4 good reasons to harmonize your home with the symbols

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Have you ever walked into a place where you didn't feel good, not comfortable?

Your mind is confused, you wonder what is going on because you feel strange.

All you want to do is to go out and take a deep breath.

If you felt this place as negative it is perhaps polluted by "bad" energies, or let us say rather unbalanced energies.

As much as you can decide not to go back there when it is not your home, but when it is your own place of life or work, you must act.

Whatever the place, it can be disturbed and need a purification and an energy harmonization. Indeed, walls and objects are filled with energies, they have a memory. They absorb different ambient energies or emotions over time and store energies, sometimes disturbing

There are several reasons for this. Life in the house for example: disputes, illnesses, stress, anger ... release negative energies that impregnate the place.

The causes can also be related to geobiological phenomena such as a spring, a fault under the house or in the middle of a Hartmann and Curry telluric network

Energy imbalances in a house can trigger insomnia, migraines, nausea. These symptoms can appear following negative emotions, accumulated stress..

Harmonizing your home will allow you to find serenity and a better well-being.

It is also advisable to carry out a purification and an energetic harmonization after an important trial in your life, like a depression or an illness, in order to drive out all the bad energies imprisoned in your house with the aim of finding this one more pleasant and healthy


The house is a place of life where one must feel good.

Now I share with you 4 good reasons to place vibratory symbols in your living or working space.

1- Symbols to cleanse your living or working space

At work:

It is important that there is a good harmonization of energies especially if you have a practice, an office or a business.

Indeed, this will allow a better productivity since you will be more serene and less taken by negative emotions (stress, anger, etc.). In addition, your business, office or practice receives customers, it is also important to perform a purification and an energetic harmonization so that they feel comfortable and feel a sense of well-being, it improves and facilitates the contact with customers and the quality of life at work.

At home:

To cleanse one's home in case of recurring problems such as fatigue, repeated arguments... is essential to live serenely and in good health.

We are constantly subjected to telluric energies, to cosmic energies. These energies are necessary to life, but it can happen that there is an imbalance between cosmic and telluric energies, which has an impact on health and well-being

The use of artificial electrical currents, waves such as wi-fi, GSM, DECT, can cause or accentuate these imbalances

And, let's face it,

Atmospheres are saturated.

But saturated with what?

Not just waves.

Our thoughts, our words are alive. And so we fill our living or working places with these energies.

If you are a bit sensitive, perhaps you have already been to a place and felt uncomfortable there.

I remember a trip to Budapest in Hungary that my husband and I took a few years ago. We visited an underground hospital in the hills above the city. What was so special about it?

The underground hospital in Budapest is a bunker hidden in the bowels of the Buda Castle Hill built during the Second World War.

During this period the caves and galleries of the hill were transformed into a real bunker of more than 10 meters deep, capable of withstanding the most violent air attacks. More than 600-700 wounded were treated there at the same time

It's a bit stuffy, the galleries are narrow and you can feel the imprint of the past. In this cramped, enclosed space, you have to imagine that there were hundreds of people living together, most of them wounded soldiers and nursing staff, but also civilians.

In short, we came away with a sense of unease, something that didn't belong to us. This place was really very charged, impregnated with this tragic history

We had to clean up after the visit to avoid all these influences.

So I can tell you that we didn't even consider visiting the Museum of Terror! (great name....)

In the end, you have to be really aware of the places you go to because you are unconsciously influenced by them. It is the same for the things we look at or listen to.

2- Symbols for living in harmony and having life energies conducive to better health

In order to live in harmony with oneself, one must also harmonize one's habitat with the universe and the forces acting in it.

The vibratory mandalas were mainly created to animate the soul of the house because every house, every home, is in essence a vibratory mandala.

The house is an extension of ourselves. Not so long ago it was customary to name your house, but also to have it baptized or blessed by a priest.

The soul of the house affects the destiny of those who live in it. We have seen this with haunted houses, houses built in disharmony with the energies of nature or even large housing estates.

Other houses bring luck, make you happy, heal, improve your character.

