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Full Moon Ritual Practical Guide

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The moon, with its silvery light and mystical influence, has always fascinated us. Among the different lunar phases, the full moon, with its maximum brightness, is often considered an ideal time to practice rituals, imbued with spirituality, purification and transformation.

In this article, I take you to discover full moon rituals. I explain how to set your intentions, purify yourself and work with sacred geometry.

So welcome to our magical universe where the full moon becomes the guide to your spiritual transformation. We are delighted to accompany you step by step in carrying out your lunar rituals. Through our practical advice, discover how to harmonize your energy with celestial light, release your intentions and cultivate a deep connection with cosmic forces. ✨

full moon ritual

How to set your intentions and make wishes when the moon is full?

The moon is a fascinating star that exerts a powerful influence on its environment. Perhaps you have already experienced this? The full moon is the time when the moon reaches its peak. It is considered that it is at this time that there is a peak of beneficial energy, one of the most powerful energetically. This is why it is the ideal time for your rituals. They allow you to connect to lunar energies and purify yourself.

The full moon is an opportune time to amplify your manifestation energy. How ? By setting your intentions and formulating wishes.

To start, nothing could be simpler. You must first find a quiet place where you can be alone and where the full moon is visible. Maybe in your garden if you have one, on a balcony, or even near an exposed window.

Then you will need some accessories like candles, crystals, flowers, or symbols evoking the full moon. Place them on an altar (a small piece of furniture or a chest of drawers will do) or directly on the ground.

Before you begin your ritual, take a few moments to center yourself. Breathe deeply, release tension and focus on the energy of the full moon. Don't think about anything else!

Then take a notebook or piece of paper and start writing down your intentions clearly. Be specific about what you want to manifest in your life.

Know that wishes are positive declarations of what you want to see come true. Formulate them affirmatively and specifically. For example, instead of saying "I don't want to be stressed anymore," say "I am calm and collected in all situations."

Also show gratitude by expressing your wishes as if they had already come true. Positivity and gratitude strengthen the energy of your intentions.

When you are ready, express your intentions and wishes out loud. The vibration of your voice amplifies the energy of what you manifest. Be assured and believe in the realization of your desires.

Close your eyes and meditate on your intentions. Visualize them materializing in your life. Imagine the details, sensations and emotions linked to making your wishes come true.

End your ritual by thanking the moon. Express your gratitude to him for the manifestation of your intentions. Feel the connection between your inner being and the cosmic energy around you.

Remember to keep the paper where you wrote your intentions and wishes. You can reread these writings during the next full moons to know where you are.

Practice this ritual every full moon to maintain a regular connection with your intentions. Be patient and open to opportunities as they present themselves, as the full moon amplifies the positive energies you attract into your life.

How to purify yourself under a full moon?

Always choose a quiet place, ideally outside where you can enjoy the rays of the full moon. Otherwise, make sure you're near an exposed window.

For purification you will need some accessories: medicinal sage, palo santo, dried herbs or purifying incense.

Dress casually, if possible in white or light, and then relax. You can start with a little meditation if you wish. The idea is to breathe and release tension to focus on the calming energy of the full moon.

For example, you can visualize a circle of white light around you. This visualization will create a protective barrier to ensure that only positive energies enter during purification.

Light your choice of purifying incense. Pass the smoke around your body, especially around the head, shoulders, arms and legs.

If you are using sage, light it and let it burn lightly. Pass the smoke around your body starting at your head and moving down to your feet. Be sure to pass sage around the corners of your space to purify the environment as well. As you pass the smoke around you, consciously ask for all negative energies to be cleared from your space (in you and around you).

If you are a fan of minerals, prefer purifying crystals such as transparent quartz, amethyst or citrine. Visualize them charging with lunar energy.

Once the purification ritual is complete, be grateful for the full moon and the elements used for purification. Breathe deeply and enjoy the feeling of lightness and clarity.

If you have a bathtub, I recommend a bath with purifying salts like Epsom salt. Visualize the water absorbing all the impurities from your body and mind.

Repeat this ritual every full moon to maintain fresh, positive energy. Listen to your intuition and adapt the ritual according to your inspirations. The full moon offers a powerful opportunity to cleanse and renew your energy for the month ahead.

how to purify under a full moon

When to perform a full moon ritual?

The full moon itself lasts only a moment. Therefore, to take full advantage of its energies, you can carry out your ritual a few days before and a few days after the big day.

