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Flower of Life, meaning and unsuspected powers

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I hesitated for a long time to write an article about the Flower of Life, a very fashionable symbol adulated by all and sundry.


Because you can find a ton of stuff about it on the internet.

And because when you sign up for our newsletter you receive information about this symbol ☺

And then....

When I do my research on the web about symbols, I realize that nobody talks about the essential aspects of all these symbols of sacred geometry.

We always stay on the periphery of things; we don't address the fundamental aspects.

So maybe that suits many people, but I think it's a shame to stay on the periphery of these symbols.

We use them because it's fashionable, because we've heard about them.... And finally we miss their many powers and potentialities.

We don't ask ourselves the real questions.

For example..

Why we are attracted to a particular symbol.

Why we are attracted to this or that color.

My objective is to bring you to ask yourself the real questions, to ask yourself questions about yourself so that you develop all the potentialities that are hidden inside you.

And the symbols of sacred geometry are real tools for that.

This is why I decided to write this article on the Flower of Life.

Did you know that stone engravings of this figure with intertwined circles (the Flower of Life) were discovered in Egypt at Abydos in the Temple of Osiris? Or in Turkey on the pavement of the Temple of Artemis, in Asia on a pavement of the "Golden Temple" in Amritsar, or under the paw of a lion in the Forbidden City etc.?


The image of the Flower of Life is found not only in Ireland, Turkey, England, Israel, Egypt, but also in China, Tibet, Greece and Japan.

It can be found almost everywhere.

And in almost every corner of the world, it has been given the same name, the Flower of Life, which is a form of sacred geometry.

According to Wikipedia: "Drunvalo Melchizedek (real name Bernard Perona), (...) associated these figures with Sacred Geometry, claiming that they represent ancient spiritual beliefs and that they depict fundamental aspects of space and time. I'll be honest with you, I'm not a fan of this author's work at all. I bought the two books he devoted to the subject of the Flower of Life and soon gave up reading them (make up your own mind about it).

Meaning of the Flower of Life

Two of the main names used to be translated as "the language of silence" and "the language of light". This is the very source of all language. It is the primordial language of the universe, of pure form and proportion

It is called a flower, not just because it looks like a flower, but because it represents the cycle of a fruit tree.

The fruit tree first makes a small flower, which then goes through a metamorphosis and becomes a fruit. The fruit contains seeds that fall to the ground, develop, take root and become a tree in 5 main phases

It seems so normal that we don't even notice this miracle of life!

We accept it without thinking about it

The 5 miraculous and simple phases of this process or cycle of life actually have to do with the geometry of life.

The Flower of Life is composed of several figures, each of which symbolizes a representation of the world:

- The Seed of Life, made up of the seven outer circles, which correspond to the seven days of creation of the world. We have dedicated an article to the Seed of Life. And we have also developed a collection around the Seed of Life.

- The egg of life corresponds to the central part of the flower of life. It represents the shape of a multicellular embryo in its first hours of formation.

- The fruit of life is declined in 13 circles which come to take the shape of a star. Like a map of the universe, it symbolizes the atom and the different molecular structures that make up life.

- The Tree of Life occupies a central place in the wheel of life. It symbolizes our common descent.

To learn more read our article on the Tree of Life and take a look at our Tree of Life collection.


A symbol of life

The most amazing thing is thatit is found in the geometry of human DNA. Indeed, recent photos have been taken of the cross section of human DNA with a scanning electron microscope

Like a cell division, the circles multiply and the form unfolds. The Flower of Life symbolizes both creation and growth, both of which are found naturally in nature and in man.

The circle that often surrounds the Flower of Life can easily bring to mind the protective layer of an oocyte. In this case, it could represent life expressed through a body, limited by this material envelope. Without its circle, the figure symbolizes life itself, i.e. the infinite development of cells.

It is therefore the perfect analogy of the phenomenon of expansion and vital energy. It has a powerful vibratory rate.


But why do we find these symbols in all traditions, and this since always?

Have you ever wondered?

In fact our daily life is populated by forms that radiate a specific energy. They constantly influence our environment. They are present everywhere but we are often unaware of it.

Shapes are everywhere

Shapes are everywhere, omnipresent in our world.

