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Sephirotic Tree of Life: initiatory keys

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The Tree of Life symbolically represents, in Kabbalah (limited to the esoteric tradition of Judaism for the most part), the laws of the Universe (some authors compare it to the Tree of Life mentioned in Genesis. Its description is considered to be the cosmogony (explanation of the formation of the world) of Kabbalistic mysticism.

What does the term Kabbalah mean?

The word Kabbalah comes from "Ka-Ba-La": this term comes from the ancient land of the Pharaohs, the Sons of the Sun. It refers to the body, soul and spirit of the Tradition of the Children of the Light.

"Ka" designates the body of Tradition manifested in the world by Pharaoh, that is, the Master, the incarnate representative of Tradition. He is the guarantor of the transmission of the body and the memory of this timeless, primordial tradition. This is why Jesus, in his time, said: "No one can go to the Father without passing through me", without passing through the living Tradition incarnated by a man prepared and consecrated to this mission.

"Ba" refers to the soul of the Tradition that opens the way to flight to the higher worlds and union with Spirit.

"The" is the Spirit of Tradition, the Father. In the musical scale, it is the note that harmonizes all the others. Thus, "A" represents the origin, the center and the summit, the living unity of multiple voices.

The word "Kabala" means "Tradition", "transmission" but the secret lies in the one who transmits. The esoteric doctrine of the Hebrews traces this tradition back to Moses, who, after receiving the tablets of the Law through Enoch, passed on only part of it to the people, reserving the rest for those who were initiated into the most sacred mysteries.

Omraam Michael Aivanhov said that Kabbalah was "a very special science, a study different from all others: it requires special qualities on the part of those who wish to undertake it. It is not advisable to start before the age of forty. And not just anyone: only those who are predestined for it, who have the mental and psychic abilities, but also who possess moral qualities that will prevent them from using this knowledge for personal purposes

The entire teaching of Kabala is based on a scheme that represents all the hierarchies of Creation working under the sacred command of the Father, the one God, who manifests himself through a multiplicity of visible and invisible creatures. Moreover, the word "hierarchy" etymologically means "sacred commandment".

This pattern, which is found in different forms in many traditions, is called in the Bible the Tree of Life

It is composed of ten spheres (plus one hidden one): the one above is called Kether, which means "the crown"; the one below, which carries the whole structure, represents the earth and is called Malkut, which means "the kingdom"

It could also be called "the world of royalty"; it is the Earth of the living, not just the earth as we see it with our outer senses, but the earth as the living book of the high knowledge of the Gods, the keeper of all the secrets of man and the universe

In the diagram of the Tree of Life, the sphere of Malchut, like that of Kether, is divided into four parts. It is the Earth of the living, the perfect world, i.e. Kether, the crown of the King of kings. Thus, the four elements that make up the earth (Malchut) are reunited with their divine origin, kept pure by the four Archangels (Kether).

We find all these mysteries in the Egyptian civilization through the four-sided pyramids and the Sphinx, as well as in Christianity through Christ (the King of Kings, Osiris) surrounded by the four Holy Animals (the four Archangels) of the Sphinx and on earth by the four Evangelists.

The Ten Sephirot

Kabbalists divide the universe into ten regions or sephiroth which correspond to the first ten numbers. These numbers are originally purely abstract realities, but as they descend into denser regions, they are clothed in matter.

This is why each of the ten sephiroth has not only a spirit (the number), but also a soul, an intellect, a heart and finally a physical body which shelters them. Since this structure is repeated in the ten sephiroth, there are five aspects to study for each one.

