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Digestion: key to well-being

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Your body is the house in which you live. By analogy, it is like the building in which you make your home. Your home regularly requires a minimum of attention on your part: the roof could be subject to infiltration, the sewage system could go haywire and become clogged, termites could pierce the floor and walls, as well as countless other cases of deterioration

It is the same for your physical body: every function and activity of your organism, whether daytime, nighttime, physical, mental and spiritual, depends on the attention you give to it.

The quality and type of food you put into your body is crucial to every phase of your life. A healthy diet regenerates and replenishes the cells and tissues that make up your body. Undigested food and the processes by which waste products are eliminated from the body without going through fermentation and putrefaction also depend on a good diet. If such fermentation occurs, builds up and eventually becomes established in our bodies, it will hinder our ability to achieve a certain level of optimal health.

The elimination of undigested food and other waste products is just as important as the proper digestion and assimilation of food

Here, I am talking about digestion of the physical body. Digestion is a much more subtle process than that. The digestion of food is easy, but annoyances, disillusions, bitter words weigh on your stomach and you have difficulty digesting this resentment.

The expression: "I have trouble digesting" (a situation) takes on its full meaning.

At the origin of digestive disorders

What is it that makes it impossible to digest at some point?

It is often stress, annoyances.

Stress occurs when your normal peace of mind is disturbed and your emotions are on edge. Stress can be in your home, at work, or perhaps it is your child who feels stressed at school.

If you don't deal with stress, it can quickly become a poison that can pervert your mind and put your health at risk. Stress is like a huge weight that you carry around and can't get rid of.

Your responsibilities seem too great. You feel anxious and frustrated. At times, you may feel out of control and it's easy to worry about things you can't control. Stress can start out small and totally escalate in no time.

There are different factors that can cause stress. These factors vary from person to person.

Stress can be physical, internal, emotional or external. It can be caused by a recent bereavement in your life or in your family, overwork, illness, arguments or any other problem you encounter.

Internal disputes in the office should not be your concern, as they are a great source of stress. It is better to refrain from taking sides in this case, as they can only deteriorate your mental health, especially when you have other things to worry about.

Work-related problems can be particularly difficult to deal with, but you have to learn to live with them and not bring them home.

Some people are stressed out by themselves, and are constantly rehashing their worries, often even though they cannot control what is happening to them. They worry about things that they have no control over and no way to change. They shouldn't have to worry about it. These worries are often unnecessary.

These people are constantly complaining and thinking about negative things and are themselves the cause of the stress that invades them.

Stress causes energetic imbalances within you and you weaken your vibratory rate.

When you have digestion problems in the body it is because they originally existed in other more subtle bodies.

Keys to good digestion

You have the same components as the brain in the belly. Digestion is an art and understanding comes through digestion. You have to digest things and make a body of them. You must never separate an intellectual knowledge from the heart from a visceral knowledge, from a practical, concrete side. You must bring knowledge into the concrete.

Do you feel how much digestion is blocked for many beings in their lives? They will never digest the thing and they will never transformit into wisdom.

The world as we know it is special. In this world there is a great deal of information and knowledge. A great wealth has been brought in, because means of existence and quality of life have been made available to the greatest number. Man, in the midst of this world, only flies over life, he remains on the surface, he enjoys these conditions but leads almost nothing in digestion.

It remains on the surface, it takes advantage of environments, circumstances but does not appreciate and does not take the time to digest and give back what it has received by transforming it into wisdom.

The problem with this superficial world is that man seeks only to enjoy, to fly over what happens to him. However, if a world offers you something, it is so that you receive it and with it, you can live and make a greater life appear above and around you.

To be always looking for renewal from outside reveals that it is dissatisfaction that governs and drives life. Dissatisfaction comes from a way of life in which digestion is absent. It calls for consumption and therefore, the plundering of resources without giving anything in exchange. It is a self-centered world that destroys its environment by shutting itself in.

How will you be able to transmit something true, pure, good, healthy if you don't digest anything, if you don't lead your experiences towards liberation, if you are always in the enjoyment of the moment, taking advantage of the circumstances, of the worlds with the only aim of feeling good without being interested in the others and by not leading anything in the universal, impersonal, immortal wisdom?

Do not live without digesting, without acquiring anything real, lived, living that you are able to give, to transmit.

Live, digest and carry within you the message, the light of your own understanding.

If you do not succeed in digesting an event, it is very likely that it will be repeated again and again until you manage to make a body of understanding and wisdom out of it.

So stop making the same mistakes over and over again. Stop, digest and bring forth the body of wisdom. I'm not just talking about an abstract wisdom, but a body, that is to say a deeply lived experience, assimilated and which is now a certainty, an art of living, a know-how.

Don't be satisfied with appearances, with the decor of life, with the surface of your being, but look for the depth and face your responsibility. Yes, digestion is a necessity and it places you in front of the responsibility of your existence and of what you have to accomplish in it.

I must confess one thing. I am not talking to you about digestion by chance. When we participated in organic and wellness fairs and you had the choice between our many harmonizing discs, the Digestion Mandala often came up (along with the Letting Go Mandala too!).

While digestion speaks to us in the physical body, it is often more difficult to connect digestive problems to the way we see, think, act and react.

The message of the Mandala of Digestion

The Digestion Mandala tells you that sadness, loneliness and gloom are not necessarily negative states of mind, but rather the manifestation of a call to a higher, brighter and more spiritual life. It is an invitation to take stock and to answer some of life's riddles.

There are fundamental questions within you that have remained unanswered, that you have pushed out of your consciousness out of convenience and now they torment and oppress you so that you can no longer be alone with yourself, that is, alone with the whole.

If you know how to listen to the voice that speaks to you through sadness, seeking to find its origin, you will discover a friend of Light who indicates to you that your way of living is not correct and who invites you to change, to heal, to rejuvenate.

May this message bring you back to your deepest being, awaken you, teach you to meditate, to observe yourself, to know yourself, to witness yourself and to lead your experiences towards digestion and wisdom.

Find this natural state of meditation, every day of your life, be in attentive inner listening and you will be able to walk on the path of liberation of the worlds, on the path of digestion.

How to use the Mandala of Digestion ?

Several options are available to you.

Personally I strongly recommend you to energize your water and your food with the Digestion Mandala.

Specifically, you place your glass of water for a few minutes on the harmonizing disk of the Digestion Mandala. While drinking your water you can also concentrate and place an intention on the water you are drinking. May it cleanse and purify all your organs, may it help you digest whatever is stuck inside you.

You can do the same thing with a bottle of water and all your food by placing them on a wooden dynamizing tray or on a glass dynamizing plate.

And then you can take it a step further by meditating on the Mandala, in the form of your choice. Clearly, the printed canvas is the most suitable for this practice, but you can also look at the harmonizing disc of the Digestion Mandala for a few minutes. Ask the mandala to show you the path to digestion.

What is important is not to put anything of yourself into it, not to put any concepts into it but simply to let the vibrations of the mandala act.

I hope that this article has been useful to you and that it has allowed you to have another look at digestion.

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