Ideally do your ritual between two days before the full moon until two days after. This gives you time to organize yourself and take into account the weather and the state of the sky for the days to come.

You can also consult a lunar calendar to find the exact date and time of the full moon in your time zone. This will allow you to synchronize your ritual with the peak of lunar energy.

Sacred geometry symbols for full moon rituals

Sacred geometry symbols are incredible tools that you can use perfectly during your full moon rituals. They will allow you to concentrate better, amplify the energy of your work and create a connection with cosmic forces.

As usual, I recommend that you choose a symbol with which you have an affinity. You will always get better results. That said, why not explore and experiment with other symbols from time to time? Eh ?

The Flower of Life: Use it to attract harmony, balance and spiritual growth during the full moon.

Metatron's Cube: Use it to create sacred space and foster connection with the spiritual planes during the full moon.

The Pentagram: Use it, either to invoke balance and protection, or to strengthen your links with the elements.

The Seal of Solomon: Use it to strengthen mental clarity and wisdom during the full moon.

The Merkaba: Use it to strengthen your connection with yourself and the energies of the moon.

During your full moon ritual, place these sacred geometry symbols under direct moonlight, meditate on them or incorporate them into your practices to amplify and direct lunar energy towards your intentions. Remember to pay particular attention to your specific intention to maximize the benefits of each chosen symbol.

The altar cloth we offer, adorned with major sacred geometry symbols such as the Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube and the Pentagram, is of significant importance in your full moon rituals.

These symbols, charged with profound spiritual meanings, act as portals to transcendental energies, amplifying the power of your intentions. By using this altar cloth, you create a sacred space imbued with symbols that promote harmony, protection and connection with divine forces.

This accessory becomes a catalyst for channeling lunar energies, helping you to resonate with cosmic cycles and manifest your deepest desires. Its use underlines the importance of creating an environment conducive to spirituality and personal growth during lunar phases, strengthening your connection with sacred geometry and its spiritual benefits.

What ritual should I do on a full moon?

There are many ways to celebrate the full moon, to celebrate its powerful energy of transformation. Generally speaking, you will need certain accessories: necessarily pieces of paper to express your intentions, a candle to create an atmosphere conducive to meditation, sticks of medicinal sage, incense or palo santo to eliminate the negative energies in your space.

If you have them, get out your crystals! Crystals like rock crystal can help you amplify the energies of your work and ward off harmful energies.

full moon ritual

Full Moon Glass of Water Ritual

The glass of water ritual is a rather simple practice but a source of real transformation. It allows you to purify and revitalize yourself. To do this, I invite you to follow these steps to create a sacred moment and benefit from this soothing lunar energy.

Necessary material :

• A glass of clean water
• A clear outdoor location to expose the glass to the full moon

Ritual steps:

Find a quiet outdoor location where the full moon is visible, such as a garden, balcony, or exposed window.

Then fill a glass with clean water. You can use tap water, spring water or filtered water. Choose transparent glass to allow moonlight to pass through it.

Just before sunset or early in the night, place the glass of water where it will be directly exposed to the rays of the full moon and leave it there overnight.

Before leaving the glass under the moonlight, think about your intentions. This could be asking for mental clarity, emotional healing, or any other positive goals you want to manifest.

During the night, if you wake up, take a few moments to contemplate the moonlight reflecting in the glass of water. Visualize this energy infusing the water with its benefits.

At sunrise, collect the glass of water imbued with the energy of the full moon. Before eating or drinking anything else, consume this water slowly and mindfully, focusing on its regenerative and harmonizing potential.

Give yourself a moment of meditation to notice the subtle changes you might feel. Write down your feelings and observations in a notebook.

You can repeat this ritual every month if you wish. It is a very simple ritual that allows you to connect to lunar energy while purifying your inner being.

full moon glass of water ritual

Full Moon Ritual for Love

As the name suggests, this full moon ritual is a magical celebration to attract the energy of love into your life. Personally I believe that you cannot find love outside of yourself if you have not found it inside yourself. This sometimes involves a lot of work. So I suggest you do this ritual having clarified your intentions beforehand.

Then follow the guide!

Necessary material :

• Pink or red candles
• Rose petals
• Love crystals such as rose quartz
• A notebook or paper
• A pen

Ritual steps:

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. The important thing is that you can be in the direct light of the full moon.

Start by preparing the decor for your ritual by arranging the candles, rose petals and crystals on your altar. Then light the candles with a clear intention. Visualize the flame filled with the light and loving energy of the full moon.

