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Exhausted crystals? Find out how to cleanse and charge them

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The use of gemstones and crystals for spiritual, wellness and healing purposes dates back thousands of years. These natural wonders possess unique energetic properties that can positively influence our mind, body and soul. However, for them to retain their power and effectiveness, regular cleansing and charging is essential.

In this exploration, we dive into the art of stone recharging, discovering various methods, tips and practices for cleansing and revitalizing these treasures of nature. Whether you're a crystal enthusiast or simply curious about the benefits of stones, this guide will walk you through the fascinating ways to restore and amplify the energy of these precious mineral companions. Get ready to discover the captivating art of charging stones and awakening their energetic potential to its fullest.


Why purify and charge crystals?

Natural stones and crystals have the capacity to absorb energy from their surroundings and from the people who touch them. Over time, this accumulated energy can become saturated or unbalanced, reducing the stone's effectiveness. Recharging stones is necessary to purify them and restore them to their full power. It also enables them to be customized to your specific intentions.

Best time to cleanse and charge crystals

The frequency with which you should charge your crystals depends on several factors, including how you use them, the frequency with which they are exposed to negative energies, and your own intuition. However, here are some key moments when it's advisable to recharge your stones:

- After intensive use: If you frequently use a stone for meditation, healing, or to channel a particular intention, it's a good idea to recharge it regularly, for example every week or month, depending on the frequency of use.

- After a period of stress or negativity: If you've experienced a period of emotional stress, conflict or negative energies, it's a good idea to recharge your stones to eliminate any build-up of these energies.

- Full moon: The full moon is considered a powerful time to recharge stones. You can place your stones outside during the night of the full moon to revitalize them.

- New moon: The new moon is also a good time for recharging, especially if you use your stones to attract new intentions or projects.

- Intuition: Listen to your intuition. If you feel that your stones need recharging, do so, even if it doesn't necessarily correspond to a fixed schedule.

- After deep cleaning: If you've cleaned your stones by exposing them to salt water, sage or other methods, make sure you recharge them afterwards to restore their energy.

- When properties seem weakened: If you notice that the stones seem less effective than before, this may be a sign that they need recharging.

Keep in mind that each stone has its own needs and characteristics, so be sure to read up on the specific recommendations for each type of stone you own. Your regular attention to your stones and your sensitivity to their energies will guide you in the ideal moment to recharge them. By recharging regularly, you'll keep your stones in optimum condition to take full advantage of their energetic benefits.

How to cleanse and charge crystals?

Cleansing crystals: the techniques

Cleaning minerals is an essential step in maintaining their energy and effectiveness. Crystals and gemstones have the ability to absorb energies, whether from their surroundings or from the people who handle them. Here are some commonly used techniques for cleansing your stones and ridding them of unwanted energies:

Clear water

Most stones can be cleaned under running water. Hold the stone under a gentle stream of cold water for a few minutes, visualizing the negative energy escaping with the water. Be sure to consult reliable sources to check whether your specific stone can be brought into contact with water without being damaged, as some stones are sensitive to water.

Salt water

For a deeper cleaning, you can immerse your stones in salt water for a few hours or overnight. Prepare a saltwater solution using non-iodized sea salt or coarse salt, then rinse the stones well under running water to remove the salt. Be careful, as this method is not suitable for all stones. Soft or porous stones may be damaged by the salt.

White sage or palo santo

Fumigation is a common method of purifying stones. Gently pass your stones through white sage or palo santo smoke, visualizing negativity dissipating. Be sure to maintain good ventilation during this process.


Place your stones in direct sunlight for a few hours to recharge and cleanse them. Sunlight is a natural source of energy that can revitalize your stones. However, some stones may discolor under prolonged exposure to the sun, so check the specific recommendations for each stone.


Expose your stones to moonlight during the night of a full moon to purify and recharge them. This method is particularly suitable for stones related to intuition and spirituality.

Sacred geometry

You can use sacred geometry symbols, such as the Flower of Life or Metatron's Cube, to cleanse and purify your stones. Place your stones inside the symbol and meditate on the purification intention.

The earth

Bury your stones in the earth for a few days to discharge and cleanse them. This connects them to the earth's energy and revitalizes them.


Sound purification

Purifying stones with sound is an effective and pleasant way to eliminate negative energies and revitalize your crystals. Sound, in the form of harmonious vibrations, has the power to cleanse and realign the energetic properties of stones. Here's how you can purify your stones using sound:

You can use various sound instruments to purify your stones, such as Tibetan singing bowls, bells, therapeutic tuning forks, wind chimes, or even your voice.

