5 tips to free yourself from negative energy

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Family life, the daily office routine, the little worries of the day... What if you said "Stop!" to this frantic race for a few moments only? Ten minutes of the day just to think and meditate could do you a world of good.

Observe your daily life, observe how a typical day unfolds: what do you watch, what do you listen to, what disturbs your peace and quiet etc.?

By taking stock of the situation you will be better able to make the necessary adjustments to rebalance your daily life and increase your vibratory rate.

Why is it necessary to free yourself from harmful influences?

Simply to stop being vampirized, to lose your energy in vain and to concentrate on your goals and your objectives to you, and not those of the others!

In short, you have understood, it is time to return to the essential: you!

You must be yourself, know what you want and sort out the beings and worlds that will put influences in your aura, in your sphere of existence and fertilize your destiny.

Tip #1: Disconnect!

Even when you are alone, multiple disturbances prevent you from concentrating and finding peace of mind.

Remove the notifications from your computer, phone... Leave your mobile phone aside

Not easy when you were brought up like that..

And yet, 30 or 40 years ago, when you wanted to visit friends, you called from the landline and made an appointment. We still went to phone booths. Nobody knew where you were 24 hours a day.

Now, no one goes anywhere without their mobile phone and if you don't answer the phone right away, they worry.

It has become a real plague.

I'm talking about the telephone, but what about television and the information that we are made to swallow all day long?

If you look carefully, you will observe that most of the thoughts we entertain and circulate are lifeless. All the information we have on television are electronic thoughts, transmitted by technology, not by people with souls. Man no longer thinks. He has nothing inside him, he is empty, his thoughts do not mean anything real.

When we start to observe our thoughts consciously, to look at where they come from, why we have them, we quickly realize that most (not to say almost all) of the thoughts that run through us are not our own!


To heal your thoughts, you have to start by unplugging from all this electric world, go to nature and reconnect with it. You have to focus your attention on the flowers, the trees, the stones, the sky because it is the real. You will then be able to receive, to feel all this real life that there is in nature. Then new thoughts will visit you.

Look at nature, you will discover extraordinary things. Develop a thought full of life, full of soul and you will become yourself full ofsoul. Then you will no longer be afraid, you will have strength.

Going to nature or connecting with it through highly vibratory mandalas is a necessity because currently, if man is a prisoner, locked in his thoughts and feelings, it is mainly because he is constantly in an electric light, in electronic images, surrounded by electronic devices. Man's magnetic field is invaded by this, and it ends up invading his sphere of thought. Worse, the deterioration of the organ of thought will increase because the magnetic fields, the waves generated by electricity have as their ultimate destiny to destroy the subtle thought that illuminates the inner life of each of us.

Tip #2:  let go!

By trying to control everything and do everything in time, daily life becomes a source of stress and anxiety. Learn to detach yourself from things you have no control over.

Let's be clear, I am absolutely not a model for this advice (ahahha). And yet, when I give myself the conditions to ignore my environment and I isolate myself in nature (for several weeks), letting go becomes something palpable.

It teaches you to look at things differently and it feels good!

Tell yourself that you not only have the right to make mistakes, but you will always learn from them!

You are not responsible for everything and everyone: don't waste your time trying to find out what others think. That's the last thing you can control!

Not letting go is exhausting. Not letting go is draining your energy, losing vital energy inside you and it is energetically reinforcing all those things you don't accept.

Letting go is such a vast and complete subject that I invite you to read my article on the subject(the 7 golden rules of Letting go).

Tip #3: Slow down.

It is not because we live at 100 per hour that we live at 100%, quite the contrary. It is by starting from this observation that we realize that it is essential today to slow down our lifestyles to flourish.

Faced with a long list of tasks to accomplish, the first reflex would be to accelerate the pace so as to get through them more quickly. But by working faster, without taking a step back, you are heading for disaster.

Why slow down when you are rushed?

  • To take stock and clearly discern the urgent tasks from those that are less urgent.
  • To work more efficiently.
  • To avoid making mistakes.

Do you know the slow movement? (extract from laslowlife.fr)

The Slow movement was initiated in the 1980s in response to global acceleration. It invites us to slow down gently to appreciate the simple moments and take the time to live. It is a true philosophy of life that consists in living consciously, well anchored in the present. Slow life is based on the fundamental values of authenticity, respect, love, sharing and nature.

In 1986, Carlo Petrini, a food journalist, launched Slow Food in Italy in opposition to fast food. Today, Slow Food is an international organization that offers various events and defends food biodiversity.

Slow life now extends to all areas: we talk about slow tourism (travel differently, ecotourism), slow management (adapted work methods, quality of life at work), slow cosmetics (organic products, homemade recipes), slow school (nature workshops, fun rating), slow city (with the Cittaslow network), slow sex and the list goes on!