Close your eyes and meditate on what love means to you. Visualize the harmonious relationships you want to develop and feel the energy of love filling your being.

Take the notebook or paper and write down your intentions, whether it's to strengthen an existing relationship, attract a new love or cultivate that energy inside you, be really specific in your wishes.

If you have crystals, take them in your hands and charge them with energy by repeating your intentions out loud. Then place the crystals on the altar so that they continue to absorb the moonlight.

Finish the ritual by expressing gratitude to the full moon and the universe for the loving energies offered to you. Also give thanks for future relationships and positive transformations.

Let the candles burn completely or blow them out as a sign of closure. Store the crystals in a special place where they can continue to emanate loving energy.

You can repeat this ritual every month on the full moon to nourish the love in your life. Just be open to the changes and opportunities that arise next, as the energy of the full moon can amplify your intentions.

Full Moon Ritual for Wishes of Abundance

The full moon ritual for abundance wishes is a powerful practice that aims to manifest prosperity in your life. Follow these steps with conviction and open the door to the energy of abundance.

Necessary material :

• Notes of gratitude
• A special container or box
• Green or gold candles
• Gemstones linked to abundance (pyrite, citrine, aventurine)
• Paper and pen

Ritual steps:

Find a quiet place, ideally outside under the light of a full moon or near an exposed window. Decorate this space with candles, gemstones and anything else important to you.

Start by lighting the candles with the clear intention of attracting abundance into your life. Visualize the light of the full moon amplifying this energy of prosperity.

Take a moment to meditate on what abundance means to you. Next, write down on paper your clear intentions for attracting prosperity into your life.

Write on gratitude notes the things you are grateful for in your current life. This creates positive energy that naturally attracts abundance.

If you have minerals, take them in your hands and visualize them taking on the energy of the full moon. Then place them in your special container or box.

Place your written intentions and gratitude notes in the same box. This symbolizes the union of your desires for abundance with gratitude for what you already have.

Meditate on the flow of abundance entering your life. Visualize scenes of prosperity in all areas of your existence.

Finish the ritual by expressing gratitude to the full moon and the universe for the energies of abundance offered to you. Also give thanks for future opportunities and blessings to come.

Let the candles burn completely or blow them out as a sign of closure. Store the gemstones in a special place for you.

Repeat this ritual every full moon to maintain a constant connection with the energy of abundance. Stay open to signs and opportunities, as this regular exercise can create significant changes in your life.

full moon

Full Moon Release Ritual

This release ritual is a powerful practice to help you free yourself from your emotional weights. It will allow you to feel lighter and move forward with your projects.

For your ritual, here is how to proceed.

Necessary material :

•   A piece of paper
• An abalone shell or fire-resistant container
• A white or silver candle
• Purifying incense (officinal sage or palo santo)
• A quiet place outside or near a window exposed to the full moon

Ritual steps:

Choose a quiet place where you will be quiet and where the full moon is visible. Decorate this space with candle, abalone shell, and incense.

Light the candle, symbolizing the light that illuminates your path to liberation. Also light incense to purify the space.

Meditate on what you want to release into your life. Write these items down on the piece of paper, clearly expressing your willingness to let them go.

Pass the piece of paper over the candle flame, symbolizing the transformation of negative energies into light. Use caution to avoid burning yourself.

Place the flame-blessed paper into the abalone shell, symbolizing the transformation of unwanted energies into ashes.

Close your eyes and meditate on the process of liberation. Visualize the emotional charges moving away from you, carried away by the light of the full moon.

Light the paper in the abalone shell. Be aware of the purifying fire that symbolically transforms these energies into ashes.

To close the ritual, thank the full moon, the candle, and the incense for their role in this ritual of liberation. Express your gratitude for the newfound lightness.

When the process is complete, blow out the candle and make sure the fire is completely out.

You can repeat this liberation ritual every full moon.

A final word

To conclude, the full moon, a captivating lunar star, offers an ideal moment to immerse ourselves in profound purification rituals. Through the cycle of the moon, we are invited to connect with its healing energies. Purification rituals performed during this special time have an effect not only on the body, but also on general well-being, resulting in positive effects for the self.

Present at the moon, we can feel a growing harmony with the cosmic forces that surround us. In this communion with the lunar star, we can express our deepest desires and nourish our inner being. Let every full moon be an opportunity to explore these rituals, to purify ourselves and align ourselves with the benevolent energies that animate our existence.

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