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Energized water, a revolution for your health

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Drinking water seems like a harmless thing to do. While water is available in abundance everywhere in the so-called industrialized countries, what we're going to reveal here will really change the way you consume it.

Water is essential to life. Wherever there's life, there's water, and where there's no water, there's no life. All plants and animals contain water. We ourselves are 70% water. Our food is essentially made up of water. Fruits and vegetables contain between 80 and 95%. Dried foods contain significant proportions.

Tap water, bottled water, filtered water or informed water, which water to drink?

Bottled water

If you're like me and pay attention to the quality of your food and what you drink, you're probably wondering which water to drink and which to give to your children. Researchers recently tested water from over 250 plastic bottles in 9 countries, including Lebanon, India and the United States. What is edifying is that they found plastic in the bottles, and revealed that the water of many major brands around the world was contaminated by tiny particles of plastic, the health hazards of which are poorly understood.

Specifically, plastic was found in 93% of these multi-brand bottled water samples. These included polypropylene, nylon and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). On average, the researchers found 10.4 particles around 0.10 mm in size in every liter of water. This plastic may come from the bottle itself, its cap or even the industrial bottling process.

Many of us do our shopping by filling our carts with packs of water, whether spring or mineral. It's become a familiar gesture. If we look at the environmental impact of such a practice and the results of the above-mentioned study, we can rightly wonder about the water we should be drinking! Who wants to drink plastic? Nobody.

Tap water

The Que Choisir guide has published a study on which water to drink: tap water, bottled water or filtered water. The study shows that things have changed since the 90s, with treatment plants multiplying and drinking water catchments polluted by nitrates and/or pesticides being regularly abandoned. It also indicates that, while rivers and groundwater are still highly contaminated, nitrate pollution of tap water is becoming rare, and pesticide standards are rarely exceeded. Barring special cases, tap water is therefore safe to drink and of high quality.

However, other studies show that every time we turn on the tap, we are absorbing drugs and chemical molecules. All our excesses end up in the water, affecting its biological value. There are 10,500 chemical ingredients in today's personal care products, some of which are known to disrupt our endocrine, neurological, respiratory and immune systems. The vast majority of these substances leach back into our water reserves. Experiments have shown that drinking tap water is detrimental to the proper assimilation of foodstuffs, since water treatment products are designed to kill microbes and bacteria, and are destructive to intestinal flora.

How do I remineralize tap water?

To remineralize water, you need a remineralizing cartridge. This is a coral-shaped element loaded with minerals, including maerl and limestone. The market also offers remineralizing models made from volcanic rock.

However, this is not enough to revitalize your water.

Filtered water

There are many different types of water filtration systems, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Purified water with water purifiers seems to be the ideal compromise. Water filtration removes all traces of heavy metals, pesticides, viruses and bacteria, chemical pollutants, medication and even limescale from water, transforming it into genuine spring water that's pleasant to drink and perfectly healthy. What's more, it lets you discover the taste of water that's truly pure, light and pleasant to drink, fully preserving the flavor of foods and beverages such as tea, coffee, herbal tea or soup.

And yet, Que Choisir has carried out a study on water from filter carafes. A few years ago, they carried out two laboratory tests. The first was on new carafes bought in stores, the second on tap water and filtered water from 31 volunteer families living in different regions. While the new carafes partially lived up to their promise, albeit with a few weaknesses, the situation in the homes of carafes users who had their water tested was catastrophic. Out of 31 analyses, not one saved the day for water filtration. While most of these homes receive drinkable tap water, the filtered water is degraded.

As you can see, the economic, financial and public health stakes are so high and so global that you can find anything and everything on the subject. But is this really the crux of the debate?

Let's face it, the water most of us drink is generally of good toxicological and bacteriological quality, but no water supply system is concerned with its physiological quality, its vitality. And that's the most important thing for our health and well-being.

Drinking living, structured water for your health

Living water seems to be a redundant term because we naturally associate it with life. We speak of death when there is no more water, or when the conditions for life are no longer assured, as in the case of the Dead Sea, which has an average salinity of 27.5%. At the risk of sounding shocking, most bottled water, tap water, abused or ignored water and heated water have lost all their vitality. These waters are said to be "dead".

"All our tap and bottled waters currently meet all the worst possible conditions for quality drinking water. Every day, we drink water that has no energy, no structure, no dynamics and no vitality," sums up Richard Haas, a renowned expert on water and its health benefits.

In his book "Comment purifier et revitaliser votre eau de table", he sums it up as follows:

all water loses its original natural hydrodynamic, energy and information qualities:

- if it is not ''mature'' natural emergence, of different depths and ages);
- if it is obtained by suction (city water pumping);
- if it is put under pressure (city water pressure);
- if it is in contact with metal (pipes and piping, loss of electrons;
- if it is chemically polluted, electromagnetism, other subtle frequencies);
- if it stagnates (city water in pipes and bottles);
- if it is transported in a straight line (pipes, piping)''

Masaru emoto has also concretely highlighted the difference between dead and living water through his photographs of water crystals. He demonstrated that beautiful crystals are impossible to obtain from tap water or water from rivers/lakes close to cities, whereas water preserved from civilization is clearly alive.