- Kether, royal diadem or crown (Center of the Creative Will, inspiration of the Universe).
- Hokmah, prudence and wisdom (Source of the Cosmic Energy, pure Love and Wisdom).
- Binah, construction or formation (Center of Crystallization, of the Form and thus, Feminine pole of the Universe).
- Hesed (Center of organization and concretization, of abundance, of power and autonomy)
- Gebourah (Abode of the "celestial surgeon" who acts so that the Cosmic Laws are respected. It is the Masculine Center of the Universe).
- Tiphéret (Link between the Worlds of the Spirit and the Material Realities, this Center implants in Man the Consciousness).
- Netzach (Center of the Beauty which inspires, of the Materialization of the Love).
- Hod(Center which applies the Laws of the Binah Sphere at a level close to the Material Dimension.It is the final stage of the Elaboration of the Life Plan).
- Iesod (Center that produces the Material Reality. It transmits information from the Higher Consciousness Tiphereth to the Physical World and vice versa).
- Malkut (Center that represents the Physical Reality, associated with the Planet Earth.)

All symbolic representations, all magical ceremonies, theurgy, all rituals, even the one of the mass, are inspired by the Tree of Life.

Numbers, colors, symbolic forms are found everywhere, coming in bits and pieces from this kabbalistic tradition. Even the 22 cards of the tarot have their origin in the Tree of Life.

The Kabalistic Tree in practice

The number 10, which is made of 1 and 0, represents spirit and matter. The 1 represents the masculine principle and the 0 the feminine principle, and the two together represent matter animated by life. The Seal of Solomon, with the male and female triangles entwined, represents the same two principles.

How to work with the number 10 which is the number of Malkut?

Malchut is the tenth sephira, it sums up all that is above and all that is below (the 1 and the 0, spirit and matter) and indicates to the disciple the work to be done: to rise by thought to the top, then to come down to animate, vivify, purify his physical body (for that is what Malchut is), in order to impregnate it with the qualities and virtues of the other nine sephiroth

This is how a new body is formed, a new etheric body, the body of light.

The one who manages to link in himself Malchut to the other sephiroth realizes the ten and possesses wealth, fullness.

The number 10 is the number of success, it symbolizes the realization of all the other numbers.

It is also possible to work with the Sephirotic Tree by considering the division into three pillars.

On the left, the pillar that joins Binah to Hod is the pillar of rigor, of severity: Jakin.

On the right, the pillar that joins Hokmah to Netzach is the pillar of mercy, of clemency: Boaz.

These are the two pillars of the Temple of Solomon.

In the middle, the pillar of balance which carries Malchut, Yesod, Tipheret, Daath and Kether.

The Symbolism of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah

The symbolism of this Tree of Life is much deeper, more esoteric, and it is perhaps for this reason that little information of this kind can be found on the net.

Omraam Michael Aivanhov said: "The Sephirotic Tree of Kabbalah, or Kabbalistic Tree of Life, is not a scientific description of our universe, but a system of explanation of the world that is mystical in nature. Through meditation and contemplation, the exceptional minds that conceived it managed to grasp a cosmic reality that they translated into images and symbols.

From Ain Soph Aur, the Endless Light, to Malhut, the Earth, the Sephirotic Tree tells us how divine Life flows through the universe. Try to nourish yourself every day with its fruits. You may never fully understand this figure, let alone realize the virtues and powers it represents, but it will be there for you as the image of an ideal world that will always pull you upward

The tree of Kabbalah is the Tree of Life in the middle of the cosmic ocean. Kabbalists called this cosmic ocean Ain Soph Aur, the endless light, theuniversal creative energy.

The ancient Egyptians called it Nut, which means the primordial waters.

The Tree of Life is you, it is me, and you are in the middle of this ocean of energy.

History tells us that the Father created a being that we can call Adam-Eve, who was like a God. There was no division in him, he was unique, perfect, but he had this ability in him to bring forth falsehood and to choose good or evil.

The Kabbalah tells us that Eve associated with Samael, the Archangel of the Sephira (a word that comes from the Hebrew sefira, sefirot in the plural; designates a creative power, a force of action in our reality) Geboura, and that Adam associated with Lilith, the principle of the moon, the Sephira Yesoda.

Rudolf Steiner says that Adam associated himself with Iévé, and Eve with Élohim, which means "the Gods". Eve was associated with the gods, that is, with everything that is visible. The animals, the trees, the stones, the water, the air, the earth are divine, but this is no longer seen because of the fall.

