Feng Shui for the home

Feng Shui in brief

Feng Shui has become a technique for well-being and good living, whether for our living or working spaces.

This practice consists in a space planning, which will make our place of life more peaceful, will allow us to fight against the stress, the tiredness or the mental confusion on our place of work. This thousand-year-old Chinese art is applicable everywhere: for our homes, our offices, our businesses, etc.

In the universe, everything is vibration, everything is filled with life, everything radiates a field of influences that acts on your body, your being, your life and your destiny. To know how to surround yourself with good vibrations is to know how to consciously choose the worlds with which you wish to associate. To know how to surround yourself with good vibrations, withpositive energies, is to preserve in you and around you balance, harmony, happiness.

As everything is alive, you must be able to choose what acts positively on you, lifts you up and protects you, leads you where you really want to go, keeps you on the path of inner joy

Everything that surrounds you acts: colors, shapes, thoughts, nature, beings, objects... You must therefore know how to surround yourself with the vibrations that nourish your highest aspirations.

The outside world is constantly calling on us and it is easy to get lost in the many suggestions that surround us, to let certain negative vibrations fertilize us.

Feng Shui to re-energize your home

Do you want to feel good in your living space? To breathe beautiful atmospheres? Why not renew the energy of your home? Then I suggest you play with light, colors and plants, while following some basic rules of Feng Shui.

Sometimes, simple little gestures can change everything, like opening the windows and enjoying the soft breeze outside, adding light and color with a few accessories, filling your home with a new, fresh energy

Feng Shui, which literally means "wind" and "water" in Chinese, is the ancient art of making vital energy (chi) flow in an optimal way to generateharmony andabundance

Chase away negative energy

Sometimes it is good to remember some basic principles, even if you don't know much about Feng Shui.

- If you have visible beams in your home that go through the ceiling, avoid placing your bed or sofa for example underneath. The beam cuts in 2 the vital energy of a room, thus generating fatigue and a restless sleep.

- Be careful with your decoration. Your paintings represent gory scenes, have depressing colors, sad? You have statues with aggressive forms? I invite you to review your style and choose elements that bring a positive touch to your interior. Everything that surrounds you, by vibration, impacts you personally. Be aware that sharp or pointed shapes are, in Feng Shui language, called "secret arrows", because they generate aggressive vibrations.

- Bed orientation in Feng Shui: the position of your bed is also very important if you want to recharge your batteries. So avoid putting the foot or the head of your bed in the direction of the door or an opening because it leads to a loss of energy, and generates a loss of security

- Similarly, if a mirror is placed in front of your bed, it "doubles" the energy and makes the sleeper tired.

- As for houseplants, there too you may be in for a surprise! Beware of aggressive plants, those with rigid leaves in the shape of a knife or sword, but also spikes like cacti with long prickles. Bonsais, even if we can think that they bring us a touch of serenity and zenitude, are to be avoided because they contain the imprisoned energy of the big trees, and thus they do not dispense good energy

- Think of turning off your electrical appliances (TV, computer, hi-fi system...), whose waves (yang) disturb the circulation of chi. These devices are to be proscribed in the room in particular.

- Dust and disorder are two great consumers of vital energy. A clean and tidy house is much more pleasant to live in. You will feel better and you will want to do many more things.

When you move into a new home or when a heavy atmosphere is stored in an interior, Feng Shui recommends to proceed to an energetic cleaning of the place by following precise rituals of purification (see article "rituals of protection").

A good Feng Shui practice starts with a thorough cleaning of the house to renew its energy field:

We will clean the house thoroughly, we will do meticulous cleaning by dusting, windows, vacuuming and washing the floors.

This will bring new energy and clean the air in the house by opening a door and a window to let the air circulate freely

Purification rituals allow you to connect with your home, disperse bad energy and clear the air to attract positive energy.

Colors in Feng Shui

Colors are yin or yang.

It is therefore necessary to balance them in each room of the house, taking into account their dominant energy. If a room is too yin or too yang, use them to rebalance it. Each colour also has its own meaning (see article on chromotherapy), which is important to know to avoid unfortunate mixtures.

- Orange: yang. Radiant energy. Enthusiasm, curiosity, favours cycle changes.

- Red: yang. Energy of concrete action. Sensuality, ardour, favours passionate exchanges.

- Yellow : yang. Energy of renewal. Transformation, liberation, favours intellectual work.

- Green: yin. Energy of serenity. Peacefulness, abundance, favours right initiatives.

- Blue: yin. Spiritual energy. Serenity, intuition, favours the opening of the conscience and the heart.

