Fleur de Vie tray: 3 uses in 1

What is the Flower of Life ?

The Flower of Life symbolizes the completed phase of development of an organism, a process or a project.

It is like the code contained in a stem cell that functions by division and repetition, just before specializing.

Décomposition Fleur de Vie

The Flower of Life is composed of several figures, each of which symbolizes a representation of the world :
- The seed of life, composed of the seven outer circles, which correspond to the seven days of creation of the world.
- The egg of life corresponds to the central part of the flower of life. It represents the shape of a multicellular embryo in its first hours of formation.
- The fruit of life is divided into 13 circles that take the form of a star. Like a map of the universe, it symbolizes the atom and the different molecular structures that make up life.
- The tree of life occupies a central place in the wheel of life. It symbolizes our common descent.

This symbol is called a "flower" not simply because it looks like a flower, but because it represents the cycle of a fruit tree. The fruit tree first makes a small flower, which then goes through a metamorphosis and becomes a fruit. The fruit contains seeds that fall to the ground, develop, take root and become a tree in 5 main phases.

This symbol of sacred geometrycontains the information of creation and holds so much potential that contemplating its pattern provides a deep introspection session. By immersing oneself in this pattern, one can amplify one's power of creation.

How to use the Flower of Life tray ?

Wooden Flower of Life recharging tray

What you need to know is that your minerals are living materials that are depleted. Badly maintained, they can lose their therapeutic properties.

When you receive or buy a mineral, it must be purified to evacuate all the influences it has carried from the time it was extracted until it reaches your hands. And we know very well that often the wild extraction methods damage the minerals energetically because they keep this memory in them.

Moreover, when you buy a stone in a store, it has been handled by many people, placed in various places and has stored a multitude of energies.

It is appropriate to unload it of these last ones and to recharge it of its initial energies.

In lithotherapy, minerals suck up the negative emotions around them and spread their positive energies. It is important to clean them regularly.

Moreover, in the absence of regular maintenance the minerals no longer act correctly and end up having a total inactivity or even transmitting polluted and polluting energies.

The stones must be recharged after each cleaning. The frequency will depend on the energy level of your stones. You can test with a pendulum for example, or simply listen to your feelings.

The methods of cleaning and recharging vary according to the stones: water, sun, moon, salt, sage, quartz geodes etc. ....

You get lost quickly.

And if you choose the wrong recharging method, you risk losing the colors of your stones and weakening them energetically.

To avoid any inconvenience, to purify and recharge your minerals, the simplest method is to place them on a Flower of Life for example. We often speak of the Flower of Life in lithotherapy, but you should know that basically all the symbols of sacred geometry have this capacity. Simply choose the symbol that speaks to you the most and it will be perfect for you!

So you can put your jewels, your rough or rolled stones, on a Flower of Life dynamizing tray or a Metatron's Cube energizing tray every evening before going to bed.

You collect them in the morning, charged with their beautiful energies of life.

Flower of Life energizing tray

Our daily lives are filled with shapes that radiate a specific energy. They constantly influence our environment.

The Flower of Life is known for its harmonizing and energizing benefits.

However, you should know that all the symbols of sacred geometry, as long as they are structured around the golden number and linked to a living world, have this capacity.

You can therefore perfectly opt for a Mandala, a Metatron's Cube, a Tree of Life etc. to energize your water bottle but also your food, your essential oils, your beauty products, your medicines etc.

For a regular use for the dynamization of water and food, we recommend you the glass dynamizing plate.

Using wavelenght forms and sacred geometry is the simplest and most economical way to energize water and increase its vibratory rate. This is why we have developed a concept of luminous and harmonious articles around the shape waves to help you in your daily life on several levels (practical, vibratory and spiritual). You must listen to your inner self and let yourself be guided by the shape that speaks to you, the one that seduces your eye and stimulates your interest. The shape or symbol that suits you best will emit a vibration amplified by this interactivity. It is as simple as that!

Catherine R. left us her opinion a few days ago. I am sharing it with you because our tray even convinced a person who was skeptical at first.

"I just received the suncatcher and the blue energizing tray. It's beautiful. The suncatcher is already hanging on the living room window which is diffusing beautiful reflections. As for the tray, my husband, being a skeptic, loves it and has already placed his stones for recharging. As for me, I have just ordered for me this time a 7 chakras energizing tray.
All this to say that I recommend this site. Superb and very fast delivery and very well packed.

Flower of Life wall decoration

We offer a multi-purpose tray model because you can also hang your tray on the wall and use it as a wall decoration (notches are provided for this purpose).

And simply placed on a piece of furniture, the tray also makes its effect. Especially since its lacquered coating reveals all the subtleties and depth of the design.

The characteristics of the board are as follows: 29x29 cm, thickness 1.6 cm, made of wood. This makes it a beautiful Flower of Life wall decoration.

By harmonizing your home with the symbols of sacred geometry and the universe, you will also harmonize and strengthen yourself in life.

You can thus :

- Have a calmed atmosphere of the place, have more serenity
- Unblock financial problems, if they were favored by the energy of the place
- Give again the spirit and a new dynamics in the daily life
- Improve your relations with the other inhabitants of the place

And if you choose to meditate with your dynamizing tray, you will benefit not only from the vibrations of the symbol but also from the vibrations of the color. You can use it to harmonize your chakras for example (creative visualization).

We are happy to offer you Flower of Life wooden trays in different colours.

These are our own creations and we print all the trays in our workshop in the south of France.

If you are wondering how to recharge the Flower of Life, this syymbol needs no maintenance or cleaning. It radiates permanently because it is connected to the energy of life.

Find our collection of Flower of Life items

We create and print all items in our workshop in the south of France.

We arrive at the end of this article. I hope you liked it.

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