Slow life in a few principles:

- Slow down
- Reconnect with simplicity
- Take time for yourself (listen to your body, get to know yourself better, etc.)
- Give time to others (enjoy with your family, create social ties, participate in the life of your community, etc.)
- (Re)connect with nature (put your hands in the earth, integrate eco-responsible gestures, do activities in nature, etc.)
- Awaken your senses
- Develop your creativity
- Savor the present.

It's clear that this seems to be totally opposite to our contemporary rhythm of life but... what if we tried to apply some principles simply to find simple values and feel good?

I'll give you a few examples to put into practice in your daily life:

Treat yourself to a relaxing stroll when you leave work. Why not take a walk in a park or in nature if you have the opportunity?

Take the time to vent during your lunch break instead of staying cooped up or staring at your computer with a sandwich in your hand. Airing out is not just going outside, it's settling down and enjoying the sounds, smells and sights of nature. We listen to the birds, the branches of the trees swaying in the wind, we breathe in the freshly cut grass...

Meditate. By devoting 5 to 10 minutes a day to meditation, you start the day in a more serene way

Anticipate things. For example, making a schedule the day before for the next day allows you to organize your day well and not feel overwhelmed. Generally speaking, if you know what to expect the next day, you avoid unnecessary stress on the big day.

Limit your use of social networks and take a step back from the content that circulates there. Go and get the information you need instead of being subjected to it.

Tip #4: Manage your emotions

When someone upsets you, know that getting upset will not do you any good. You can say unpleasant things to them, but the real reason for your irritation will be obscured in favour of a negative and thoughtless message.

How to avoid getting upset?

- Take a few minutes to put things into perspective: never react on the spot!
- Abandon the nasty and unfounded reproaches that come to mind.
- Calmly explain your disagreements.

Your message will be heard more clearly, and you will feel more serene.

And there is a great tool to help regulate your emotions: mandalas!

Creating, coloring, or looking at a mandala (not all have the same "powers") is a bit like meditating and has the same beneficial effects. The circular shape is not a coincidence, it expresses the cosmic order, its birth and its harmonious development and aims to connect the center and the periphery.

In other words, the mandala is a journey within yourself, which allows you to explore the parts of yourself that you know the least and to gain a greater awareness of your being. The first of the important benefits of mandalas is therefore self-awareness, but it is not the only one.

The list of their beneficial effects is long and varied:

- They help to combat stress;

- They calm the mind and eliminate obsessive and repetitive thoughts;

- They fight anxiety;

- They help to relax, and become calmer and more serene;

- They help to manage negative emotions;

- They develop creativity, imagination and fantasy;

- They promote concentration;

- They dissolve stiffness or physical tension;

-They slow down breathing;

-They facilitate meditation.

In the psychotherapeutic field, mandalas have been used for a long time in therapies involving children, especially those suffering from attention deficit, because they favour their concentration, also helping them to develop balance and serenity.

Depending on the way they color, the type of mandala they choose, the colors they use, you can understand a lot about a child, related to their inner aspect, such as their difficulties in accepting themselves, their unexpressed needs, their hidden talents, their tolerance towards themselves and others and their emotional state.

In some research with disabled children, the mandala has helped them to integrate and express themselves better, while stimulating their individuality and creativity.

See my article on focus.

Tip #5: Surround yourself with positive people

If you spend your day surrounded by people who have negative thoughts and words, it is bound to rub off on you.

To thrive and simplify your life, it is important to surround yourself with positive people, to stay away from bitter, backbiting, complaining people and to avoid toxic relationships that drain your energy.

Surrounding ourselves with positive people, who are full of projects and cultural interests and challenge us to excel, ultimately affects our own creativity and energy levels

On the other hand, being around negative or apathetic people, whose life is just a routine and in whose presence you feel weaker or in the grip of doubt or fear, does not allow you to rise and achieve personal fulfillment.

How do you do it if they are your co-workers and you can't avoid them?

My advice would be to try to make your bubble and focus on positive things: a picture, mandalas, something that makes you feel good.

Personally, I remember that when I was still working when I created Mandalashop, I had my Optimism mug on my desk. So I could focus on it for a few moments to take a break when I felt the need.

And somewhere along the line I felt like I had my own superpower that was totally unknown to all my colleagues. Where some saw a simple beautiful drawing, a nice mandala, I knew the radiation and the power of these wonderful symbols of sacred geometry and I could concentrate on it.

Ditto for, "Yes, but my friends, my family are very negative... How do you do it?"

Even if it seems difficult, try to distance yourself from them. You don't have to go to lunch with them every day or go out every weekend together. Set the frequency that feels right for your own personal growth!

And if it's people who keep harping on the negative information they've seen on TV, try changing the subject and steering them to more positive discussions!

To conclude

Finally, if you want to attract to you people who correspond to you, BE YOURSELF! Yes, it's not always easy, it sometimes requires courage, but it's the only way to attract people who will fit perfectly with you.

And if you find it difficult to take action, don't hesitate to ask your friends and family for help. They are caring people who will give you the boost you need!

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