Everything has, or can take, a shape. Even a liquid, shapeless by definition, takes a shape by movement, pouring or vortexing. Pouring water in a small audible cascade changes its energetic qualities. Water makes patterns: if you vibrate a steel disc covered with a thin layer of water, the water takes on the shape of a mandala.

The term "mandala" comes from Sanskrit and literally means "circle" and "center".

The mandala is the sacred representation of the universe and the cosmos. Through the intertwining of lines and curves, this form illustrates the themes of repetition, perpetual movement and eternal renewal. The drawing of a mandala brings into play geometric figures (circles, squares, triangles) and, depending on the culture, sacred symbols.

The origin of the circle and its ritual and sacred use goes back to the beginning of time. The existence of the "circle" goes back to the origin of the world. Practically everything around us is circular, is a mandala.... and the Flower of Life is a mandala.

All geometric and symbolic figures have their origin in the circle.

Thus, the vibratory mandala is a magical diagram representing the power of the Whole. This power is linked to the knowledge of the constant exchanges that take place between the center and the periphery.

Nature expresses the beauty and harmony of the Creator through circles, cyclical movements and rhythms: the seeds of an apple around its center, the growth rings in a tree trunk, a spider's web, a bird's nest, the crystals in a snowflake, the concentric waves created by a drop of water falling into a puddle, the tornadoes, the petals of a flower, the eyes, the seashells, the foetus ...

It is his way of celebrating life and spirit and of revealing its presence to those who wish to penetrate its mysteries by accepting to go to the heart of things and of being. It is an initiatory path that requires a transformation of oneself.

Faced with this expression of the essence of life, man has always felt the need to include the circle in his creations, his rituals, his religious practices.


In all cultures, the circle and the spiral have been associated with the cosmic order, with the eternal movement of life. All the cycles of existence have always been represented in circles, which have always been part of the spiritual manifestations of indigenous cultures around the world.

Whether it is the Celtic cross or the Amerindian medicine wheel, for example, these symbols have always been associated with sacred cults, with representations of the universe, the stars, etc.

They are the form and symbol that unites all peoples and traditions. All cultures agree that this representation contains within itself the sacred dimension of life, and from it have sprung most of the symbols, rituals and sacred writings of all traditions.

The circle appears very early in human history, in Egyptian mythology, among the Amerindians in their orientation model and their sacred medicine wheel, the Mayan calendar, the zodiac, in religious rituals, whirling dervishes, Tibetan mandalas, cathedral labyrinths and rosettes...

The circle has the power to bring everything back to unity

The circle has the power to bring everything back to unity to form universality.

Symbols are a link between the visible and invisible worlds, a form of energy that we can perceive, which belongs to the realm of concepts, but which has the power to unite us with the higher world of unity and magic.

They are a link between the everyday world of prejudice, illusion, joy and sorrow that we think we know and the vast, infinite, universal realm of life that sustains and nourishes all universes.

This is why they have been considered since ancient times as endowed with tremendous magical powers (by this word we mean an acting power). They embody in themselves the essence of all magical powers; they are magic.

They can balance all life by bringing out the hidden wisdom in everything. There is no traditional people who have not known and practiced the magical science of mandalas.

What differentiated and still differentiates a man who follows the path of tradition from a modern man is the notion of being connected to the Whole and thus being subject to the same laws as those of the Universe, unlike modern man who only evolves in the context of the laws of the human world, to the detriment of those of Nature.

Also, in traditional cultures, the human being considered his own inner center as the source of his own manifestations, hence the paramount importance of observing and understanding Nature to understand himself and respect all life.

To conclude, I would say that vibrational symbols are powerful tools to connect with the sacred source of Life in everything.

Symbols are tools for awakening to our spiritual dimension. They convey a very ancient and profound teaching. Symbols have a transformative power because they invite us to rediscover our true being and to develop all the potentialities that lie dormant within us.

Why so many people are attracted to the Flower of Life

More than an analysis, it is really a description of reality. In fact, he talks about the symbols that many people have focused on in the past. He tells us that these forms have accumulated a powerful energy and will emit a vibration reinforced by the power of the egregore (1) to which they are connected. For example the Yin/Yang, the Christian cross, the Flower of Life, or today the Cube of Metatron.