Steps to purify stones using sound:

Choose the sound instrument: Select the sound instrument you wish to use. Each instrument has its own timbre and vibratory frequency, which can influence the purification experience.

Prepare the space: Find a calm, quiet place where you can carry out the purification without distractions.

Sit comfortably: Sit with an upright, comfortable posture, holding the stone you wish to purify in your hand.

Create an intention: Before you begin, set a clear intention for the purification of your stones. Visualize the negative energies dissipating and the positive properties of the stone awakening.

Play the sound instrument: Start playing your sound instrument, producing clear, harmonious notes. Pay attention to the quality of the sound and the way it resonates.

Pass the stone through the sound: As you continue to play the sound instrument, gently pass the stone through the sound vibrations. Do this several times to ensure that the stone is well exposed to the sound.

Visualize purification: As you pass the stone through the sound, visualize the negative energies being detached from the stone and carried away by the vibrations. Imagine the stone becoming clean and luminous.

Express your gratitude: After the purification, thank the sound instrument, the stone and the universe for their part in this energetic cleansing process.

Clean the sound instrument: If you're using an instrument, make sure you also clean it with a soft cloth to remove any residual energy.

This method of sound purification is not only effective but also soothing. It can be used regularly to maintain your stones and keep their energy at its optimum level. Feel free to experiment with different sound instruments to discover the one that resonates best with you and your stones.

Be sure to choose the cleansing technique that best suits your specific stones, as not all stones react in the same way to different purification methods. Follow your intuition and research the properties of your stones to ensure proper care.


Charging crystals : effective techniques

There are several effective methods for recharging your minerals. Choose the one that best suits your preferences and the nature of the stone you're recharging.

Method 1: Charging crystals in the sun

The sun is a powerful and natural source of energy. It can be used to recharge most stones and minerals. Here's how:

Step 1: Choose a sunny spot. Select a location in full sunlight, preferably outdoors. Make sure the stone is exposed to direct sunlight.

Step 2: Prepare the stone. Before placing the stone in the sun, clean it under running water to remove any accumulated dirt or negative energy.

Step 3: Exposure to the sun. Leave the stone in the sun for a few hours, preferably in the morning or afternoon when the sun is less intense.

Step 4: Reclaim the stone. Once the stone has been recharged, gratefully collect it and feel its new energy.

Note: Some stones, such as amethyst, may discolor under prolonged exposure to the sun. Be sure to check the specific recommendations for each stone.

Method 2: Charging crystals under a full moon

The moon, with its soft, soothing light, is ideal for recharging stones related to intuition, creativity and wisdom. Here's how to use lunar energy to recharge your stones:

Step 1: Choose a full-moon night. A full moon is the ideal time to recharge your stones. Place them outside, preferably on a natural surface such as grass or sand.

Step 2: Clean the stones. As with the solar method, first clean your stones under running water to remove any impurities.

Step 3: Exposure to the moon. Arrange the stones so that they are directly exposed to the light of the full moon. Leave them there overnight.

Step 4: Collect the stones. The next morning, collect your recharged stones. Feel the difference in their energy.

Tip: Use a container or cloth bag to protect your stones from the elements overnight.

Method 3: Charging crystals with fumigation (white sage)

White sage is a sacred herb used in purification ceremonies to dispel evil vibes, and is renowned for its purifying properties. It can also be used to cleanse and recharge stones.

Step 1: Obtain dried white sage. Buy dried white sage or harvest it yourself if you have access to the plant.

Step 2: Prepare a sage cone. Roll the dried sage into a cone and light it. Let it burn for a few moments to create smoke.

Step 3: Pass the stones through the smoke. Gently pass your stones through the white sage smoke. Visualize the purifying smoke cleansing your stones.

Step 4: Meditate on intention. As you purify the stones, meditate on the intention you wish to convey to them.

Tip: Use a Tibetan bowl or a bell to create a soothing sound during purification.


Method 4: geodes to charge crystals

Geodes are hollow rock formations with crystals inside. Geodes or crystal clusters are often used as recharging and purifying tools for other natural stones. Geodes, particularly quartz crystal geodes, are considered powerful for cleansing and revitalizing other crystals due to their ability to emit clean, positive energy.

Step 1: Select an appropriate geode. Choose a geode that matches the intention of your recharging. For example, quartz crystal is versatile and suitable for many stones, while other geodes, such as amethyst, are ideal for stones related to spirituality and intuition.

Step 2: Clean the geode. Before using the geode, be sure to clean it thoroughly. You can do this by rinsing it under running water or by passing it through white sage smoke.

