How to recharge your stones with the Flower of Life

The different methods of purification and recharging of stones

By transmitting its strength, the stone loses its power. The mineral can also be charged with negative vibrations. It is therefore important to purify them and then to recharge them regularly before each use.

Finally, certain precautions must be taken for purification and recharging, because not all stones can withstand the indications mentioned below.

Purification of stones

Purification with water: the simplest purification is done with running water. Spring water is preferred to tap water. Simply place the stones in a container and let the cold water run for a few minutes, then let it sit for an hour, possibly adding coarse salt for a more sustained action.

Purification with sea salt: put coarse salt in a wooden or sandstone container. Place the stones on top and cover with salt. Rock salt can also be used.

Purification by visualization: this is a quick and efficient technique as long as you know how to practice it. You must hold the crystal in your hands, visualize a positive energy flowing into the crystal and sweeping away all negative or undesirable effects. You visualize a stream of pure, clear spring water flowing through the crystal, carrying away all impurities and transforming them into positive energy.

Purification by the breath: to be used only with weakly charged stones.

Purification with incense or sage: simply pass the stone through the smoke of the incense. Choose natural incense.

Purification by sound: simply tint the bell or put the crystals in a crystal bowl or a Tibetan bowl and the resonance thus obtained will decontaminate a large number of crystals.

Purification by shape waves: there are two solutions here.

- The first is to use a scallop shell, preferably fresh and not frozen, and place the stone to be purified in the center of the shell, facing north (this is a precision that is important).

- The second is to use symbols, such as the Flower of Life, the Metatron's Cube etc. In fact all the symbols of sacred geometry as long as they are structured on perfect proportions.

Recharging of the stones

Purification / recharging by the earth: malachite, fossil woods and calcites, like to rest on the earth of a plant. For borderline cases of intense use, they can be buried for a month, the stones will be recharged.

Recharging in the sun : exposure to the rising sun, more or less long according to the rock to recharge. Be careful, some stones may fade if exposed for too long.

Recharging by the moon : same process as recharging by the sun.

Recharging by the flames : expose near a fireplace or a candle flame.

Recharging with shape waves / sacred geometry symbols.

Which stone to recharge the stones?

Recharging with a group of quartz: put the stone to be recharged on a group of quartz for a few hours or put it in the hollow of a geode of amethyst.

You have understood, the methods of purification and recharging are multiple and it is not to be mistaken to risk damaging your stones.

If you put a stone in the sun or moon that does not support it, your stone will lose its color and will lose its properties.

So, honestly, stop worrying!

I often see on Facebook groups: "when is the next full moon"?

With sacred geometry symbols, like the Flower of Life, you will stop asking yourself all these questions

No more worrying about which method fits your stones (when you remember the name of each one!).

No more worrying about when the next full moon is.

About the Flower of Life symbol

Everything around us emits a wave, even if we cannot see it with the naked eye. In the same way, all forms emit waves. The action and power of these waves depend on the form itself. This is what we call a wavelenght form.

Geometric shapes, based on the golden ratio, have perfect proportions. The more a shape is based on the divine proportion, the greater its influence will be because it will be closer to the cosmic archetypes

The Flower of Life has been existing since the dawn of time.

The image of the Flower of Life is found not only in Ireland, Turkey, England, Israel, Egypt, but also in China, Tibet, Greece and Japan. It can be found almost everywhere.

Based on perfect proportions, this geometrical shape is everywhere recognized to energize and harmonize. It is connected to the energy of life.

Power of the Flower of Life in lithotherapy

The Flower of Life is widely used in lithotherapy to clean and recharge stones. It is the simplest, most effective and often the most economical method for this purpose.

This is why you will find our Flower of Life items in a good number of esoteric and mineral stores all over France.

Our items are recognized and appreciated everywhere for their original design and their quality.

Our Flower of Life supports for your stones

Whether it is for :

- Recharge the stone bracelets

- Recharge the stones raw or rolled

We have what you need.

The Flower of Life wooden harmonizsng disk

It is a must-have.

This disk of 9 cm of diameter will be able to slip easily into your bag and you will be able to carry it everywhere with you

And at the base we imagined and created our collections for multiple uses.

What makes that with your disc you will be able not only :
- To clean and recharge your stone bracelets, your rough stones or your rolled stones but also
- To put your glass or your bottle on it to dynamize your water
- To put it under your pillow to sleep better.

The Flower of Life energising Tray

On the tray you can place many more stones, but you can also hang it on the wall as a Flower of Life wall decoration if you wish, once the recharging is done.

The tray has the same lacquered coating as the harmonizing disc, which makes it a very beautiful object to put in the house.

The Flower of Life mat

We don't necessarily think about it but even on a mouse pad or a Flower of Life harmonizing mat or Metatron's Cube, you can clean and recharge your stones.

How to use the Flower of Life?

Simply place your stones, jewelry and bracelets on the Flower of Life disk or tray.

Which model to choose ?

Knowing that we have created a dozen different models of Flowers of Life, it is sometimes difficult to choose your color.

We have discussed this topic in a dedicated article. In lithotherapy, we advise you to choose a Fleur de Vie that is chromatically close to the color of your stones, or a more neutral model such as the white Flower of Life, or the 7 rays Flower of Life model (with the colours of the 7 chakras).

To access our Flower of Lifecollection

How long to recharge a stone?

The loading condition also depends on the unloading condition of your stones. Therefore, unless you are very sensitive and able to measure it, for the cleaning and recharging to be effective, we advise you to put your stones on the Fleur de Vie in the evening before going to bed, and to recover them in the morning.

How often should I recharge my stones?

First of all, the cleaning and recharging of the stones must be done just after their purchase, because they are charged with the energy of the people who handled them before. It should also be done after each use. If they are mounted on jewelry, they must be cleaned and recharged every week.

Then, the answer depends on the use you make of your stones, on your environment but also on your energy

Therefore, we advise you to clean and recharge them at least once a week.

Listen to your feelings.

Flower of Life to download for free

You can also print a 2D Flower of Life for your stones. Remember to laminate it to keep it longer.

The word of conclusion

The recharging of the stones requires a certain attention. Each stone being different, you cannot choose the method at random, at the risk of damaging your precious minerals. Ideally, you should ask this type of question at the time of purchase. However, the safest way is still to use the Flower of Life or other sacred geometry symbols such as the Metatron Cube etc., which allows you to recharge all types of stones safely and at any time.

And to all those who tell me that we don't need a Flower of Life to clean and recharge, and that a simple scallop shell is enough, I say yes. Except that it is more difficult to put a bottle of water in the shell or put the shell under your pillow.

And finally, the strength of our concept is that it combines the symbols of sacred geometry with chromotherapy (the benefits of colors). Even more benefits at your fingertips.

We arrive at the end of this article. I hope you liked it.

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