Nowadays most people will look for this symbol because they have heard about it, they see it everywhere.

I understand, it's always reassuring to go with what you know.

Yet there are symbols that are just as powerful and often better suited to our needs. I am talking about the vibratory mandalas that you will find on our store.

In the end, it is your feeling that should guide your choice rather than this or that statement about the symbols. That's why I always insist that you follow your intuition, rather than fashion or other effects.

What are the benefits of the Flower of Life?

Where to place and how to use the Flower of Life in your daily life?

The Flower of Life, like our vibratory mandalas, have a great energy of regeneration and purification

All these symbols give off a vibratory frequency that is sufficient to purify and considerably increase the energy of anything that can be placed on them (about 70,000 Bovis units), such as stones & crystals, food supplements, medicines, drinking water or water from your plants, food, to name but a few examples.

This is why we have created all the items you see in our store. Of course all these "patterns" are beautiful and harmonious, but it goes far beyond the purely aesthetic aspect.

We can use these symbols in many areas. That's why you will find in our store the widest choice of Fleur de Vie products: a dozen unique creations printed on various everyday materials. Fleur de Vie in wood, in glass, the Fleur de Vie in jewelry with for example our Fleur de Vie pendant, you will surely find your happiness here.

Make your own experience with the Flower of Life!

1. The Flower of Life to energize water

I wrote a complete article on the subject on our blog: "Energized water, a revolution for your health".

To sum up, all our tap water and bottled water currently meet all the worst possible conditions for quality drinking water. We drink water without energy, without structure, without dynamics or vitality.

There are different techniques to give back the water all its vitality. One of the most accessible and economical is the use of shape waves like the Flower of Life.

Drinking energized water allows you to have :

- better vitality, less fatigue
- better hydration
- better sleep
- a better immune system, less diseases
- improved endurance and recovery after effort
- a feeling of satiety more quickly reached

The symbols, the sacred geometric forms, not only allow us to energize water but also food supplements, medicines, essential oils, Bach Flowers etc.

To do this, simply place your bottle of water or your food on a energising plate, for example, or on a harmonizing disk or a table set. In short, you get the idea.

2. The Flower of Life to preserve your food better

The Flower of Life is known for its ability to preserve food. But it can also be used to make them ripen faster, depending on the intention you put into it. You just have to put them on a dynamizing plate or other.

3. The wooden Flower of Life to clean and recharge the stones

I don't know about you, but it is often difficult to remember if salt, water or incense is the right thing for your stone to clean. It's even more complicated when you have a whole collection of minerals and natural stone jewelry at home!

What is great about the vibratory symbols is that you just have to put your stones on them after each use and take them back a few hours later or the next morning. No need to use water, sun or other restrictive methods when you want to purify your crystals daily or after each use.

And hop! One pass on the harmonizing disk or the wooden energising tray and it's done!

4. The Flower of Life to harmonize your home

The body is a home for the soul and for the spirit and your home is a second body, a body for the body.

Today, the constraints of intensive urbanization mean that originality is increasingly erased, forbidden in the face of the all-powerful collective norm. We have abandoned the soul to be satisfied only with the body.

In the not so distant past, it was not only customary to give a name to a house, but also to have it baptized or blessed by a priest. Thus the house became a real living being with a body, a soul and a spirit. Some people feel lost at the mere idea of leaving their house and their region. There is a deep attachment. A separation can be experienced as a mourning.

This goes beyond any material logic.

The soul of the house affects the destiny of those who live in it. We have seen this with haunted houses, houses built in disharmony with the energies of nature, or even large housing estates. Other houses bring good luck, make people happy, heal them, improve their character. There are bad neighborhoods and quiet neighborhoods where people are friendly, charming and good humored. Don't just worry about the body of your house, think about its soul and spirit.

This way you will also take care of your soul and spirit. By harmonizing your house with the universe, you will also harmonize and strengthen yourself in life.

It is important to decorate your home only with positive, intelligent, harmonious and lucky things. All our symbols have been specially designed for this.

To harmonize your interior and chase away negative energies you can place one or more canvases or other supports according to your needs.

It is clear that the larger the symbol is printed, the more powerful its influence. This is what all our customers who visit us at our booth at organic and wellness fairs say with amazement: "It looks like they are alive!"