There is a whole science of habitat that originates in the construction of temples. This science is better known as Feng Shui.

By harmonizing your home with the universe, you will also harmonize and strengthen yourself in life.

You will be able to:

  • Have a calmed atmosphere of the place, have more serenity
  • Unblock financial problems, if these were favoured by the energy of the place
  • Give a new energy and a new dynamic in your daily life
  • Improve your relationships with the other inhabitants of the place

3- Symbols for better sleep and recovery

Sleeping with a Flower of Life or a Mandala in your room

The vibratory symbols act on the physical body and the mind to positively transform the energies. Thus, the human body is re-harmonized since the realignment of energies leads to a complete rebalancing of the body and mind

The soothing effect of these houses can theoretically make it easier to sleep.

I say in theory because each symbol radiates differently (and we also perceive them differently according to our sensitivity) and some shapes and/or colors are not recommended for the room.

For example, in Feng Shui we advise against red in the room (too dynamic) and we will rather prefer blue or pastel colors.

Concretely, you can place a Flower of Life, a vibratory Mandala or any other symbol of sacred geometry in your room. Either hang it on the wall if it is a printed canvas, or put a harmonizing disc, a mouse pad or a candle holder on your night table

Some clients prefer to place a Flower of Life or a vibratory Mandala under their bed, or even under the mattress.

Sleeping with a Flower of Life or Mandala under your pillow

The symbols of sacred geometry are very powerful symbols that energize water. The human body is composed of nearly 70% water. Imagine then the effect that this can have on you, especially if you are very receptive to the energies emitted by these symbols.

Just like the water in your glass, bottle or carafe, your body will be purified but also have a boost of energy, which is not necessarily conducive to sleep. We know very well that when we are agitated, we have a lot of trouble finding sleep or it is of very poor quality.

From my point of view, the vibrational Mandalas are much more suitable for the bedroom space because in our catalogue of more than 400 Mandalas, there are some very soft and soothing energies, which might be more suitable for this space

You have to test it.

It is necessary to test because each one is different and does not perceive the energies in the same way

If you put a Flower of Life under your pillow and your sleep is disturbed, remove it and place it in another part of your room.

For others, who are already used to sleeping well, it will have no effect on sleep itself but they will have better vitality and recovery.


Know that each vibratory Mandala radiates an energy of its own

In the same way that you will energize your water and tint it with a specific energy, by placing a Mandala under your pillow, you will transmit this energy to all the cells of your body.

I myself, for several months, placed under my pillow a Mandala that I needed. Place your intention on the Mandala so that it inspires you during your sleep and shows you how you can live with it in a concrete way.

All these symbols act in the invisible, even if we do not necessarily realize it.

I always use the example of the mobile phone because it is very telling

If we can hear someone at the other end of the planet, it is because waves are circulating. You can't see them, but they are there. And I can tell you that electro-sensitive people perceive these waves well!

Let's take another example, that of the tide, subject to the influences of the moon. Some beings are sensitive to the effects of the moon and it disturbs their sleep. Others will continue to sleep like babies!

Trust yourself and go towards the symbol that speaks to your heart.

4 - Symbols for living with beauty

The living art teaches us to move our own inner and outer life.

It is not enough to surround yourself with beauty and things that you love, you must also allow beauty to emanate from within, to become a source of beauty and energy.

Basically, the outside world is a reflection of who we are inside.

So the more we discover and cultivate beauty inside, the more it appears around us.

Beauty cannot leave you indifferent. It awakens the whole being and mobilizes it.

On the contrary, to live without beauty is to plunge into the darkness of the ugly, the sad, the inexpressive.

Beauty reveals to us the presence of a higher intelligence that aspires to lead everything towards evolution. When this intelligence is present, everything makes sense, even ugliness, even sadness.

Beauty makes life more beautiful.

Plato said "the beautiful is the splendor of the true".

What did he mean?

Simply that there is great beauty in what is authentic.

The vibratory mandalas have been elaborated from a knowledge that unites art, science and religion.

Basically they are artistic creations that are meant to adorn the walls of a house, a room, a place of prayer or meditation.

