Buy a Flower of Life: 6 cool gift ideas

The Flower of Life is in fashion. And it is always appreciated by the adepts but also by the laymen who are attracted by its beautiful vibrations.

Symbols are tools for awakening to our spiritual dimension. They convey very ancient teachings (for example, the Flower of Life was found in Egypt in the temple of Abydos).

Symbols have a magical power: it is a power of transformation.

They are an aid to concentration since they always bring you back to the center. And by going to the center of the symbol, in the end it is to your own center that you will naturally turn, consciously or unconsciously.

They are tools of awakening and transformation as long as one wishes to use them for these purposes.

If sometimes you hesitate to offer sacred geometry symbols to loved ones, know that symbols and beauty are for everyone!

It is not necessary that your loved ones know the symbols to benefit from their positive energies and vibrations.

When we used to do organic and wellness fairs, we used to talk to people who came to our booth to learn more about the symbols of sacred geometry.


Because naturally we are attracted by the beauty, by the mystery that emerges from our symbols, structured around the golden number and therefore perfect proportions (the divine proportion).

Our sacred geometry items are for everyone: connoisseurs and non-connoisseurs

And we have developed a range of items that can be used on different planes.

- The practical and
esoteric planSo,

be reassured, if you have any questions. Our articles make everyone happy, children and adults alike!

In fact, the children approached our stand with eyes full of stars and were naturally attracted by our magnificent mandalas.

Now let's look at 6 must-have gifts with the Flower of Life.

1- The Flower of Life energising tray / recharging tray

I share with you Catherine R's testimony about the tray she gave to her husband:

"I just received the sun catcher and the blue energizing tray. Superb. The suncatcher is already hanging on the living room window which diffuses beautiful reflections

As for the tray, my husband, being a skeptic, loves it and has already placed his stones for recharging. As for me, I have just ordered for me this time a 7 chakras energizing tray.

All this to say that I recommend this site. Superb and very fast delivery and very well packaged."

This energizing wooden tray is a big hit. It has a lacquered coating that gives it a wonderful glow. The line of the Flower of Life is subtle and shows the depth of the symbol.

And what's neat about this tray is that on the back you have notches to be able to hang it on the wall.

You can use the tray in a variety of ways:

- To energize your water, your essential oils, Back Flowers, medicines etc.
- To clean and recharge your minerals -
To harmonize a space

2- The Flower of Life candle holder

It's the easy budget gift to give!

Made of frosted glass, its size is larger than standard models.

Mireille P. who has a whole collection of them at home confides to us:"I can't get enough of these candle holders, I've bought several, this one is one of my favorites. Buy them without hesitation, the candle inside reflects beautiful colors."

Place your beautiful Fleur de Vie candle holder in your home, light some candles and the magic happens! Whether in the center of your dining room table, at the office or on your bedside table, its beautiful energy will spread throughout your space.

3- The Flower of Life pendant

Sacred geometry symbols act as talismans, amulets or good luck charms.

The energetic jewel Flower of Life will naturally radiate its energy and its soul of life on you and your environment. Welcoming the vibrational symbol, whatever it is, into your life instantly brings about a subtle change in your daily life, a blessing and a presence of Light that makes all the difference.

All our jewelry is made of silver and comes with a silver chain as well.

4- The Flower of Life canvas as a wall decoration

Often used by therapists, our Flower of Life canvases, like sacred geometry symbols in general, will transform any atmosphere in your room.

Each canvas is mounted on a frame with a crocodile hook. You can hang it on your wall upon receipt!

5- Flower of Life Suncatcher

A nice gift to hang in the living room or in a room where you want to feel good. The halos of light dancing on your wall will delight your pupils.

6- The Flower of Life harmonising disk

The Flower of Life harmonising disk is an easy item to give as a gift and to take with you everywhere.

The Flower of Life 7 rays disk is our best seller to date and you love it!

You can use it as :
- Coaster to energize your drinks
- Recharging disc to clean and recharge your stones.
- Meditation and concentration tool
- Some people also use it by putting it on the energy centers to rebalance them

Where to buy a Flower of Life?

On our store, you will find the largest choice of Flowers of Life, with 13 different models and a large choice of colors. We are the creators of the concept combining sacred geometry symbols and chromotherapy.

All Flower of Life designs are our creations and we print them in our workshop in the south of France.

Our Flower of Life collection

Find all our Flower of Life items created and printed by hand

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you will find inspiration for your gift ideas.

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