Jacques Benveniste (1935-2004), a French physician and immunologist, is also known for his research into the memory of water.

I'm well aware that these distinctions between living and dead water are very disturbing, as they take on another dimension that is far less schematic and basic than the simple distinction between pure and polluted water. There is such a thing as polluted living water, just as there is such a thing as clean dead water. Fortunately, there are ways of restoring water's vitality.

What is energized water?

It's also known as vitalisation (vitalised water), restructuring (restructured water), renaturation (renatured water), or water information (informed water). The fundamental concept remains the same: to give water back the vitality and energy it possesses in its natural state, springing from underground springs. The water we consume undergoes various treatments as soon as it is drawn from a spring or stream: it is channeled through penstocks, subjected to multiple treatments, filtered several times, and decontaminated in treatment plants or settling ponds. Chlorine is often added to eliminate bacteria, and the water is then piped to our taps after being stored, for example, in water towers. These various treatments, necessary to guarantee "potable" water, alter the structure of the water and deprive it of its basic vital energy.

The principle of vitalizing or dynamizing water is to "reactivate" it and restore all its properties.

Why drink energized water? The benefits.

Here are the benefits reported by users of dynamized water:

- better vitality, less fatigue
- better hydration
- better sleep
- better immune system, fewer illnesses
- improved stamina and recovery after exercise
- faster feeling of satiety

The 3 main techniques for purifying and energizing your water

To date, there are three main techniques:

- The vortex technique, which consists of spinning the water in a vortex to restore its natural potential

- The electromagnetic technique, which involves subjecting water to magnetic fields to bring it back into harmony with those of nature

- Shape waves, which are sacred geometrical figures that carry information to be transmitted to the water (such as the Flower of Life, the Triskel, the Decagon or other symbols).

Vortex dynamization

Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) was an Austrian scientist and water theorist. He worked extensively on the subject. After the Second World War, he developed the use of vortex movements (rather than turbines) to generate energy from water.

Water is central to Schauberger's universe. He called it the " blood of the earth ". He discovered a principle: there is a type of life-sustaining movement expressed in the flowing forms of water, in eddies, waves and sinusoidal curves. This is a movement in tune with nature. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there's another type of movement that weakens life. This is found in internal combustion engines, turbines, propellers and so on. They produce movements contrary to nature.

Schauberger describes the nature of water as follows:

"The carrier cycle that sustains life is water. In every drop of water lives a divinity, whom we all serve, and whose life is the 'first' soul of every substance, called water. Its transformation and the capillary reserves that lead us through it depend on its cycle. Each stream of water, made up of will and strength, signifies a builder's work, warning us to take care of the blood vessels. It is the first and most important anatomical pulse produced by a bipolar power, namely life.

Every pulse (of this pulse) is an artery of this life that builds bridges and rationally distributes life born in the Earth on a journey to the heights where it can become luminous, beautiful and free. We humans stand on the highest step of this edifice, and beyond all else, while blessed with understanding and reason, we do the stupidest thing imaginable. We're constantly trying to regulate these streams from the shore, thus mechanically influencing them, instead of taking water into account as a being."

In addition to profound metaphysical considerations, Schauberger always imagined the most varied devices, all working in tune with the movements of nature. He contributed enormously to the principles of vortexes.

Today, there are many different types of vortex water energizers on the market. They are generally quite expensive.

They generate static and dynamic torsion waves to produce dynamized and restructured water, with characteristics similar to those found in nature (waterfalls, whirlpools).

Why vortex water?

Vortexing restores water's innate regenerative power, returning it to its original structure ... ... The restructured water molecules align perfectly in smaller clusters, making the water denser. The result is "wetter" water, for a greater, more effective moisturizing effect.

Dynamization by Marcel Violet (1886-1973)

I recently discovered Marcel Violet. He was a French racing driver, Arts et Métiers engineer and inventor, mainly active in the automotive field. He also founded a laboratory active in the field of alternative medicine, based on his unscientific discoveries linked to water subjected to radiation - eau violet.

Marcel Violet's work stems from that of his predecessor, S. Bignand, on the subject of storm rain, which animals love, just as vegetables grow faster, and which market gardeners had understood well. And yes, nature will always be our best teacher when it comes to teaching us about life!

Using electrodes in water, he was able to create storm-like water, which he called biological waves (or life waves) thanks to the oscillograph.

In his book "Le secret des patriarches", Marcel Violet talks about his various experiments and work. His bio-dynamization process integrates high-frequency wave energies into water, captured by an oscillator and a beeswax capacitor.

