How to be lucky?

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Luck is a concept that has always made people wonder and dream. What is luck? Can we provoke it? Is luck the fruit of chance or are there ways to influence your destiny?

If luck is a mystery, some people have decided to look into the matter and share their knowledge on the subject. Here are a few ways to try to have more luck in life.

The dictionary talks about probability, happy or unhappy chance. To be lucky would correspond to the possibility, the probability that something (especially a happy event) happens.

So, to summarize, being lucky would not depend on us at all but rather on external factors.

And you, what do you think?

The Wheel of Fortune

In mythology, the Wheel of Fortune, or Rota Fortunae in Latin, is a concept symbolizing the capricious nature of fate. The wheel belongs to the goddess Fortune, who turns it randomly, changing the position of the humans on the wheel, sometimes lucky, sometimes unlucky.

The countless representations of Fortune have as main attributes the wheel, the sphere, the rudder, the prow of a ship, the horn of plenty. The goddess is sometimes seated, sometimes standing; she sometimes wears wings.

Fortuna represents fate with all its unknowns. Her name derives from "ferre" (to carry, to bring). Since ancient times, she was venerated in several Italian provinces, but her most important cult was celebrated in Preneste in Latium, where a certain Numerius Suffustus, while digging a rock, had discovered oak "kinds" (tablets) on which were inscribed mysterious formulas that were used to give oracles.

The Wheel of Fortune is also the tenth major arcana of the Tarot de Marseille.

This card represents a wheel, on which appear :

- ascending phase : a dog with a collar, sign of submission.
- summit : a crowned sphinx, sign of achievement.
- descending phase: a monkey symbolizing decadence.

These three animals illustrate a cycle of evolution where the dominant position is difficult to maintain, the top of the wheel being in unstable balance.

In divinatory tarot, the Wheel of Fortune will be associated with everything that is rhythmic (breathing, heartbeat, tides, etc.). It can also be associated with rotating machines (engines, mechanisms). It is sometimes associated with the cycle of the saṃsāra in Buddhism and the Sha'ar ha'Gilgulim in kabbalah.

In numerology, ten equals one because 10 = 1 + 0 = 1. This card therefore does represent the end of one cycle and the return to the beginning of another. This return is explicitly represented in the spokes of the wheel, composed of the entanglement of the Roman numerals X and I.

Why am I unlucky?

If you're asking yourself this question, it's because you have to go back to the definition of luck.

Because, you see, whether it is in mythology or in our belief system, luck is always related to chance. But is this really the case?

It would be so much easier to say that we are responsible for nothing

Universal wisdom teaches us that luck is rather a science and an art of living in which you are the main actor through your consciousness, your capacity of awakening, your thoughts, your choices, your acts...

Luck would be rather an art of observing the world, of understanding the functioning of the universal laws and of taking your life in hand so as to be the awake and conscious actor of all that touches your daily life.

Rather, luck is a subtle science that brings a higher subtle world into your life. Luck would be more about making the right alliances and subtly associating with the virtues of discernment, magic, protection, blessing, wisdom, respect, love... and offering you to place your life in the heart of this subtle network of magical influences.

At the risk of disappointing you, luck is not a hypothesis, a random probability, a one-time event separated from the whole universe and our lives.

I come back to the notion of the law of affinity. We attract to us what we are. And we receive what we give. This means that if you are unlucky, or at least if you feel you are unlucky, it means that you have not made good alliances.

What does this mean in concrete terms?

This means that perhaps it is your thoughts, your actions, your choices, which are not in accordance with the great laws of the universe.

I will give you a very concrete example so that you understand.

Not having luck in life: the example of lottery winners

When we talk about luck I always have in mind those players and lottery winners

They are lucky you might say..

That's one way of looking at it.

Winning the Lotto, most of the time, is the beginning of a dream life. It is unimaginable for us, and yet there are lottery winners who regret buying a ticket. Because if you look closely, most lottery winners hit the jackpot but lost everything.

There are many examples (see link at bottom of page).

Why does this happen?

Perhaps simply because they are not in tune with the creative energy of money. And if they are not the ray of their true being, they allow themselves to be totally overwhelmed by the tsunami of money that will destroy everything in its path.

If these people don't have wealth on the inside then they won't be able to manage it on the outside.

And instead of being an opportunity, it will become a curse.

How to know if you are lucky or not

There is also another aspect that needs to be addressed: that of luck.

There are individuals, families, peoples who have a capital of luck. This means that they succeed in everything they do, they always get away with it. But if they use it to do things that are going to associate them with negative worlds, then they go to their loss, they lose their luck, their energy, their strength.

These beings end up losing their luck because they have spirits, geniuses around them who protect them, ancestors, but they do negative acts and after a while, the spirits say: "But there is nothing we can do about it" and so, they leave them.

Luck is not an energy that is given to man for no reason; it is a blessing that must be earned and maintained like a capital.

The influences, the associations that bring luck

There are places in life that carry a death current and there are places that carry a life current. This can be translated in different ways: bad luck or good fortune.

