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How to purify effectively with water?

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The importance of purification can sometimes escape our perception, as our lifestyle habits and upbringing don't always reveal its significance. Yet our lives are often hectic, filled with many things that are not really useful or benevolent to us, and which lead to the accumulation of impurities both in our physical bodies and in the more subtle, but just as tangible, spheres of our thoughts, emotions and desires.

Cleansing yourself can become a source of well-being, health and healing, a liberating force that enables you to meet life's challenges with greater lightness, centeredness, freedom and serenity. Purification is a simple yet powerful act, a magical act, a way of life, but also a way of perceiving and reacting to the world. Water possesses this capacity to be, to live and to purify on all levels. To purify through water is to awaken our consciousness to the divinity of water and allow it to operate by transforming us, liberating, cleansing and healing our being of all impurities, waste and toxins accumulated both externally, on our physical body, and internally, in more subtle spheres.

To purify ourselves is to rediscover lightness, to accept the need for transformation and healing on a daily basis, to agree to cleanse ourselves so that what emanates from us is a flowering, a joy, a sweet fragrance, a tasty fruit for the higher planes and a benefit for those around us.

There are various ways of purifying ourselves with water. Water has the ability to act in many different ways, in many different forms and on many different planes. You can purify your body, your thoughts, your state of mind, your emotions...

To act on all these levels of your being, we recommend immersing yourself in nature, diving into a river or standing under the natural shower of a waterfall. Nature is full of beautiful healing and purifying forces. You can also take a number of mindful actions to purify yourself:

- Drink a glass of lukewarm water to stimulate the elimination of toxins and encourage the circulation of energy flows.
- Adopt a comfortable position to meditate and visualize the elimination of negative energies.
- Practice regular exercises to support the cleansing process of the body and digestive system.
- Perform purification rituals with a sage stick to ward off malevolent spirits and purify the living space.
- Use essential oils in a corner of the room to create a natural purifier and eliminate unpleasant odors.
- Take a bath with Epsom salt to relax the skin, soothe muscles and promote the elimination of toxins, particularly uric acid.
- Eat detox foods such as flaxseed to promote healthy digestion and eliminate impurities from the body.

Throughout this article, you'll discover a number of simple, accessible tools and tips for gradually integrating this art of purification into your life.

I want to talk to you about this subject because, at one time or another in our lives, we all face complex periods to get through. Sometimes we feel sad, oppressed, lacking the motivation to accomplish daily tasks. We all experience these phases, without exception.

What if we could change all that?

How do you purify, cleanse and detoxify your body?

There are many ways to purify and detoxify your body. I'll list the ones I naturally think of, but there are plenty of others.

First of all, drink plenty of water, especially in the morning! At noon your urine should be clear. This is my naturopath speaking! Drinking water energized by sacred geometry symbols throughout the day promotes the elimination of toxins and the maintenance of good body hydration.

Next, focus on fresh, nutrient-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Avoid processed foods and foods high in added sugars.

We all know that physical activity helps stimulate blood circulation, eliminate toxins through sweating and maintain a healthy weight. So, whenever you get the chance, go for a little walk!

I talk about this in many articles: breathing and meditation techniques can help detoxify the body by removing carbon dioxide and stimulating lymphatic circulation.

And finally, take hot baths or showers. Indeed, heat helps open the pores of the skin, which allows the elimination of toxins through perspiration. You can add Epsom salt or essential oils to your bath for a relaxing and purifying effect. And don't forget that a cold shower is also an excellent way to purify yourself and chase away bad vibes!

Personally I also tried cleansing the liver and gallbladder using Dr Clark's method. A very effective method for cleansing and detoxifying, but you have to be motivated to do this treatment! Seek advice from a doctor if necessary.

The benefits of a cold shower: testimony

"One day, I set myself the goal of ending each of my showers with a cold shower, in order to cleanse, purify myself and invigorate my body.

Initially, this decision seemed simple to me to implement. However, I quickly realized the habits ingrained in me, which would be difficult to change. It wasn't as harmless as expected: a few moments of coolness on the skin, carefully avoiding the head and neck at first to get used to it.

But it was quite the opposite! The first few showers were difficult, to the point where it was hard for me to find the motivation to shower. There was a barrier to overcome, a resistance to overcome each time, because I knew that at the end of the shower cold water awaited me. It was a certainty for me!

