Dynamised water: how does it work?

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Masaru Emoto became famous for his books showing beautiful geometric figures of ice crystals. He challenged the world by stating that thoughts and emotions have an impact on water. For more than 20 years, he has studied water and its structure, and the conclusion of his work gives a new perspective on everyday life.

Masaru Emoto and his work on water

Perhaps you are familiar with Masaru Emoto's research?

Masaru Emoto was born in July 1943 in Yokohama, he graduated in International Relations from the Humanities section of the University of that city. In 1986, he founded I.H.M. General Research Institute and represents I.H.M.'s International HADO Fellowship. (HADO Kyoikusha Ltd.)

This Japanese researcher became famous thanks to his revolutionary research on the power of water and its ability to "print" any information it receives: written, spoken or musical.

Emoto's work not only allows us to evaluate the degree of purity of various tap, lake, spring and rain waters, but also confirms the "memory of water". They make it possible to visualize the effects of different energies on water (external and internal, since we are made up of 70% of it), from the most well-known (electromagnetic radiation, music, etc.) to the most subtle (such as the energy of words, forms and thoughts!)

His work confirms that water reacts to all information, positively or negatively. This is why Emoto subtitles his book:"The message of water invites us to look within".

After freezing the water, he photographed the water crystals formed by the freezing under a microscope: they would be beautiful if the information previously transmitted to the water was a message of love or hideous if it was a manifestation of hate or anger.

The almost perfect crystal was given by a water whose words were written on a sheet of paper that was used to wrap the bottle containing the water. These words are: "Love and Gratitude".

In this regard, Mr. Emoto wrote: "The words 'gratitude and love' constitute the fundamental principles of the laws of nature and the phenomenon of life. This is why the water crystals formed from the words "Gratitude and Love" are so perfect in their hexagonal shape. On the other hand, if we associate with water words such as anger, idiot, hate, we will not obtain crystals, but ugly and mediocre results. This shows that these words have no correspondence in nature and that they are made by that part of man which is called the ego or the mind. According to Mr. Emoto's experiments, it seems that only the vibrations of love, such as joy, peace, beauty, harmony and gratitude, exist naturally in nature and can be applied to both the plant and animal kingdoms.

Mr. Emoto's experiments have very important implications. They demonstrate that human thoughts and intentions can alter physical reality, like the molecular structure of water.

Mr. Emoto confirms that " everything is energy " as Einstein said. In addition to electromagnetic radiation, words, feelings and even thoughts influence water. Negative words and thoughts lead to disharmonious crystallizations, while "thank you" or "love" in any language form beautiful images.

The rice experiment: explanation

To reproduce Emoto's experiment, a Japanese mother placed cooked rice in two jars. She marked one "I love you" and the other "I hate you" and repeated these words to the rice for two weeks. The rice with the words "I love you" stayed white and kept well, the rice in the other jar turned black and moldy.

This experiment is easily reproducible, as long as you sterilize the pots, place them in the dark, and speak to them with conviction

After 15 days, the difference is clearly visible between the rice to which one has said "thank you" and a control pot where the rice is left to rot normally. The same result is seen when only the word "thank you" is written on the pot. It is also possible to focus for one minute the thoughts "I love you" on one pot and "I'm going to kill you" on the other, so that a very clear difference appears, which continues to grow after the 15 days of the experiment. This simple rice experiment, which can be reproduced at will by anyone, is a simple way to observe the influence of the mind on matter

The link between matter and consciousness, which Masaru Emoto explored in his experiments, shows that reconciling science and spirituality is possible, and even desirable

Our thoughts and emotions influence the world much more than we think, and the rice experience allows everyone to verify this. What is on the outside is like what is on the inside.

The worrying state of the environment as well as the health of modern man, mostly cut off from the spiritual dimension, suggests that it would be beneficial to go beyond certain taboos, and to reconcile ourselves with the concept of an intelligent and loving universal consciousness, which generates and crosses all things.

I have plans to share with you this rice experiment using sacred geometry symbols. So I will be sure to share my results with you!

The benefits of sacred geometry symbols

Just as the planet earth is 70% covered with water, the adult human being is 70% water. Since the quality of water improves or deteriorates according to the information given to it, the corollary for the very essence of the human being whose receptor (the body) is mainly made of water is the importance of receiving good information.

Just as Mr. Emoto has demonstrated, and knowing that everything is alive and energy, if you place your water or your food on our sacred geometry symbols, you impregnate them with the energy that corresponds to them and you communicate this information, this energy to your body which is transformed

Likewise, if you hang a Flower of Life or Mandala painting on your wall, each mandala or symbol will radiate into your living or working space. You can use our items in different ways, depending on your needs, but know that each mandala, each symbol radiates and emits a specific vibration. Beyond the virtue that corresponds to each mandala, we strongly advise you to select the mandala that speaks to your heart the most because it is the one that you will need and/or that will correspond to you the best.

Which symbol to choose to energize your water?

Mandalas to energize water

Expression of the movement of Life, the mandala exists in all traditions of the world.

Throughout the ages, mandalas have been used to release creative energy and focus on positive thoughts. They were designed to structure and harmonize the inner life. Each mandala vibrates at its own frequency and releases specific energies such as balance, harmony, heart opening, joy, energy, healing, creativity, peace..

Therefore, by placing your water or food on a glass plate, for example, you will not only color them with the life energy of the symbol, but also with the energy, the vibration that is specific to each mandala.

Our mandalas are contemporary and exceptional. Inspired by the Wisdom of Nature, they were conceived for our present time according to the sacred geometry and the waves of form. In each mandala resides a creative force and an unlimited source of inspiration. Each mandala corresponds to a virtue, a positive influence, which can be connected to and worked with.

By their colors, their forms, they have the power to rebalance the energies. They will help you in your daily life thanks to their energizing and harmonizing power.

The Flower of Life to energize water

The Flower of Life is a very ancient symbol. It is a sacred geometric figure represented by several overlapping and intersecting circles. The Flower of Life is considered sacred in many traditions around the world. Within this symbol we find all the constructions of the universe. Its shape brings youharmony and balance

The Flower of Life is a symbol that is very well known and recognized for its ability to energize and harmonize, but you should know that all the symbols of sacred geometry have this ability.

If you choose a Fleur de Vie and you are not sure about the color, I invite you to read my article on the subject.

Flower of Life: which color to choose?

The Metatron's Cube to energize water

As with the Flower of Life, we have a range of Metatron Cubes in a dozen colors.

Choose the color that appeals to you the most and it will be perfect.

Dynamizing water in practice

We offer several supports for this use.

If you want to energize a glass of water or a bottle, you can put it on a wooden harmonizing disc.

For a glass of water, a few minutes are enough and for a bottle generally, what we do at home is that it is permanently on the disk.

If you wish to energize your food (fruits, vegetables, or any other food containing water), your essential oils, care products, Bach Flowers etc, we recommend the glass dynamizing plate.

2 advantages to the dynamizing plate
: - You have more space to put your food in it -
It is more practical to use every day because it is made of glass and therefore you can clean it more easily (be careful however: do not put it in the dishwasher)


We arrive at the end of this article. I hope that you liked it. If you want to know more about the dynamization of water, read the article"Dynamized water: a revolution for your health"

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