5. The Flower of Life symbol to meditate and increase your vibratory rate

The vibratory symbols in general act by themselves, you just have to wear them in the form of your choice or place them in your environment to enjoy their benefits.

But you can also set up a meditative practice. Contemplate its color, its shape and then let yourself be won over by its surprising harmony. Then perceive its energy, its soul, its intelligence. This can awaken in you a new look at yourself and your surroundings.

The purpose of this exercise is to perceive the energetic aura of the symbol and enter into it to receive its blessing. This increases your own energy and consciousness.

6. The Flower of Life for therapy

Our soul wants to live a real experience of spirituality.

This is where symbols can come into play, and in particular our vibratory mandalas. Each mandala has a thought-form, a soul, an influence of its own.

They are there with us to help us walk the path to happiness, fulfillment and awakening.

Their role is to foster the energy of good fortune and to help us create the atmosphere that will allow all the sleeping gifts and abilities to awaken.

Perhaps this is the meaning of life and happiness: to awaken the divine potential that sleeps in each person in order to create a world of ideas, feelings, colors, sounds, harmonious movements.

Today the mind has taken a place that prevents the human being from approaching his center, from going to meet himself. Stress has become the lot of everyone and is responsible for a great number of diseases. Our soul wants to live through us but the door is often closed to it by the world of external influences which imprisons the world of thoughts, put in slavery.

It is important to take advantage of all the opportunities and to strengthen everything that aspires to help us. This is a positive and confident attitude to life.

Some therapists propose to their patients a selection of mandalas capable of encouraging the person in his or her search for calm, serenity, harmony..

The vibratory mandalas can help in a daily problematic, whether it is of a personal, family, relational or professional nature... All the symbols of sacred geometry are there to support, accompany, guide..

Some therapists use harmonizing discs, others use mouse pads... the possibilities of using the different supports are vast.

Whatever the case, there is a mandala or a symbol that corresponds perfectly to each person's needs. It will be able to assist each person on his or her path of healing.

7. The Flower of Life to find harmony, health and serenity

The world of symbols is the world of life.

Life works with symbols and manifests itself through them, each object is a symbol that contains life. In order to penetrate life, one must work with the symbols and, conversely, in order to discover the symbols and understand everything that contains them, one must live the true life

Symbols are seeds that you can plant.

Symbols show us what we must strive for, a perfect balance of all worlds.

They are powerful tools for awakening and healing.

Look at them with your child's eyes, with wonder, without putting any concept, prejudice on the virtue, the energy they carry. You will then obtain wonderful results.

8. And also... the Flower of Life and the chakras

To harmonize and purify the subtle vibratory bodies and energy centers of the human body. Indeed, in addition to the action of the forms, you will benefit from the action of the colors (the chromotherapy).


9. The Flower of Life cloth for cards or divination

Wear a Flower of Life jewel

Sacred geometry symbols act as talismans, amulets or lucky charms.

They will help restructure you and are a reminder of the presence of the magical world within you and around you.

The Energy Jewel will naturally radiate its energy and life soul to you and your surroundings. Welcoming the vibrational symbol, whatever it is, into one's life instantly leads to a subtle change in daily life, a blessing and a presence of Light that makes all the difference.

How to activate, cleanse and/or recharge a Flower of Life?

The Flower of Life is a wavelenght form that radiates by itself. It does not need to be cleansed or activated for you to enjoy its benefits.


Discover our Flower of Life universe

We create and print all items in our workshop in the south of France.

Flower of Life to print

And as a bonus,

Are you looking for a Flower of Life to print to recharge the stones?

Or to energize your water?

In this 12-page document, we offer several models and formats to print. You can then laminate them if you wish.

The Flower of Life printed on paper is in 2 dimensions. It works but less powerfully than all our 3D models. See our FAQs.

To download your free printable Flower of Life, click here.

How can a simple "drawing" have so much power?

It is true that sometimes you can find stores that offer you some crazy things or that sell you miracle solutions.

So no, we haven't invented anything. Since the dawn of time, men and women have used vibratory symbols in their lives. Simply because they are active, full of benefits, and they connect us to the world of LIFE.