As with any goal, habits had to be transformed. The habit of the comfort of a warm or hot shower was strongly ingrained in me, and its transformation met with great resistance.

However, I persevered. I made a firm commitment to always end my showers with a cold shower, whatever the cost! Deep down, I knew it felt good, cleansed me, gave me energy, and took me out of my daily lethargy.

Throughout this daily practice, after several weeks or even months, I realized that I could dissociate this feeling of body cold from my being.

Most of us experienced this feeling in our childhood. A child, naturally, does not feel the cold because he lives in the present moment; only the present moment counts. He discovers things without prejudices or habits. However, this ability to live in the moment, to marvel, is often lost as we grow up, because we approach life with baggage, fears, habits, and that was my case.

During a cold shower, which lasts only a few seconds to a minute, the body is seized and a complete awakening follows, allowing habits and impurities to be broken. A few moments later, the body warms up and compensates for this state of temporary coolness. Only our thoughts, our habits, make us believe that this act is difficult to bear.

After six months of diligent practice, I remember often hesitating, until the last moment, to take my cold shower. Finally, with determination, I always managed to maintain this discipline, and I found the happiness of being awake, free from daily worries after my shower.

If application to the entire body is not possible, whether for medical or other reasons, it is also possible to start with the feet, legs or arms... The most delicate part being the neck and the head, because it causes a real awakening of oneself, allowing us to get rid of what does not belong to us."

Energy cleansing and spiritual purification

Energy cleansing and spiritual purification are practices designed to eliminate negative energies and restore inner harmony and balance. Here are some of the methods commonly used for these purposes:

Meditation and visualization

I've covered this topic in numerous articles on the blog.

Meditation and visualization are powerful practices for exploring and purifying the mind, while promoting deep relaxation and connection with our inner essence. In meditation, we immerse ourselves in a state of calm and presence, where we can observe our thoughts without becoming attached to them. This allows us to dissolve mental and emotional tensions, while cultivating inner peace.

Visualization, on the other hand, is a technique in which we use the imagination to create positive, inspiring mental images. By visualizing scenes of well-being, healing or success, we reinforce our intentions and activate processes of profound transformation in our being. These combined practices can be invaluable tools for purifying our spirit, raising our consciousness and manifesting our desired reality.

Canvases printed with sacred geometry symbols can be invaluable tools to aid meditation and visualization. Sacred geometry is based on geometric shapes that are considered universal patterns present in nature and the universe. These symbols have a profound meaning and can be used to balance and harmonize energy, as well as to encourage concentration and introspection during meditation.

When these symbols are placed in a meditation space, they act as focal points for the mind. By concentrating on these geometric shapes during meditation, we can enter a state of mental calm more quickly and deeply. What's more, contemplating these symbols can stimulate the imagination and facilitate creative visualization.

Purification rituals

We all know the purification rituals that use white sage, palo santo or even incense. These are ancestral practices used to eliminate negative energies from a space or a person. Burn these sacred herbs or resins and purify the air. This will make you feel better at home and raise your spiritual vibrations.

In lithotherapy, certain crystals and precious stones, such as clear quartz, amethyst and black tourmaline, are particularly recognized for their purification and energetic protection properties. When you wear them or place them in your environment, you can benefit from their beneficial effects.

There are also certain energy practices such as reiki, qi gong, tai chi which can be used to rebalance the body's energy centers (chakras) and release emotional blockages.

And we don't necessarily think about it, but prayer and intention are powerful tools for spiritual purification. When you pray or set a clear intention for liberation and healing, you can invite divine forces to assist you in your purification process.

And finally, consider cleaning and organizing your physical environment, you can remove stagnant energies and create a space conducive to peace and mental clarity. As the adage says: “a healthy mind in a healthy body” (the body being your home or your workspace).

How to cleanse yourself of bad energies and waves?

Consciously drink a glass of water

It may sound like a crazy idea, but sometimes the simplest methods are the most effective!

Take a moment to relax and reach that space of deep serenity within yourself.

Before quenching your thirst with a glass of water, previously placed on a harmonizing disc or energizing plate, mentally recite these words:

"May this water, originating from the primordial source, be blessed and awaken in me the sacred flame of my essential, eternal being."