There are things that bring luck, there are things that bring bad luck because in reality, they are influences. It can be an object, but this object lives in several worlds, so it is connected with worlds. If you bring this object into your life, there will automatically be an association and this object will influence your destiny. In reality, everything, absolutely everything has an influence on your destiny.

Everything you do, the way you think... If you think in a certain way, you will associate with worlds, as real as physical worlds. And you will end up attracting them because there is the law of affinity, like attracts like. You will not meet beings by chance.

You will meet beings or situations because you start doing certain things, you will attract to you what corresponds to you. These are laws. Life is made of laws. Everything is full of laws.

How to attract or provoke luck

Papus (1865-1916), French physician and occultist, co-founder of the Martinist Order, gave us his vision of luck.

"There are people who do not believe in God or the Devil, but who firmly believe in luck, luck and also bad luck and bad luck. Now, luck exists perfectly; one can even stare at it if it flees, call it if it moves away and notice it when it approaches. But how? There are 3 factors that preside over the fixation or return of luck: human will, Providence and fatality. Luck is therefore a real problem, capable to interest any soul eager for mysterious things as well as any positive spirit and wishing to realize the origin of earthly forces. Every human being has a characteristic number which gives the key to his luck formula or the reasons for certain misfortunes. Many people have noticed that a certain number always accompanies the most important acts of their life and this number is the one that characterizes these people. But there are others, enemies on principle of all superstition or too busy on the other hand, who did not have to make remarks of this kind."

Luck does not necessarily take the face that we would like to see... Very often, if certain subtle worlds are interested in you, they will bless you through a trial. What you receive in return may be a form of protection that does not correspond to your expectations... But everything is fair to the higher world. You must let it distribute the luck, and what is good for each one according to its higher vision.

We get what is good for us. You also have to know how to seize opportunities. Sometimes in order to grow we must learn to look at and accept events as they present themselves to us in order to awaken in this permanent exchange that takes place between us and the subtle worlds and that we always keep within us this idea and this will to become a better person.

What lucky object in the house?

The 4-leaf clover: universal luck symbol

We know the horseshoe and the fatma's hand the 4-leaf clover is the best luck charm, a symbol of luck known since antiquity.

The 4-leaf clover conveys a whole sacred symbolism. Indeed, in nature, the 4 is a sacred number. We can think of the 4 letters of the Name of God, which is said in the Lord's Prayer: "Hallowed be thy Name". We also find this number in the 4 seasons, the 4 directions, the 4 elements, the 4 Archangels (Ouriel, Gabriel, Raphael and Michael). The structure of 4 is found everywhere, even in the sequences of DNA, which is composed of 4 elements.

The 4-leaf clover speaks to us of a reunited whole, of the union of the worlds and the 4 divine elements.

It represents the 4 spheres of life (fire, air, water, earth) in perfection; this is why it is the symbol of luck.

The stem of the 4-leaf clover represents the living link with the Mother (nature), the link that unites us to the earth.

The Mandala of Luck

Look closely at the Mandala of Luck and you will see that it too is structured on the number 4.

Somehow this mandala invites us to stop dreaming, to wait passively, to be subject to the whims of luck, of chance.

Most people know that good fortune exists, but because of their saturated environment, they remain passive, waiting for a hypothetical favorable moment when luck will smile upon them, when their guardian angel will come knocking at their door with a bouquet of good news.

Now this energy of luck asks us to be awake, to seize the opportunities, to create all the conditions to allow it to approach, to welcome it and to implement it.

As a first step you can use the Harmonizing Disc of Luck, energize your water and concentrate on this virtue. The simple fact of consuming a energized water the simple fact of consuming water will impregnate your cells with this energy. And then you can let it radiate into your home by hanging a Mandala painting on your wall.

Luck... is an energy

Luck is an energy, an atmosphere, a force, a light, a land, a path, a memory: man must know why he came to earth.

If man does not know why he came to earth, his luck capital is enormously diminished and bad luck appears simply because if he does not know why he is on earth; then he considers that he is only a physical body.

The soul is everything that is beautiful. The soul is everything that is great. The soul is everything that gives meaning, everything that gives joy, happiness...

The one who lives with his soul knows very well that he is not only the body. Yes, he is the body, but he is also something more, and it is this greater life that gives luck, it is to know why you are on the earth: it awakens you, you have a meaning to your life, you have something inside you that is alive, you have a task to accomplish.

In luck, there is the notion of individuality, of being oneself and of taking on the events of life while being awake. In luck, there is the fact of knowing why we are on earth. And it is also for this reason that luck is intimately linked to the mastery of the 4 elements.

Knowing what you are on earth for, the direction of your life, your mission, is an exceptional chance, because most humans are lived by worlds and go through their life without even knowing what they took a body on earth for.

To conclude, luck and bad luck do not really exist in the sense that we commonly believe.

There is no superstition, everything is in order, there are simply laws to know and respect. If I follow these laws, then it works, it is luck. It's about having an attitude of respect, a sense of the sacred, an observation and application of the laws. It is a patience, a certainty that what you want, you will get. If you deserve it, you will get it!

Understand that no situation in life comes by chance, but that behind all events there is a language, a wisdom that offers you a path, an evolution, an opportunity to grow, to transform yourself, to repair certain situations.

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