How to be yourself in a crazy world

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This title, "how to succeed in being oneself in a crazy world" takes even more sense at the present time of the Coronavirus.

I have no pretension to impose my point of view on the situation. There is no point in doing so.

On the other hand, the times we live in are very instructive. There are many things that were hidden and that come out in the open

What's really interesting, from my point of view, is to look at it from an outside, detached point of view.

The world is going crazy

A few weeks ago, I talked with a friend who runs an esoteric shop in Belgium. He told me about the large number of people who came to see him because they were in great psychological distress, very stressed. They were looking for solutions to get better. He also told me about a large number of suicides linked to this stress.

Maria Hejnar, a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in Paris, has published an interesting article on her blog (see link at the bottom of the page) which confirms all this.

She tells us that the confinement linked to the coronavirus can have an important psychic repercussion. Its consequences can be transitory and attenuate gradually. But in certain people they can settle in a more persistent way.

She adds that the confinement caused various disorders.

Among its consequences there is the appearance or increase of anxiety disorders as well as an overconsumption of alcohol and medication. There may also be a mood disturbance characterised by irritability and feelings of anger, an increase in domestic violence and risky behaviour.

It also lists the following disorders:

-  Media anxiety disorder

- headline stress disorder

- Confinement-related sleep disorders

- Risk of depression and suicide (immediate and delayed)

- Eating disorders

The world is becoming more and more anxiety-provoking, the world is going crazy.

It is important to find solutions to preserve yourself, to free yourself from what is poisoning your existence.

Free yourself from the conditioning of the modern world

There is a belief in the modern world that we exist by ourselves and that we can do what we want. Each individual is unique but you are also part of a whole. We function with the whole. If we dissociate ourselves from it, we create problems for ourselves.

There is a principle of peace, of cohesion in nature. The principle of harmony is universal.

Our environment, our education condition us to an extreme point. Our conditionings are cultural, social, familial, etc.

We must see and recognize thata large part of ourselves comes from conditioning. Desires, feelings, emotions are conditioned by our culture, our religion, our time.

Behind the thoughts, attitudes, and actions of humans is a vast invisible kingdom populated by living creatures. Life is not something fragmented, but rather manifests itself as a fraternal bond that unites all the kingdoms of nature and all the creatures of the world

Thus, when man cuts the link that unites him to the common higher consciousness, he poisons not only his destiny, but also that of the kingdoms below him. Life no longer circulates among the beings. Man then generates parasitic thoughts that will torment him and make him suffer.

Man can very well live on earth without any link with the divine superior intelligence, without love, without wisdom, without consciousness, but then he is no longer a man, he is a consumer, a machine

Life is a dangerous path and nothing can replace the spirit of awakening, vigilance and especially the effort and work for the full possession and realization of oneself.

It must be recognized that, from the moment we are born, we are surrounded by influences that want our "good". They take charge of us and lead us on the path of education and learning about life. But for what purpose(s)?

It must be admitted that from childhood on, we try to inculcate in us certain desires, certain inclinations, habits, concepts, ways of being in the world.

I liked this little video where you see Pierre Rabhi explaining:

"I see the journey of a human being in modernity. I see something rather prison-like. Because from maternity to university you're locked up; we call it the school, in France anyway. Then everyone works in companies, big companies, small companies. Even to have fun you go to a club now. And how do you get there? Well, in your car! And then there's the old man's box while waiting for the last box, which I'll let you guess. The liberating promise of modernity is a prison. It is confinement. And that's what we call "living. "

In a few minutes, Pierre Rabhi summed up our existence in a very simple way.

The fact that violence, despair, suicide and the forces of destruction are on the increase should encourage us to be more vigilant, more demanding and more independent-minded.

Those who think that the world and humanity belong to them and that they can do whatever they want are bad guides. Our ancestors called such an education "selling one's soul to the devil. The Devil is the one who steals the precious in man.

There are things that man should not do otherwise it breeds an evil spirit. For example, an education that does not lead man towards the awakening of his higher nature, his spiritual consciousness, his inner life, is unhealthy. This is not education, but rather the hold of a society that wants to live to the detriment of its members

From the moment a man has lost the link that unites him to a higher consciousness, it is because his treasure has been stolen

It is culture that determines the nature of the thoughts and feelings that we carry within us and which therefore influence the quality of our relationship with the environment. The environment in turn affects the inner state of man

Happy people are always those who have maintained a special living relationship with nature. They have in common that they cultivate true beauty on the physical, moral and spiritual levels in their relationship with the environment.

