5 ways to create a zen atmosphere

Just got home from work?


Take a break. Stop dwelling on the negative thoughts you've accumulated during the day.

Often, insomnia is related to the fact that you have too many negative thoughts during the day, and when you go to bed, these negative thoughts come back in full force. This makes it difficult to fall asleep.

And to disconnect from a stressful environment, what better way than to create a Zen atmosphere at home?

In this article, I present 5 ways to create a cocooning space at home, a place where you will feel good and where you can recharge your batteries.

Adopt a pure style for a zen space

I have to admit something: I hate clutter in my house.

Hard to do when you have kids, you might ask?

As a good tidying up freak (don't worry, I've calmed down a bit), I always start my day with a clean and tidy house as much as possible.

Why do I do this?

Simply because naturally I realized that our environment influenced us. And as a result, in order to have a freer mind, but also clearer thoughts, I need my environment to be tidy, especially as we work at home.

Try it out. Observe how you feel when your home is a mess, and how you feel when everything is in its place.

And similarly, in the living room, since it is usually THE place where the family lives, comfort has become as fundamental as the design and practicality of the furniture. This is reflected in the popularity of homes with acocooning spirit

We will favour soft textures, velvety touch, and in general materials and colours that will transform your living room into a real comfort bubble.

If it is not possible to transform your house, choose a room where you will be able to move this Zen space. Why not your bedroom?

We all see in the shops or in magazines, spaces that make us dream and we say to ourselves that we can never have the same thing at home.

I reassure you.

Sometimes, to create your cocooning space and create a warm atmosphere, you just need a few things: a comfortable armchair, a plaid, a soft cushion, a comfortable carpet, a Buddha statue, beautiful candles and candles..

And as for the decoration, I personally like beige and taupe colours on the wall. What allows then to add touches of color in the accessories. And there my preference goes to the blue duck on which I flashed!

Put on some relaxing music

Once you've created your space and you're able to isolate yourself, there are a few things you can do to relax and be more Zen.

If you have a family, children, and the atmosphere is a bit hectic, I strongly advise you to invest in relaxation music, piano music or relaxing music from the sea.

Music softens the mood. This is not a myth.

All the tensions will gradually be resolved.

According to some sources (see sources at the bottom of the page), music awakens the mental and physical functions of the child, develops his intellectual capacities.

Research shows that when a child listens to classical music the right hemisphere of the brain is activated - and when a child studies a musical instrument, both the right and left hemispheres are activated.

Music calms, soothes and secures the child, awakens his mental and physical functions, develops his intellectual capacities.

And as far as adults are concerned, an article in Sciences et Avenir even mentions that listening to classical music would play on the activity of certain genes, notably those involved in the secretion of dopamine, the neuromediator of pleasure and reward.

Burning incense

The well-being and comfort-enhancing effects of quality incense are real and should be considered. For example, some incense is a recognisedstress reliever and promotes calm and reassurance

For thousands of years, on all continents, people have used incense to honour their gods, increase their level of consciousness and heal themselves. Whether they were shamans in Asia or America, sorcerers in Africa or priests in Egypt, they had discovered that the smoke of certain woods and plants could bring serenity, inner peace, which is the foundation of well-being. The word "health" comes from the Indian shanti, which means inner peace.

Which incense to choose?

In all cases, choose natural incense.

I am not an incense specialist but at home, we are fans of frankincense.

What are the benefits of frankincense?

It harmonizes the nervous system, balances the emotions, relaxes, promotes relaxation, meditation, spiritual uplift

In fact, you can choose your incense according to your needs.

For example, sandalwood, agarwood and cinnamon incense can help you sleep more peacefully. To meditate, choose incense made of cedar, sandalwood or frankincense. Finally, for a moment of relaxation and appeasement, storax and benzoin incense are perfect.

Be sure to air out your room when you burn an incense stick, an incense cone or put incense grains on a coal.

Which incense to purify the house?

I mentioned this in my article on rituals. The fumigation of white sage incense is essentially an act of purification. During what is called the "smoke ceremony", we burn leaves or a stick of white sage incense and impregnate our body, the room we are in and our spirit with its smoke.

The choice of the incense holder

Wooden incense holders can be found in almost every esoteric shop.

If you already have one, that's fine.

If you have not yet found the ideal incense burner, we have found it for you!

The items we have selected are stone incense holders with printed sacred geometry symbols. They are handmade in India.

When I received them I was very pleasantly surprised by the extreme softness of the sandstone. It's hard to describe but the material is great.

And the stoneware brings a much more modern touch to all the existing models.

Your zen deco

When we know that the symbols of sacred geometry are geometric shapes based on the golden ratio and that they link us to the living, we understand better how they are an integral part of this science that is Feng Shui.

Moreover, all our mandalas were created to raise us to the purest vibrations, to radiate luminous energies all around us. They were created with nature as an inspiration. And because they are connected to a world that is alive, that of nature, they are truly alive and powerfully active.