He says: "Numerous laboratory experiments, either on biological tests or on experimental animals, have clearly shown that the action of water charged with biological waves on living organisms gives them extra vitality, resulting, in plants, in an increase in vegetation, and in animals, in an increase in tone and self-defense, better resistance, and sometimes total immunity to certain illnesses, particularly physiological deficiency diseases."

For over 30 years, Marcel Violet studied his process on thousands of people, including himself. He had been condemned by allopathic medicine following a myocardial infarction (1942). He used his procedure and came out unscathed, never falling ill again until his death at the age of 90. His spiral aorta recovered without a hitch.

Wavelenght forms dynamization

Our daily lives are filled with shapes that radiate a specific energy. They constantly influence our environment.

Symbols have a magical power. Don't think of this word as something extraordinary; magic is something ordinary, it's a power that acts, it's the soul that acts. It's a power of transformation. Symbols are an aid to concentration, helping us to become more faithful to who we are inside.

They are tools for awakening, but also for spiritual evolution. You need to cultivate discernment with regard to the symbols you encounter, as not all have the same light. To guide your choice, simply follow your intuition.

The Flower of Life to energize water

This sacred geometry symbol is renowned for its benefits.

However, all sacred geometry symbols, as long as they are structured around the golden ratio and linked to a living world, have this capacity.

You can therefore opt for a Mandala, a Metatron's Cube, a Tree of Life etc. to energize your water.

How to make energized water?

The influence emitted by symbols is defined by what is often called a shape vibration or shape wave.

Each geometric body has its own vibratory energy, which depends on its shape. Already in ancient Egypt, as well as in other ancient cultures, it was known that certain shapes were more suitable than others when it came to capturing cosmic energies and manifesting them. It was even considered that certain geometric figures and proportions had the ability to reproduce the harmonious order of the cosmos on earth, ensuring that the Micro-Cosmos here (a temple or a pyramid) was an exact representation of the Macro-Cosmos above. This knowledge is called Sacred Geometry. It is the foundation of all sacred buildings (cathedrals, temples, pyramids, etc.) the world over.

If the shapes and proportions of Sacred Geometry often seem harmonious and pleasing to us, it's because they come to us from Nature: from the arrangement of the petals of many flowers, the bodily forms of animals and even the proportions of the human body. Many of these geometric elements are also to be found in the crop circles we've been seeing more and more in the fields in recent years: they're all based on the shapes and proportions of Sacred Geometry, as well as the golden ratio.

Using shape waves and sacred geometry is an excellent way to energize water. It's a simple and economical solution. That's why Mandalashop has developed a concept of luminous, harmonious articles based on form waves to help us in our daily lives on several levels (practical, vibratory and spiritual). You need to listen to your inner self and let yourself be guided by the shape that speaks to you, the one that appeals to your eye and stimulates your interest. The shape or symbol that suits you best will emit a vibration amplified by this interactivity. It's as simple as that!

Let your intuition be your guide, rather than a belief in this or that statement you've read or heard. This means that our choice is personal and must be guided by the needs of the moment, rather than by the need to choose a well-known, ancient symbol.

A symbol that is harmonious, balanced and respectful of divine proportion, and with which we establish a conscious relationship, meets all the conditions for being a successful symbol.

How do you make structured water? How do you make living water?

We offer several supports for this use.

If you want to energize a glass of water or a bottle, you can put it on a wooden harmonizing disk.

For a glass of water, a few minutes are enough and for a bottle generally, what we do at home is that it is permanently on the disk.

If you wish to energize your food (fruits, vegetables, or any other food containing water), your essential oils, care products, Bach Flowers etc, we recommend the glass energising plate.

2 advantages to the energising plate :
- You have more space to put your food in it.
- It is more practical to use every day because it is made of glass and therefore you can clean it more easily (be careful however: do not put it in the dishwasher).

The memory of water

Here's an extract from the film Water about the memory of water.

In conclusion, water dynamization is attracting growing interest as we continue to seek solutions to improve our well-being. It also encourages us to reconsider our relationship with water. Whether through specific movements, positive intentions or other methods, water dynamization seeks to restore vitality and properties to this essential resource.

I'll end this article with a quote from Jacques Colin, author of the book L'insoutenable vérité de l'eau (Guy Trédaniel):

"The more beautiful and harmonious our thoughts, the more the water will introduce perfect health into the heart of our cells, enabling the happy fulfillment of our biological cycle [...] By drinking water "conscientized" by our most beautiful thoughts, we can, through this ritual, illuminate our cells with an unsuspected vitality and energy [...] If we make the water we drink sacred, we amplify our power over matter and increase our possibilities of attaining the Perfection of our Inner Being"

Send us your questions or comments below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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Here you can download his book free of charge.
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L'eau, mémoire de nos émotions by Masaru Emoto - Ed. Guy Trédaniel

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