- Brown: yin. Anchoring energy. Comfort, security, promotes pragmatic thinking.

Yin colors are colors that give an atmosphere conducive to resourcing and relaxation. These are the pale and soft colours that are used for restful rooms such as the living room, the library, the bedrooms...

Yang colours are bright and dynamic colours that encourage movement andaction. They are used in the living rooms, the office, the kitchen...

Attention: as I regularly mention it, the action of the colors can vary according to each one. So always give priority to your own feelings towards colours, as well as the rest!

For a Zen Feng Shui decoration

If you wish to facilitate the circulation of energy currents in your place of life or work (I am thinking more particularly of people who work at home or in a practice), certain decorative objects are to be favoured, such as mirrors (be careful, however, with their location, because for example, placed opposite a window or a door, they chase away energies), chimes, crystals, stones, plants, and sacred geometric symbols

If you have difficulty in deciding, we suggest you some essentials.

1) Crystal suncatchers

The origin of the light we see is the sun, its rays reach us like little wagons carrying through space the elements necessary for the life and growth of plants, animals and humans.

Each ray of the sun is a source of energy

In the sunlight, there are all the colours, which are all the energies that our body needs.

The beneficial effects of colors have been developed by many researchers, such as Dr. Babbit, and gave birth to color therapy: chromotherapy.

Finally, colors have been used as a medium of healing andspiritual elevation in many civilizations:

The Egyptians made therapeutic water by exposing it to the sun in a colored glass container..

The Greeks attributed an important role to colour and light in the construction of temples.

In China, papyrus dating back thousands of years have been discovered and attest to the use of colours. They were used for therapeutic purposes and to awaken spiritual faculties. In order to establish their diagnoses, Chinese doctors referred to the colouring of the face.

In India, for Ayurvedic doctors, colours have a very precise symbolism. Each color is associated with a chakra, which is a very subtle energy center that can be located on various points of the body.

In 1665, the physicist Newton discovered that white light could be broken down into 7 fundamental colours. Indeed, if we make cross a triangular prism by a white light, we see then appearing distinctly these 7 colors.

In 1878, in the United States, Dr. Babbit, the father of chromatic therapy, carried out various studies on colours and their therapeutic effects. The results of his work confirmed that colours had effects on the physiology and growth of plants, but also on human beings.

The Doctor concluded that these colors are essential, because they represent the transmittable energies for the whole body.

In short, these few words to tell you that contemplating the magnificent halos of light generated by the crystals, it feels good!

Colored light is known to help calm negative moods, bring more joy and optimism, and regulate emotions.

Colours can bring you unsuspected support in your daily life. Light is a source of power and richness. The prism is the 7 colors, the 7 chakras, the 7 forces.

2) Vibrational paintings

Mandalas and sacred symbols are radiations that transform our environment, as Feng Shui can do.

As soon as a Mandala painting, a Flower of Life painting or a Metatron Cube painting is placed in a place, all the energies are transformed, the vibrations rise. Placing a symbol of sacred geometry in our environment or concentrating on it brings into our daily life a help to transform ourselves and attract to us the vibrations of the corresponding energy.

Mandalas have been used a lot in therapy to create a special atmosphere and especially to change certain vibrations in a positive way.

And it is certain that the larger the symbols are printed, the more they radiate! Many of you have experienced this during our participation in organic and wellness fairs over the past few years.

And it is a joy for us to witness the bond that can be created between a person and a mandala that meet.... It's just magical!

3) Glass candle holders

The house is a place of life where one should feel good.

Everything is vibration in the universe. Sounds, shapes, colors, objects are vibrations as well as every being and every thought. Everything is 100% energy.

That is why it is important to decorate your home only with positive, intelligent, harmonious and lucky things.

The candle jar is not just a simple Zen decoration object.

It is a source of wonder and beauty. It will radiate in your room its soft warm light.

Place your pretty Mandala candlestick or Fleur de Vie candlestick in your home, light some candles and the magic happens! Whether in the center of your dining room table, at the office or on your bedside table, its beautiful energy will spread throughout your space.

To conclude

We spend a large part of our time at home. As telecommuting has become more widespread, many of you now work from home.

Not feeling comfortable at home is therefore a situation that can only weigh on you if it lasts over time

We are not asking you to have a perfect interior, but a place in which you feel really comfortable, zen and relaxed. For this, the decoration and the layout of your interior space are of great importance

That's why I wanted to compile some Feng Shui tips and advice to fill your home with positive energy and vibes and to make it a place of well-being.

So I hope you enjoyed this article

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