Meditation on the 7 chakras

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The art of inner calm

One of the fundamental activities of meditation is the cultivation of inner calm

This is one of the basic principles for the correct practice of meditation.

What is serene calm in the will becomes mastery in daily actions,harmony in the heart, clarity in thought and magic in the subtle perceptions and forces, influences that surround us. Thus, cultivating calm is a great key to life

Learning to keep calm in all situations is a blessing that removes many unnecessary hardships.

It is not a question of a passive, sterile, unconscious calm, but of a living, voluntarily cultivated calm that will generate strength and inner and outer transformation. This calm is a real discipline, a practice, a know-how and a way of life. To find it, there is nothing to invent, you just have to awaken in what is. Calm is already there, natural and all-powerful. It is the nervousness, the stress, the agitation, the anger, the greed of the world of men that are not natural and are sterile.

Calmness is inner and that is why it allows the reconnection with the essential: what lives inside us. This is the source of our activity and it is this activity that reveals who we are and what lives within us.

Activity must always be based on calmness, for this is not only the way to cultivate strength, but also to reach the highest ideal. It is through deep calm that the spirit speaks within and reveals the highest inspirations. Then, it is through strength that the ideal is realized in deeds to beautify life and the world.

He who complains, who is discontented, who cultivates a bad opinion of himself, has not known calm within himself, for he is in illusions and not in the real.

The real is wisdom, harmony, calm, virtues... It is in the illusory world that idiocy, disharmony, agitation and weakness appear.

It is very easy to self-hypnotize oneself in order to enter into erroneous beliefs and concepts.

Yes, the body is mortal, because it is born, but the soul is immortal, because it is never born. So, it is a question of point of view and identification. What is man: the body or the soul? The body is a garment and the soul is the essence.

To cultivate calmness is to bring forth the soul, which is immortal.

It is calmness that enables one to reconnect with the soul and awaken into the activity that is in correspondence with it.

Our daily life has become a chaos and it is in it that we must find the calm and the inner light that guides us into what is greater.

The 7 chakras

Meditation connects you to vibrations that exist within your inner being. There is an upward flow of life energy, normally stored at the base of the spine, to 7 major glandular, or energy centers. Indeed, most of these centers have as physical equivalents endocrine glands, which produce hormones, or nerve plexuses; the Far Eastern tradition calls them "chakras", and this term is becoming more and more popular in the West

The major chakras control all the organs of the body and are, according to the masters in the field, the point of contact between the physical body, the mind and spirituality.

The notion of chakra can be something very subjective from one person to another

If you want to meditate on the chakras, you must first agree with yourself on some basic principles and stick to them. Thus, the most commonly accepted colors of the chakras are:

- Red for the root (perineum) ;

- Orange for the lower abdomen (sacrum);

- Yellow for the solar plexus;

- Green in the heart area;

- Blue for the throat;

- Indigo for the third eye;

- Violet for the top of the skull (crown).

For the colors, I say "commonly accepted" because, for the heart chakra for example, if green is the color that is more commonly attributed to this energy center, pink can also be used (softer color).

And know that it is not necessary to know the Sanskrit name of these energy centers, their location being the most important (and it avoids you to work too much your mind). Indeed, a name could possibly distort the perception that you have of the chakras. You can however give them some attributes to guide you in your meditation, for example:

- Root Chakra: survival, instinct; It is the symbol of energy, action, strength, vitality and self-confidence.

- Sacrum Chakra: pleasure, joy of living; it is the symbol of emotions, sexuality and creativity.

- Solar plexus chakra: power, desire; it is the symbol of self-esteem and personal power.

- Heart Chakra: love, compassion; it is the symbol of the expression of one's feelings, love and inner peace.

- Throat Chakra: understanding, discernment; it is the symbol of the ability to express oneself and to make one's voice heard.

- 3rd eye chakra: intuition, inner vision ; it is the symbol of intuition, of our interpretation capacities and of memory.

- Crown Chakra: spirituality, connection with the Whole. It is the symbol of knowledge, spirituality and harmony.