Step 3: Prepare the space. Choose a quiet, clean place for recharging. You can place the geode in the center of this space.

Step 4: Place the stones to be recharged. Place the stones you wish to recharge inside the geode. Be sure to place them gently to avoid damage.

Step 5: Program the intention. Take a moment to concentrate on the intention you wish to infuse into the stones. Visualize them radiating pure, revitalized energy.

Step 6: Wait. Leave the stones inside the geode for at least a few hours, or even overnight, to fully recharge. Some practitioners prefer to leave the stones in the geode for several days for complete recharging.

Step 7: Remove the recharged stones: Once the recharging process is complete, gently remove the stones from the geode. They should now be purified and revitalized.

Step 8: Clean the geode. After use, we recommend cleaning the geode again to remove any residual energy. This ensures that it remains ready to be used for further recharging.


Geodes are a powerful tool for recharging natural stones, but remember to respect the specific properties of each type of stone and choose an appropriate geode according to your needs. With proper use, geodes can help you maintain the purity and power of your favorite crystals.

Method 5: charging crystals through visualization

Recharging stones through visualization is a powerful and personal method that allows you to infuse your crystals with your own positive intentions and energies. Here's how you can do it:

Step 1: Choose a quiet place: Find a quiet space where you can concentrate without being disturbed.

Step 2: Prepare your stones: Gather the stones you want to recharge through visualization. Make sure they are clean and free of any unwanted energy.

Step 3: Sit comfortably: Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. You can also choose to meditate while lying down if that suits you better.

Step 4: Close your eyes: Gently close your eyes to immerse yourself in a state of deep relaxation.

Step 5: Breathe Deeply: Take a few deep breaths to calm your mind and relax your body.

Step 6: Visualize White Light: Imagine pure, bright white light emanating from your heart. This light represents your positive and pure energy.

Step 7: Convey your intention: Think about the intention you want to infuse into your stones. Whether it is healing, protection, love, clarity, or any other intention, focus on that specific energy.

Step 8: Imagine the light enveloping your stones: Visualize this flowing white light extending from your heart to gently envelop each of your stones. Visualize them bathed in this light, absorbing and storing the energy of your intention.

Step 9: Feel the connection between you and the stones: Take a moment to feel the connection between you and the stones. Visualize a strong, pure energetic connection that connects you.

Step 10: Express Gratitude: Thank your stones for their work and cooperation in the recharging process. Also express gratitude to the universe or any spiritual force you believe in.

Step 11: Open your eyes: When you feel ready, gently open your eyes and take a moment to realign yourself with your surroundings.

You can repeat this visualization whenever you feel like your stones need recharging or want to reinforce a particular intention. This personal method of recharging allows you to infuse your stones with your own energy and personalize them to meet your specific needs. It also strengthens your connection with the stones and makes them even more effective in their role of spiritual and energetic support.


Method 6: Sacred geometry for charging crystals

The Flower of Life and other sacred geometry symbols are often used in the process of recharging and purifying stones. These symbols play an important role and carry a pure, harmonious energy, making them ideal for enhancing the energetic properties of natural stones.

This is the simplest and most effective recharging method, as you don't have to worry about how to cleanse and purify each of your stones. The advantage of this technique is that you avoid potential mistakes that could damage your treasures.

Here's how you can use sacred geometry symbols like the Flower of Life to recharge your stones:

Crystals on a 7-ray Flower of Life harmonizing mat

Step 1: Select the appropriate symbol: Choose the sacred geometry symbol that best resonates with your intentions. The Flower of Life, the Sri Yantra, the Metatron Cube and the Mandala are among the most commonly used symbols.

Step 2: Place the symbol: take a harmonizing disc or a dynamizing tray. You can use any kind of support, even a mouse pad or a harmonizing mat for your stones.

Step 3: Create a sacred space: Find a calm, serene place where you can carry out the recharging in complete tranquillity. You can light a candle, incense or play soothing music to create the right atmosphere.

Step 3: Place the stones: Place the stones you wish to recharge inside the sacred geometry symbol you have chosen. You can place them in the center of the symbol or along its lines, depending on your preference.

Step 4: Meditate and visualize: Take a moment to concentrate on your recharging intention. Visualize the stones absorbing the symbol's positive energy and purifying themselves.

Step 5: Let the stones recharge: Leave the stones inside the sacred geometry symbol for at least a few hours, or even overnight, to fully recharge. The more time you give them, the more beneficial energy they can absorb.

