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The power of positive thinking

Are you familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto's research?

Dr. Masaru Emoto was born in July 1943 in Yokohama, he graduated in international relationships from the Human Science section of the University of Yokohama. In 1986, he founded I.H.M. General Research Institute and represents I.H.M's International HADO Fellowship. (HADO Kyoikusha Ltd.)

This Japanese researcher became famous for his revolutionary research on the power of water and its ability to "print" any information it receives: written, oral or musical.

Dr. Emoto's work not only assesses the purity of various tap waters, lakes, spring waters and rain, but also confirms the "water memory". They allow to visualise the effects of different energies on water (external and internal since we are made up of water up to 70%), from the most famous ones (electromagnetic radiations, music, etc.) to the most subtle ones (like the energy of the words, shapes and thoughts!). His work confirms that water reacts to all information, positively or negatively. This is why Emoto subtitles his book: "The messages from water are telling us to look inside ourselves".

After having frozen the water, he photographed by microscope the water crystals formed by the gel: they will be beautiful if the information previously transmitted to the water is a message of love or hideous, if it is a manifestation of hatred or anger.

The almost perfect crystal was given by water whose words were written on a sheet of paper that was used to wrap the bottle containing the water. These words are: "Love and Gratitude".

In this regard, Dr. Emoto wrote: "The words" gratitude and love "are the fundamental principles of the laws of nature and the phenomenon of life". This is why the water crystals formed by the words "Gratitude and Love" are so perfect in their hexagonal form. On the other hand, if one associates with water words such as anger, idiot, hate, one will not obtain crystals, but ugly and mediocre results. This shows that these words have no correspondence in nature and that they are made by the part of man called ego or the mind. According to the experiments of Dr. Emoto, it seems that only vibrations coming from love, such as joy, peace, beauty, harmony, gratitude exist naturally in nature and can also be applied to both the vegetal and the animal kingdoms.

Dr. Emoto's experiments have very important implications. They demonstrate that human thoughts and intentions can alter physical reality, such as the molecular structure of water.

Dr. Emoto confirms that "everything is energy" as Einstein said. In addition to electromagnetic radiation, lyrics, feelings, words and even thoughts influence the water. Negative words and thoughts lead to disharmonious crystallizations, while "thank you" or "Love", whatever the language is, form beautiful images.

The impact of energy mandalas on our being and our environment

Like the planet Earth, 70% of which is covered by water, the human being adult is made of 70% of water. Since the quality of water improves or deteriorates according to the information given to it, the corollary for the essence of the human being whose receptor (the body) consists mainly of water is the importance of receiving good information.

Just as Dr. Emoto has demonstrated, and knowing that everything is alive and energy, if you place your water or food on our sacred symbols, you impregnate them with their corresponding energy and you communicate this information, this energy to your body, which will be transformed. Similarly, if you put on your wall a hanging or a printed canvas, each mandala or symbol will radiate in your living or working space. You can use our articles in many different ways, depending on your needs, but be aware that each mandala, each symbol radiates and emits a specific vibration. Beyond the virtue that corresponds to each mandala, we strongly recommend you to select the mandala that speaks the most to your heart because it is the one you will need and / or which will correspond to you best.

Our goal is to offer practical and functional articles for your daily life but also articles to harmonise your interior (with the meaning, your home or your office, but also and especially your inner being, your soul). Each article is full of meaning, emotions, wonder and well-being.

Expression of the movement of Life, the mandala exists in all the traditions of the world.

Through the ages, mandalas have been used to release their creative energy and to focus on positive thoughts. They were designed to structure and harmonise the inner life. Each mandala vibrates at a specific frequency and releases specific energies such as balance, harmony, openness of the heart, joy, energy, healing, creativity, peace ... Feng Shui element, the mandala brings balance and harmony in your home or in the place where you choose to place it.

Our mandalas are contemporary and exceptional. Inspired by the Wisdom of Nature, they were designed for our present era according to sacred geometry and
wavelength shapes. There is a creative force and an unlimited source of inspiration in each mandala. Each one corresponds to a virtue, a positive influence we can connect to and with which we can work.

By their colours, their shapes, they have the power to rebalance the energies. They will help you in your daily life thanks to their energising and harmonising power.

The Flower of Life is a very old symbol. It is a sacred geometrical figure represented by several circles that overlap and intersect. The Flower of Life is considered to be sacred through many traditions around the world. Inside this symbol we can find all the constructions of the universe. Its shape brings us harmony and balance. The Flower of Life helps to raise the vibratory rate and amplifies your creative power.

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Download his children's book in PDF (but also very informative for the older ones!)

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