We want to offer you all these symbols so that you can use them in a concrete and simple way in your everyday life.

Leonardo da Vinci had studied this symbol a lot. But closer to us, there is Dr Masaru Emoto.

Do you know Dr. Masaru Emoto?

This Japanese researcher became famous thanks to his revolutionary research on the power of water and its ability to "print" any information it receives: written, spoken or musical.

Dr. Emoto confirms that "everything is energy" as Einstein said.

In addition to electromagnetic radiation, words, feelings and even thoughts influence water. Negative words and thoughts lead to disharmonious crystallizations, while "thank you" or "love" in any language form beautiful images.

Dr. Emoto's work not only makes it possible to evaluate the purity of various tap, lake, spring and rain waters, but also confirms the "memory of water". They make it possible to visualize the effects of different energies on water (external and internal since we are made up of 70% of it), from the most well-known (electromagnetic radiation, music, etc.) to the most subtle (such as the energy of words, shapes and thoughts!). His work confirms that water reacts to all information, positively or negatively. He has published a number of books on the subject.

After freezing the water, he takes microscopic pictures of the water crystals formed by the freezing: they will be beautiful if the information previously transmitted to the water was a message of love or hideous if it was a manifestation of hatred or anger.

Dr. Emoto's experiments have very important implications. They demonstrate that human thoughts and intentions can alter physical reality, such as the molecular structure of water.


Just as the planet earth is 70% covered with water, the adult human being is 70% water. Since the quality of water improves or deteriorates according to the information given to it, it is essential for the human body to receive good information

And to be honest, Masaru Emoto did not invent anything either!

Already at that time Albert Einstein (1879-1955) said "Everything in life is energy and vibration

Energy may seem an abstract notion to some for all that we have scientific proof of it from Newton, Tesla, Einstein, De Broglie, Schrödinger... I pass many other great scientists, sages and scholars modern or past.

Everything that exists in the universe is energy. The whole universe is energy.

And you know what?

Today the biggest esoteric stores in France sell our products. They are about sixty to date to distribute our articles

This is a real pride and recognition for us.

And the most important of all?

These are items that work!

Astrid B: "I already had a flower of life necklace that I wear almost every day and the disc is welcome, I took the keychains for my husband and me and 3 discs that I put in various places at home, to purify my house and even I sometimes put certain objects on it as a bottle of water, my wedding ring or clean and recharge my stones, no need to take the head of how to recharge a stone, just to put a few hours or a night and it's back.

Thanks to you it's a great choice that I gladly recommend."

"The color is beautiful, I really have a little energy just to put a bottle of water a few minutes or clean and recharge the stones it's magic."

Regine B: "It's perfect. it radiates ....!"

Marie O: "These discs are very beautiful and this is my favorite. It radiates in a very subtle and warm way."

I can't wait for you too to experience this and enjoy the beautiful life energies of all these vibrational symbols.

If you liked this article and want to be informed about the next ones,

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And don't hesitate to comment and share this article!


"The Power of Symbols. Form waves and activation keys" published by Trajectoire

(1) An egregore is the sum of the accumulated energies of several people, towards a goal or a belief defined by them. It is like an energy accumulator with its own characteristics, motivated by the faith or the concentration of several people at the same time. For example, the Catholic Church is an excellent example of an egregore. The faith of millions of people in the dogmas of the church, channeled through the priests, results in one of the most powerful egregores known.

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Mandalashop - 11/09/2023 19:31:53

Claro ! La Flor de la Vida es un símbolo fascinante y lleno de significado. Sin embargo, es fundamental tener en cuenta que cada uno interpreta los símbolos de forma diferente. Antes de decidirse a hacerse un tatuaje de la Flor de la Vida, tómete el tiempo para comprender sus diversos significados y asegúrate de que te resuene personalmente. Es una decisión personal importante. La Flor de la Vida tiene varios significados, a menudo vinculados a la armonía y la creación. Es un símbolo poderoso. Siempre animamos a nuestros clientes a comprender completamente el significado detrás de su tatuaje para que resuene en ellos. Tómate el tiempo para conectarte con el simbolismo y asegúrate de que sea algo que te hable profundamente.

Alejandro - 11/09/2023 16:40:33

La flor de la vida en tatuaje, la recomiendas?