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3 Ways to Choose Your Sacred Geometry Symbol

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The symbols of sacred geometry speak to you, attract you and you don't know which one to choose.

There is no right or wrong method; the one that counts is the one that suits you the most and that allows everyone to find their way.

Here are 3 ways to make sure you make the right choice.

1) Listen to your intuition

What is intuition?

Intuition is that strange phenomenon that occurs in your brain and helps you make choices. Without any particular reason, you will go towards one solution rather than another, only because you feel that it is the right path to take.

Your intuition is your best ally, not only in choosing your symbol but in life in general! To listen to your intuition is to listen to your heart.

If we are honest with ourselves, we can observe that the personality is used to complexity and that having time to waste, not knowing what to do, it likes to complicate life, to confuse everything, to make it winding, to aggravate problems, to multiply difficulties.

The heart reveals to us the supremacy of simplicity, purity, unification and that is why it is confusing, even incomprehensible for some. Humans living on the periphery of their being always want things to be extremely complicated and besides, the less they understand a thing the more they think it is effective and trust it. But if you tell them about the power of the heart, about a method that is within everyone's reach, they laugh in your face and turn away.

And yet, the simple things are often the most effective!

The heart has the knowledge. There can be no science, no knowledge, without the heart. Knowledge that comes without the heart is not true, authentic knowledge because the heart is filled withsoul, filled with inner life

The heart is a global being, a sensitivity. When you really enter the heart, you have the instant knowledge of everything, the essential knowledge of everything that is good for you.

Somehow this requires a certain stability because you have to be able to resist outside influences, not to let yourself be influenced by others. You must be able to listen to your heart.

By choosing your symbol with your heart, you will get wonderful results because you have chosen the symbol that suits you best.

Many people are attracted to the Flower of Life. And there is a reason for this! Not only because the symbol is beautiful and harmonious but also because it is a symbol that many people have focused on in the past

And because of this, this geometric shape has accumulated a powerful energy and will emit a vibration enhanced by the power of the egregore to which it is connected.

Your choice is personal and it must be guided by your heart alone.

So if you have "stumbled" upon a Mandala or a symbol that attracts you for no particular reason, a color that seems more beautiful than another, it may be that it resonates with you and that you just need to go towards it.

By experience you will be attracted in great majority by a symbol that you need. But it can also be a symbol with which you have an affinity, a symbol that is similar to you (and that you may need less).

Just be sincere with yourself and know how to look at your intention in going to this or that symbol.

2) Identify a problem

This method consists of asking yourself and focusing on what is alive in you, without judgment.

What is the virtue, the quality that you need at this moment of your existence?

Do you need trust, support, protection? Or understanding, courage, love, gentleness, balance?

What could you want to offer to your loved ones, what do they need? Health, strength, faith or optimism, healing?

Vibrational Mandalas are the best tools to help you solve certain problems or imbalances.

The Mandala is a very concrete link between you and a particular energy, between you and a virtue. A link that allows them to radiate around you and within you.

Each Mandala radiates its own energy. And so the Mandala is a personalized response to your needs.

We offer more than 400 vibrational Mandalas in our catalog. We make choices of printing on the different media we offer. But... on the printed canvas and the vibrating wooden tray, you can choose your Mandala among these 400 references!

It is a great opportunity to let these symbols shine in your home.

Vibrational Mandalas have the strange ability to serve as a mirror in oneself and in the house. They allow you to take stock, to create clarity, to clean up the shadow areas

Often, in a house, there are shadowy areas, unspoken, unconscious places, not worked on. This is where negativity accumulates. Vibrational Mandalas enliven the air and cleanse the soul of the house. They awaken consciousness and naturally push for clarity, clarity in yourself and in your environment.

Put all the chances on your side and strengthen everything that aspires to help you

To live in harmony, you must also harmonize your habitat with the universe and the forces that act there.

In our time, more and more shockwaves, disturbances, mental and emotional upheavals are passing through us. It is more than necessary to have the intelligence to protect ourselves in a conscious and dynamic way.

The Mandalas act by themselves, you just have to use them in the form of your choice or place them in your environment to enjoy their benefits.

But you can also set up a meditative practice. Contemplate its color, its shape and then let yourself be won over by its amazing harmony. Then perceive its energy, its soul, its intelligence. This can awaken in you a new look at yourself and your surroundings.

The purpose of this exercise is to perceive the energetic aura of the Mandala and to enter into it to receive its blessing. This increases your own energy and consciousness.

Only you know what is necessary for your well-being, for your balance, and only you can identify your needs and their problems. According to what you have identified, you can then orient yourself towards the symbols or Mandalas whose properties meet your expectations.

The same applies when you want to give a gift to someone.

Be careful though, it happens more often that we focus on the consequences of a problem than on its origin. Keep this in mind when you choose this method.

3) Identify an unbalanced chakra

We can neither touch nor see them. However, according to traditional Indian medicine, when one of our seven chakras is disturbed, our entire physical and psychological balance is upset.

To each chakra correspond, in fact, a zone of the body, organs and glandular systems, but also emotions, physical and psychic troubles.

For example, the solar plexus chakra is connected to the pancreas. Unbalanced, it would lead to stomach aches, weight problems, but also a lack of confidence and nightmares. Balanced, it would allow to assert oneself without aggressiveness.

But be careful, the "reharmonization" of the chakras should not dispense with a medical treatment adapted to the disease or the disorder that you encounter.

When a chakra is well opened, its qualities are expressed in an optimal way. When it is closed, disorders appear. Some examples.

1. Root chakra (between the anus and the genitals)

Qualities : stability, self-confidence, courage.
Physical problems : circulatory problems, sciatica, anemia.
Psychic disorders : egoism, lack of confidence, depression.

2. Sex chakra (above the genitals)

Qualities : sexuality, vitality and creativity.
Physical disorders : genital, renal and urinary affections.
Psychic disorders: anger, frustration, aggressiveness, jealousy.

3. Solar plexus chakra (two fingers above the navel)

Qualities : balance, spontaneity.
Physical disorders: digestive disorders, diabetes, obesity.
Psychic disorders: irritability, nightmares, lack of self-respect.

4. Heart chakra (in the center of the chest)

Qualities: center of love and harmony.
Physical disorders: tension, heart problems, back pain.
Psychic disorders: coldness, difficulty to establish contact.

5. Throat chakra (in the region of the larynx)

Qualities : communication, productivity, expressiveness.
Physical disorders : throat, teeth, hearing problems.
Psychic disorders: blockages, shyness, fear of giving one's opinions, speech disorders.

6. Forehead chakra (above the root of the nose)

Qualities: imagination, intuition, wisdom.
Physical disorders: headaches, eye diseases, nervous system diseases.
Psychic disorders : lack of memory and concentration.

7. Crown chakra (at the top of the head)

Qualities : spirituality, self-realization.
Physical disorders: headaches, chronic illnesses, paralysis, immune deficiency.

The symbols of sacred geometry, associated with the different colors of the chakras, can be tools to help rebalance your chakras.

This is why we have developed a range of colored Flowers of Life and colored Metatron Cubes.

Colors are the language of Light. They fill the world, because everything is color in us and around us. Although they are the result of a physical phenomenon - electromagnetic waves of different lengths - their true nature is primarily spiritual.

Each of them is a manifestation of the spirit and has the ability to influence our daily lives. The colors of our clothes or the decoration of our house are not neutral, they act for our well-being or our malaise.

So if you feel an imbalance in one of your chakras, choose a color related to that chakra.

I hope this article has been useful to you. Anyway, my best advice is to listen to your feelings.

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