Concentration on the chakras

By concentrating on the chakras, the energy points of your subtle body, you will circulate a flow of energy that will cleanse the chakras in its path and rebalance the body. It calms the physical body and tranquilizes the mind.

So now I propose a small concrete exercise, which you can do either lying down (recommended at the beginning because it is easier for the visualization) or sitting:

- Lie comfortably on your back.

- Take a deep breath before you start in order to relax. Take the time that is necessary.

- During the meditation, adopt a slow and regular abdominal breathing. Remember that the role of the breath in meditation is very important.

- Start with the root chakra. Linger on it for a few seconds: visualize its location, its color, be aware of any warmth, tingling, etc.

- Do this for each center, moving up to the center above the head

- Be sure to hold the same amount of time on each of the 7 locations you visit.

- Then go back the same way, following the same instructions.

You may fall asleep before the end of the meditation. It is not serious. You have started the machine and the work has begun. The important thing is to have done the work with conviction and awakening.

Harmonizing your chakras

There are differentharmonization techniques. Among the most known we will quote:

Stones and crystals to harmonize your chakras

Lithotherapy uses the energy of stones and crystals to help us restore the balance between body and mind

In the same way that the chakras highlight an energetic imbalance, the stones allow us to identify our blockages and to free ourselves from them.

The stones will then have an impact on our well-being and our emotions as well as on our skills and abilities. They will also have a protective role on the person who wears them. It is therefore essential to be able to use them when our chakras are unbalanced

But how to choose the good stone for the corresponding chakra?

Each chakra being dominated by a color, we will generally associate the same color of stone. Trust your intuition. If your intention is to find a stone to work on a particular energy center, let your heart guide you.

It is by placing the stones on the different energy centers of the body that their properties will come into action. To do this, in a lying position, ask a friend or a practitioner to help you place the stones from the root chakra to the coronal chakra on each energy center (one stone per center, depending on its color)

Lie in this position for 30 minutes, ideally breathing calmly. It is possible to proceed with visualization exercises, as described earlier in this article.

And important: remember to clean and recharge your stones after each treatment or each use by placing them on a harmonizing disc or a dynamizing tray for example.

Singing bowls to harmonize your chakras

To balance your chakras, you can use a singing bowl or a Tibetan bowl.

During a sound therapy session, you can "play music" with your singing bowl, to deliver specific sounds to each chakra, which will stimulate you.

The brain will also absorb some of these sound waves, to keep only the benefits on the body and mind.

Did you know that Buddhist monks used it in their meditation practice and during different religious ceremonies, but also as a means of healing in order to restore theinner balance by harmonizing the chakras.

It is by striking the singing bowls with a wooden or leather mallet that sound waves are obtained. Depending on its composition and size, each bowl emits a different sound, more or less acute, which lasts more or less long.

Each sound wave - vibration - creates a connection with one of our chakras.

The symbols of sacred geometry to harmonize your chakras

There are several ways to consider harmonizing the chakras with symbols.

And before anything else, perhaps you are wondering which symbols you should choose?

Whether your heart is set on Indian chakras, Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube or vibrational Mandalas, simply let yourself be attracted by the symbols that speak to you the most (and not the ones that are fashionable.... You heard me!).

You can use the Indian chakras very well.

But also the Flower of Life: we have a range of wooden Flower of Life in the colors of the 7 chakras.

And you can also be inspired by the colours and virtues corresponding to each energy centre by choosing more contemporary mandalas.

In short, the choice is wide! Trust yourself.

Once you have chosen your symbols, you have several options.

- You can sit on a harmonizing mat during your meditation and concentrate on a particular chakra. Knowing that we are made up of about 70% water, the shape waves, associated with the effects of chromotherapy (colors) will act directly on you. You can also place your harmonizing mat under your back if you choose the lying position for meditation.

- You can concentrate on a mandala board or a harmonising disc during your conscious meditation, or even use the box with the 7 discs.

- You can place a harmonising disc on the energy centre that needs it. In this case, place the symbol face down if you want it to work. You can intensify the work by visualizing the color and working on your intention (harmonize, rebalance).

And then, there are surely other ways that we haven't thought of! Let your intuition guide you and you will get better results.

I hope you enjoyed this article

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