The social climate reveals that the environment is not only physical, it is also moral and spiritual. We can talk about the quality of the soul. An environment degraded in its quality of living soul poisons man. There are atmospheres that impoverish and there are others that heal and strengthen the good, the noble, the true.

We must understand that intelligence as well as stupidity are contagious, they often depend on the subtle atmosphere in which we are bathed. As soon as people gather or live together in the same soul space, they saturate the air with their vibrations, their emanations and this acts in return on the whole

This can be felt and has a powerful influence on everyone's life. In our era of pollution and poisoning of all kinds, we must learn to recognize the social climate and to create by ourselves beneficial atmospheres where it is good to live.

Just look around you, in your home, in your neighborhood, in your city.

You have the power to transform your environment

You may not know it, but YOU have this fabulous power to transform everything.

Because the transformation of society begins with each of us at our own level. Don't wait for a miracle solution that won't happen!

Start by transforming the atmosphere of your home and family by focusing on beautiful thoughts and manifesting them through a positive attitude and harmonious gestures.

Withpractice, you can very quickly obtain the ability to transform your moods, to create them and thus attract and radiate beneficial atmospheres, positive atmospheres, which will improve your social relations, your intelligence and your control over yourself and the influences of your destiny.

Destiny is often played out on an atmosphere in a given moment and the one who knows how to act on it can not only be more lucid and resist external conditioning, but he can also create an influence and radiate it.

You must experience this in your own daily life. You will realize that you need to receive energy from a pure and luminous source

All our mandalas were created for this purpose. They are powerful tools that will allow you to connect with what is most pure and essential.

In the same way, why do you think that the initiatory teachings of all peoples advocate meditation exercises, prayer, sacred gymnastics to be done in the morning?

Often we stay on the surface of things, by passivity, by fear or what do I know? All work requires effort. It is when you have set up a daily practice, a routine, that things will become easier and easier. You have to experience it to understand and verify it.

I invite you to read or re-read my article on how to use symbols in your daily life

Faced with the current situation do not be passive, take your life in hand

Choose to cultivate a sense of sacredness, respect, dignity, honor, simple and beautiful life, humanity, kindness and above all wisdom, love and freedom.

Free yourself from audiovisual pollution

I had addressed the subject in my previous article "Coronavirus: or how your thoughts intoxicate you".

It is necessary to realize that we live in a civilization of artificial images and sounds. All these influences, often subliminal, enter our inner space and continue to live in us, often without our knowledge

No image is neutral, every image carries a message that can stifle the soul, tire and steal energy. We become passive, we no longer have the desire to undertake, we are content to consume to feel alive. There is thus a real poisoning of our inner visual and sound space.

Since we have moved we no longer watch television. This is also what creates this gap with the information that reaches our ears. And yet, by getting a minimum of information on the internet and social networks, we realize well the manipulation of information by the media.

It's pretty amazing.

And in fact if you start to look at things from a different angle, you realize that you are really being manipulated.

Coronavirus among the homeless: "Why aren't we infected? Well... because we don't have TV!"

(Sorry, but I like irony!)

Often people believe everything that is said on television, in the press. They do not verify anything, besides they have no more points of comparison, they only reflect the opinions of others who, themselves, reflect concepts not lived.

One of the best ways to get out of this media poisoning and take time for yourself, to meditate for example, or go and sit in nature.

I'm not telling you to throw away your TV set but to turn on the TV and really watch it, in full consciousness. Ask yourself "who is talking to me and what is it that they want to tell me that is essential?"

Stop feeding yourself anxiety-provoking news, you will live much better!

Seek to develop discernment and the quality of perceiving what is essential and useful in everything.

Cultivate the Middle Way, the center

The Middle Way is a Buddhist term with many connotations. Simply put, it suggests a balanced approach to life and the regulation of one's instincts and behavior. This concept is similar to Aristotle's idea of the "middle ground", according to which "every virtue is at an equal distance from the two extremes, each of these extremes being consequently a vice".

However, while the term "middle" suggests balance, the Middle Way should not be confused with passivity or a form of moderate compromise. Rather, engaging in the Middle Way requires constant effort.