You can also express these words:

"Pure, divine water, convey my message of hope, love and support to every cell of my being: work together to enliven, purify, harmonize and sanctify, so that divine light finds its home in me and all darkness moves away."

"Clear, limpid water, like the origin of origins, enters me and purifies my body."

Washing consciously

Showering is not just about refreshing yourself or washing your body, it's also an opportunity to renew yourself in depth, to welcome new ideas, fresh thoughts, inspirations, healing and revitalizing energies. It's important to shower with awareness, calling on the most beneficial forces, using quality products and taking appropriate precautions.

Showering can transcend the automatic act to become an active meditation, a sacred expression, an awakened and creative ritual, a true philosophy of life. In ancient times, people washed and regenerated in natural waterfalls and cascades, imbued with powerful vibrations and pure energies. The marriage of water, stones, air and sunlight offered deep regeneration and intense purification.

Water, as a divine element, embodies clarity of consciousness and possesses the intrinsic power to cleanse, purify and make sacred. So we can invoke blessing, purity and healing through the intelligences present in water, soap and shampoo, so that they liberate and purify us on both the physical and subtle levels.

How to purify easily? Water purification ritual

I've been practicing this method for years, and I find it the simplest and most effective.

Whenever you have the opportunity, make yourself comfortable by a stream or river. Sit on a stone or at the foot of a tree and let the song of the water envelop you, penetrate you and surround you with its luminous aura. Water sings and dances within you. It takes with it all that is heavy, tense and impure, cleansing, liberating and purifying you. You can feel yourself being washed clean by its steady flow, its movement, its sacred murmur. Feel how all around you your aura clears, your thoughts become clearer, your heart opens. You are completely purified, your soul is light, merging with the water in perfect harmony.

At the moment, I'm in the habit of going to a river cascading down from the mountains. The powerful sound of its tumultuous waters reminds me of the sound of a washing machine, dislodging all impurities from my being. If you're feeling confused, morose or unwell, a visit to a river will leave you cleansed and revitalized.

Experience it for yourself and let me know in the comments how you felt afterwards!

Generally speaking, the element of water brings benefits on many levels: physical, psychic and spiritual. Water cleanses, soothes, purifies and heals many wounds of the soul.

However, if you want the cleansing to be effective and the purification to take place, you need to keep your mind outside the manifested world of forms and concepts. You need to enter a true state of meditation, in which your mind can escape.

I'll share a few tips with you: imagine that your thoughts and worries are like mud that's stuck in and around you. The water from the river enters you at the top of your head and dislodges all the impurities, in every nook and cranny of your being, and flows down, into your head, your thoughts, your eyes, your breathing, your neck, your shoulders, your arms, your hands, your action. And it continues down into your heart, your feelings, your belly, which is the center of your will and desires, your legs, your feet, until your body is completely cleansed.

In everyday language, we use the expression "carrying a weight on your shoulders". This is true, because all the difficulties, tensions and negative feelings accumulate there. Illnesses are anchored in the human bone structure.

The enema technique can be used to clear away things that have been there for years.

Here's a prayer I suggest you say out loud or inwardly:

O deity of water, source of life and purification,

I turn to you in my quest for purification and renewal.

May your sacred flow envelop me and cleanse me of all impurity,

May every drop that touches me be a healing balm for my body, mind and soul.

May your cleansing power remove all negativity, tension and darkness from me,

May I be pure and bright.

May your healing energy clarify my thoughts, feelings, will and actions.

May you guide me on the path to harmony, clarity and inner peace.

May I be aware of your precious presence in every drop I drink,

And may this blessed water be for me a symbol of purification, regeneration and spiritual connection.

I bless you for this sacred gift of water,

May I use it consciously and respectfully, for the good of all beings.

So be it.

A final word

The act of purifying ourselves with water, whether through meditation by a river, the conscious practice of showering or immersion in natural springs, has a profound and universal significance. Water, as an essential element of life, holds the power to purify not only our physical bodies, but also our thoughts, emotions and spirit.

By consciously connecting with this precious resource, we can invoke blessing, healing and regeneration at every level of our being. Whether through ancient rituals, meditative practices or simply by consciously showering, we have the ability to transform this daily act into a sacred experience of renewal and connection with our deepest essence.

By honoring water as a vehicle of purification and transformation, we can awaken our consciousness to its beauty and regenerative power, while contributing to the harmony and balance of our being and our world.

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