Step 6: Remove the recharged stones : Once the recharging process is complete, gently remove the stones from the sacred geometry symbol.

Step 7: Express your gratitude: Thank the sacred geometry symbol for its role in the recharging process. Express your gratitude to the universe or any spiritual force you believe in.

By using sacred geometry in this way, you can intensify the energy and purity of your natural stones. This recharging method can also add a spiritual and symbolic dimension to your crystal-working practice. Feel free to explore different sacred geometry symbols to discover the one that resonates most with your personal intentions and beliefs.

How to purify a stone bracelet?

Your stone bracelet is a real treasure, not only for its natural beauty, but also for the energies it carries. Over time, however, it can absorb negative energies or simply lose its lustre. To revive its power and purity, we invite you to use sacred geometry, a mystical path that opens the doors to spirituality and universal harmony.

Before you begin, choose a quiet space where you can connect deeply with your stone bracelet. Light a candle or incense to create an atmosphere conducive to purification.

Sacred geometry offers a multitude of powerful symbols, each carrying a unique energy. To purify your stone bracelet, select a symbol that resonates with your intention. The Flower of Life, Sri Yantra or Metatron's Cube are excellent choices, but follow your intuition.

Hold your stone bracelet in your hands and close your eyes. Plunge into deep meditation and visualize your bracelet absorbing the healing energy of the sacred geometry symbol you've chosen. Imagine each stone in your bracelet illuminating with divine light.

Gently place your stone bracelet in the center of your chosen sacred geometry symbol.

Take a few moments to breathe deeply and connect to the energy of the sacred geometry symbol. Feel the harmony and balance it brings to your stone bracelet.

Meditate on the intention of purification, imagining the stone bracelet freeing itself of all negative energies and all that no longer serves its purpose. Visualize it radiating vitality.

After a while, when you feel the purification is complete, gently remove your stone bracelet from the sacred geometry symbol. It should now be cleansed and revitalized, ready to offer you its energetic benefits.

Express your gratitude to the sacred geometry symbol, your stone bracelet and the universe. Thank them for their role in this cleansing process.

Sacred geometry is a mystical path that links the spiritual with the material. By using it to purify your stone bracelet, you awaken its celestial energies and renew its power. Repeat this ritual whenever you feel your bracelet needs to be purified and revitalized. By doing so, you maintain a deep connection with the energies of the earth and the cosmos, harmonizing your own being with the universe around you.


Crystal purification and charging chart

A stone purification and recharging chart is a useful tool for crystal and gem enthusiasts. It can help you keep track of your stones, their properties, the last time they were purified or recharged, and the methods you used. Here's how you could organize such a chart:

Example of a stone purification and recharging chart
Stone namePropertiesLast purificationLast rechargingPurification methodRecharging method
AmethystCalm, Intuition10/08/202315/08/2023Salt waterLunar light
Rose quartzLove, Healing12/08/202318/08/2023White sageSacred geometry
CitrineAbundance, Joy08/08/202314/08/2023SoundFull moon
SeleniteClarity, Purity11/08/202317/08/2023EarthSacred geometry
LabradoriteProtection, Intuition09/08/202316/08/2023SoundFull moon

This chart allows you to easily monitor the condition of your stones, plan their purification and recharging, and note your preferred methods. You can personalize this chart by adding other columns as needed, such as specific intentions associated with each stone or notes on experiences you've had working with them. This will help you maintain a deeper connection with your stones and make the most of their beneficial energies.

And don't forget a must-have for taking your stones everywhere with you!

A final word

In conclusion, recharging stones is an essential step in maintaining their energy and properties at their full potential. Gems and crystals have the capacity to absorb and store energy, whether in the form of positive or negative energies. Over time, however, they can become saturated and less effective. That's why it's important to purify and recharge them regularly, especially if you're using them in lithotherapy sessions.

We've explored several recharging methods, from the use of sun and moon light to fumigation with white sage, to the use of sacred geometry symbols and sound. Each method offers a unique approach to eliminating unwanted energies and restoring harmony in the stones.

The choice of recharging method will depend on your personal preferences, the nature of the stones you own and the intention you wish to convey to them. Whatever method you choose, it is essential to do so with respect, intention and gratitude towards the stones and the energies that surround them.

By taking care to recharge your stones regularly, you can continue to benefit from their positive energetic properties andintegrate them into your spiritual practice, meditation or general well-being. Gemstones and crystals remind us of the wonderful connection between the earth and the cosmos, and by treating them with love and respect, we maintain this precious link to strengthen our own inner energy and harmony.

We've come to the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed it.

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