They have been developed from an exact knowledge of a magical and invisible world in order to improve the quality of life. In that they are the application of a real science.

Their spiritual aspect lies in the fact that they increase positive energy and connect us to higher states of mind and consciousness.

How to harmonize your home and change the atmosphere of a room?

First of all, let us be clear: the harmony of a home, the harmony of a house, the harmony in a family goes beyond the physical aspect and the aspect of forms. Some modern habits are not in harmony, not balanced. For example, putting televisions in the kitchens, computers in the bedrooms.

If you have the opportunity, avoid this as much as possible.

The first thing to do is to avoid as much electricity as possible in the room where you rest, namely the bedroom.

In standard cases, where there are no big problems in your house:

You can place a vibrational mandala or other vibrational symbol in your living or working space.

It will transform all the energies of the place.

I always advise to choose the symbol with your heart, because unconsciously we will be attracted to the symbol we need or with which we are in affinity.

If we want to push further the choice of the symbol, to be in agreement with the principles of Feng Shui of the habitat, then it is also necessary to take into account the effect that its colors will have on the place where it will be placed.

For example, a green and yellow vibratory Mandala in the Taurus sector can facilitate and stabilize the financial side.

An orange-red vibratory Mandala in the Leo sector can help to boost health, good mood and joy in the house.

A blue-violet vibratory Mandala in the Pisces sector can effectively protect against the evil eye, unexpected blows of fate, hypocrisies, hidden enemies, bewitchments.

In a general way, here are the correspondences of the colors:

Red is the spirit of life, which brings dynamism, ardour, initiative, enterprise, holy activity, creativity.

Orange is the spirit of joy, which opens the perception of the inner life. It refines the feelings, strengthens the sensations, awakens the free inner happiness.

Yellow is the spirit of wisdom, of intelligence, which allows to reinforce the right thinking, to reach knowledge, to develop clarity of mind.

Green is the spirit of destiny, of eternity, which helps to understand the deep meaning of life, to know the reason of its coming on earth. It brings wealth on all levels.

Blue is the spirit of the true soul, of truth, which brings peace, fullness, love, higher consciousness, perception of the great, the true, the beautiful, the just, the good. It opens the door to higher consciousness.

Indigo is the spirit of strength, which brings commitment, inner strength, courage, humility, order, discipline, celestial harmony.

Violet is the spirit of purity, which allows one to reach mystical states, rapture, ecstasy. It chases away all that is dark and negative and opens the doors to the divine consciousness within. It is truth, freedom, purification, mastery of all subtle bodies.

In more complex cases (diseases etc.)

Geobiology studies these aspects, finds and implements operative remedies to these imbalances. We are bathed in streams of energy that come from the cosmos, others from the earth. These energies are necessary for life. There are no "harmful" or "beneficial" energies, but it can happen that there is an imbalance due to the configuration of the places or the geology

This imbalance has harmful impacts on human health, and on living beings in general

Geobiology is a discipline that allows to harmonize the energies of a place so that they are favorable to the living beings that reside there, whether they are humans, animals or plants.

Geobiology is part of this science called Feng Shui.

In case of specific problems, I always advise to call a geobiologist, because placing symbols in a living or working space will not be enough.

In the friendly links, you will find a contact who practices in the south east of France.

Practical method to harmonize your space:

Everything is vibration in the universe. Sounds, shapes, colors, objects are vibrations as well as each being and each thought. EVERYTHING is 100% energy.

This is why it is important to decorate your home only with positive, intelligent, harmonious and lucky things.

When you place an object in a room, whether it is a plant, a vibratory symbol or a stone, you can add another, more interior dimension.

How to do it ?

Simply create a relationship with this object that is alive. Put a link to it, so that your will of harmony and balance is present in every place of the house.

Visualize, project what you would like to see happen in the room.

Obviously, a harmonization of its home will not make problems disappear in a snap of fingers, especially if they have been anchored for years.

It is a precious help to advance towards a better well-being, to establish a better energy at home and thus put all the chances on its side to feel better

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