, both inside and out.

And this is precisely the moment when a world comes to break you in your momentum, to clip your wings. The plan is truly Machiavellian.

It is necessary to exercise your discernment and your inner judgment to remain outside of this whirlwind that wants to carry you away.

Now I propose to observe the birds again.

For a bird to fly, it needs a point of support, something that structures it and constantly tells it who it is and how to orient itself. The bird lives and takes refuge in ethereal space, but in reality, it takes support on the earth

The bird is on the ground and that is why it has discovered the secret of the heights and of taking off. If it exists, it is because the earth exists, and by taking off, it is the earth that it contemplates from above

Like the bird, be firmly rooted to the ground, so that nothing, no influence, comes to disturb you, to uproot you.

The bird is light because it knows the earth and has gained wisdom from it. The eagle soaring in the sky is safe from all worries, from all predators, from all dangers. It shows man that to know peace and harmony, one must know how to rise very high and take his body and the earth with him

Stability will allow you to be flexible and light like a tree. It can dance in its branches, bloom, welcome the birds, but the base remains stable and anchored.Observe the trees and unite with the image they offer you

I address this subject in my article on the Tree of Life.

The mastery of thoughts

This is a subject I addressed precisely 1 year ago, as we were entering the 1st containment. I invite you to read my article which gives you keys to cultivate lively and light thoughts(to access the article).

And if we look today, unfortunately nothing has changed. We continue to enslave the thinking of humans.

Just make the choice to know what thoughts you want to cultivate.

If you wish to be light, to walk on the earth while carrying a greatness, high thoughts, a sacred presence that frees you, inspires you, speaks to you, guides you, tells you where to go, and what you must do, then you will be able to fly away!

Of course this implies being vigilant, in control, and putting guardians in your life to know who you are letting in and who you are letting out of your being.

Is this thought good for me? Does it ennoble me or does it degrade me? What states does it generate in me?

Is the information presented to me true? Have I verified it for myself or do I trust it blindly? Which means I accept that someone else is deciding what is right for me, even if it means degrading myself and imposing things on me.

Don't overload your life

Before starting a project, a work, a responsibility, committing yourself to a relationship, you must ask yourself, "Am I going to lose my lightness?" This is a fundamental criterion.

We are not at all educated to think and act like that and that is why we all tend to overload ourselves unnecessarily in life.

This translates into so many different and varied forms!

For example, an unfinished project, a project that you cannot carry to the end, is a burden for you and for the other. We should never undertake anything if we are not sure of carrying it through to completion

And yet, our so-called modern society pushes us to go faster and faster. So we start things without thinking about the consequences. And so we become heavier.

Another example: if you focus constantly on the lives of others, instead of focusing on yourself and what you have to do, you weigh yourself down unnecessarily

And the media is really the best illustration of this. If you let all the information enter you through the media, you will weigh down your life, you will burden yourself with problems that you cannot solve. You will lose your lightness, your ability to fly away and you will get off center, away from your balance, from your inner center, from stability.

To conclude

Lightness is a state of permanent awakening to take care of oneself and others so that each one is lightened in order to be able to rise towards higher vibrations

Lightness is a state of joy and permanent enthusiasm.

If you are light, you dance, nothing can catch you, you are always inspired, everything is easy, you go through everything, you fly away.

Where there is an obstacle, you jump, you pass by, you are carried, light, you fly, you fly away and you see things from above, you find solutions because you are inspired. Otherwise, you are caught down, you are stuck, you can't move, everything is heavy, everything is burdensome, and you just can't do it anymore.

The purpose of this article is to offer you sources of inspiration to cultivate this beautiful virtue of lightness in your life. I could have talked about the butterfly etc. Simply know how to concentrate on what awakens lightness in you. Know how to observe and listen to your environment. Connect to the living nature, and unplug everything else!

If you wish to work with this vibration, this energy of lightness, we propose several mandalas that you will find under this article. Choose the one that speaks most to your heart and let yourself be inspired by its beautiful vibrations :)

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