To illustrate this, here is a short story:

While Buddha was sitting under the bodhi tree seeking enlightenment, two musicians were discussing the sound they were trying to get from their instrument. He moved closer to hear the musicians. One was tightening the strings and the other was shouting, "Not too tight because you will break the strings. The other replied, "Not too loose because otherwise no sound will come out. Buddha heard the wisdom in their exchange and said, "That's it! That's the key ... the perfect balance!". Not too tense, but not too relaxed either, not too high but not too low either, etc. The middle way is the key!

Sometimes we waste a lot of energy on extremes. We have to go back to the center. This is why since the dawn of time, all peoples use mandalas. Geometric and symbolic representation of the universe, it is an ancient art that allows to reach a state of meditation to connect to a form of divinity or to a particular energy.

For example, among the Amerindians, the medicine wheels were centres of cultural ceremonies, astronomical research, mediation and connection with the cosmos. People came there to pray, meditate, contemplate and strengthen their connection with nature. Thus refocused, the man in the middle of the wheel reaches a higher level of understanding of himself, his needs, desires and values, but also his relationship with the macrocosm and creation.

Whether it is the Wheel of Fortune in the Middle Ages and in antiquity, the Tarot card, the Buddhist Mandala or other, Chinese Yin Yang, or Flower of Life, the Sacred Circle, or Mandala, is mysterious, fascinating, magical. It is the manifestation of the Universe, of wholeness, of a holistic dimension, of immutability, and offers to humans the guidance they need.

One of the characteristics of the very, very superficial man (without any value judgment), is that he is afraid. If he is joyful, he is afraid of losing his joy. If he is sad, he is afraid of finding the joy of being disillusioned again. Only the center of care of an instability, control, strength, courage, awareness and full life.
True happiness is within, it is to be oneself, it is to be centered.

Cultivate relaxation, serene calm

Have you noticed how we all had muscular, energetic or psychological blockages? Sometimes they live in us without us knowing it and they generate many problems, complications, diseases

They are the hidden cause of many sufferings as much in the body as out of the body. That is why relaxation, calmness, suppleness are really not a luxury but rather a vital necessity

It is now perfectly recognized that stress is an important factor, determining in the triggering of a great number of more or less serious diseases. And yet, stress is constantly on the rise. It is particularly exacerbated in this period of Covid-19.

Often we come to the end of the day and say "I am drained". The more we are cut off from our own inner center, the more we will experience this feeling

Regularly take some time to relax. For example, you can take several short breaks of a few seconds during the day. Then learn to really rest while taking stock. Taking stock means refocusing, concentrating on the essential, recharging your batteries. To rest means to communicate with the heart, to establish a relationship with the earth and to find stability, confidence and treasure within oneself.

True relaxation occurs when one has succeeded in establishing a right relationship between oneself and the Whole. Then the energy flows and the illness disappears.

Make the right choices

Life is made up of choices and a simple decision can determine the direction of your entire life.

Choice speaks to us of freedom, but freedom has the terrible quality of leaving us free to make good or bad choices. For man, freedom is to make the right choice.

Self-study, vigilance and discernment are three virtues that allow one to get a grip on oneself, to belong, to clarify oneself and to increase one's freedom and therefore one's capacity to choose

Nature is subject to laws that must be known to succeed in a project. To make a bad choice is not to conform to the laws of nature and to one's spiritual intelligence.

Happiness, success, fulfillment, is to live in accordance with the deepest desires of your heart. The rest is just slavery in disguise. We come back to what Pierre Rabhi said in his video.

You know, you don't have to go far to find examples. We all have people around us who have suddenly changed their lives, often due to a burn-out or something. I myself went from an executive in the Aeronautics industry who earned a very good living and had big responsibilities to a creator and "marketer" of sacred geometry symbols! Maybe one day I will tell you about my experience, who knows?

We all have to learn from each other. It's just that we are led to believe the opposite and that we try to separate ourselves. To separate us from others but also from ourselves! Just look at what's going on today with the masks.

Being yourself is a really big topic, and there are many more avenues to explore besides the ones I just presented.

The important thing is really to get into action, to get into a practice and explore. All the symbols of sacred geometry are tools to accompany you in this search and exploration of yourself.

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