Eve was thus seduced by the environment, that is, she turned her senses outward, separating herself from Adam, who is within, the interiority. Adam sought to keep contact with a higher world, whereas Eve wanted to go towards existence, towards matter.

That's when the fall occurs.

Adam-Eve turned his eye not towards the divine world but towards nothingness. And since these beings were carriers of the divine seed, they created the world of non-existence in which all beings were led into prison.

Elohim became a being that descends, the satanic principle, which is materialization and matter. Iévé also degenerated and sank into the fall, becoming the luciferian principle, which seeks to ascend and keep the link with the divine world.

These two satanic and luciferian principles were materialized and incarnated through men called Cain and Abel. Cain the strong, the violent, the creator by destruction killed Abel, he crushed the lamb, the sweetness, the beauty, the purity.

We find the same symbolism in ancient Egypt, with Set in the place of Cain and Osiris in the place of Abel: the earth and the sky.

Set killed his brother Osiris not to make him disappear but to enslave him, to put him at his service. Osiris goes to the worlds beyond while Set takes control of the earth.

Isis is the central way that, together with Horus, reconstitutes the body of Osiris to have the kingship on earth and balance the two worlds. It is obviously a parable, but these three worlds, these three currents exist today and we are necessarily inside.

In the Eve/Cain/Seth lineage, we find the chosen ones, the kings, the rulers, the politicians, the businessmen, while in the Adam/Abel/Osiris lineage, we find the people, behind whom there are intelligences in the service of a false and usurped divine world since the fall.

Is the usurper negative? No, we live with this being every day of our life.

What is important is to observe, to study this knowledge to understand our environment and our inner state of being. It is a path of knowledge. Only knowledge can save us.

At the top of the Tree of Life, there is a triangle in which there is an eye, the eye of Horus who triumphs over Set because of this divine eye, which is the path of pure initiation.

The two paths go up and unite at this point, which becomes the union of worlds, the divine world, eternity.

The two worlds engendered by Adam and Eve, the lines of Abel and Cain, are divided into eight degrees of evolution, from the totally unconscious man to the being who has climbed to the top of the human ladder through his knowledge of the esoteric laws and who governs the world.

This human hierarchy can help us develop our discernment in the face of the invisible worlds that surround us and can manipulate us without our knowledge.

There is something that unifies everything. This is what Pythagoras called esotericism.

What is esotericism?

Esotericism, that is to say, what we do not see with our physical eyes. Thoughts, feelings, will are esoteric: they are subtle worlds that act through us and animate us. What we think, what we feel, what we want cannot be seen, unless we manifest these worlds through our actions.

If we go towards this esotericism, towards this science which consists in looking behind things, we see that behind the thought, behind the feelings, behind the will are hidden beings and worlds. This is a fundamental vision.

Man does not naturally go towards esotericism. He only looks at what falls under his gaze, under his senses. It is necessary to make a work ofinternalization, meditation,observation to begin to discern the things that one does not see at first sight. One must observe with great neutrality, without any judgment.

Man and the Tree of Life

The human being is created in the image of the Tree of Life. in him is Kether, and also Hokmah, Binah, Hessed.... With all their elements, their entities, their activities, their materials. That is why the true knowledge of oneself goes through the Tree of Life.

Kether is the head.
Hokmah is the right eye and the right part of the face.
Binah is the left eye and the left part of the face.
Hessed is the right arm.
Geborah is the left arm.
Tipheret the heart and the solar plexus.
Netzach the right leg.
Hod the left leg.
Yesod the sex.
Malchut the feet

To know oneself is to see this immensity that man represents internally, with all these regions and links that exist between them. For the ten sephiroth are not separate from each other, they are linked, and a whole life circulates between them. This is expressed by the 22 paths that go from one to the other.

Unfortunately in man the tenth sephira, Malchut, the earth, has become detached from heaven. This is why we must now re-establish the link, re-establish the number ten.

The ten sephirot exist in the universe, they exist all ten together, but it is in man that they do not exist together because man has cut the link. And it is therefore this link that must be re-established.

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