An environment that radiates beauty is an open door to the world of the soul, of happiness and inner joy.

The earth and the world constantly offer us images, contexts and experiences that plunge us into negativity

It is fundamental today to know how to protect ourselves from these influences and to create a luminous, harmonious field of life, a protection, within ourselves and all around us.

If you want to know more, I invite you to read " 4 good reasons to harmonize your home with symbols "

Candles and candle holders

Give a unique atmosphere to your home with the ambient lights created by glass candlesticks and candle holders.

Create a cosy, intimate atmosphere for your meals with family and friends.

And when you imagine a romantic atmosphere, candles and candleholders are an obvious choice. In the bedroom, living room or dining room, you can create a romantic atmosphere that you will love to be in.

Bring a touch of magic into your home with mandala candles, Fleur de Vie candles or other symbols.

And if you're a candlelight bath fan, place several candleholders along your bathtub or on the surrounding furniture. You will appreciate the warm atmosphere created by our frosted glass candle holders.

Candles can also be placed on consoles, sideboards, and why not on the window sills to give a cosy light to the interior. Play the accumulation card and multiply the candles to highlight the windows. In addition, this flickering light brings with it a warm and comforting atmosphere.

The candle illuminates your decoration, but it also participates in the creation of a comfortable, warm, more welcoming atmosphere

Here is a little exercise I suggest you do:

Look for a quiet place where you won't be disturbed for 15-30 minutes.

Sit comfortably with your back straight. Have a cup of herbal tea if necessary.

Relax and control your breathing, which should remain calm and slow.

Place a lighted candle in front of you. You can use a tealight candle and place it in the candle jar.

Look at the flame, don't think of anything else but the flame. Thus, clear your mind and leave your thoughts at the door.

Direct your thoughts to the virtue of your candle jar or to positive associations of ideas that revolve around Light, warmth, Love, Beauty..

Your mind becomes absorbed again, but in a directed way.

Let the mandala or the symbol radiate and impregnate you without trying to put your concepts on it.

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Barbara Aline Queen B - 10/21/2021 19:47:12

J aime le turquoise

Mandalashop - 09/26/2021 16:35:08

Bonjour Valérie, Je vais tenter de répondre à toutes vos questions! Les effets des couleurs peuvent différer selon les personnes. Cependant, des couleurs comme le bleu, des teintes pastelles, sont des couleurs habituellement apaisantes. Si vous êtes attirée par la Fleur de Vie, nos modèles rose ou turquoise sont aussi très apaisantes. Je vous invite à lire cet article: https://mandalashop-online.com/fr/blog/les-2-methodes-pour-travailler-sur-l-aura-n16 Après, je vais être honnête avec vous, j'aurais tendance à vous orienter vers des Mandalas car vous trouverez des énergies/vertus beaucoup plus ciblées et adaptées à votre besoin. Mais, encore une fois, il faut être à l'écoute de votre ressenti et ne pas répondre à des effets de mode (comme cela peut être le cas par exemple avec la Fleur de Vie). Donc, dans une chambre vous pouvez accrocher à votre mur une toile (il faut savoir que plus les symboles sont imprimés en grand, plus ils rayonnent). Et vous pouvez placer un tapis harmonisant ou un tapis de souris sous votre matelas (ou même sous votre oreiller). Concernant la purification des pierres, tout ceci est détaillé dans les fiches articles. Vous pouvez également lire cet article: https://mandalashop-online.com/fr/blog/une-autre-vision-de-la-fleur-de-vie-n28 Et enfin, si vous souhaitez vous orienter vers un mandala, notre catalogue est disponible ici: https://mandalashop-online.com/fr/content/25-catalogue-mandalashop-tous-mandalas Véronique

POITVIN VALERIE - 09/25/2021 15:46:06

Bonjour qu elle couleur de fleur de vie me faut il mettre dans ma chambre pour bien dormir .anti stress .apaisant.sous forme de tenture à poser à mon mur ou sous forme de tableau qu elle est le mieux Et sous mon matelas que le proposer vous comme fleur de vie et qu elle couleur contre les insomnie .car toutes les nuits on se réveille et on a du mal à avoir un sommeil réparateur. Pouvez vous aussi m.envoyer toutes les explication de ceci .mais aussi sur ka purification de toutes mes pierres et bijoux et est possible sur fleur de vie 7 chachras et comment faire m envoyer une vidéo avec les explication qui sera plus simple à comprendre pour moi. Et qu elle fleur de vie puis je instaurer dans mon salon ou il y a tous lrs passage et un lieu où on y est le plus souvent qui pourrais harmoniser mais aussi apaiser et destressans .et entente entre les individus mais aussi l amour et l.entente. Dans l attente de votre réponse très rapide j esoere et en vous remerciant d avance pour votre réponse à tout ceci et à votre comprehension