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Table set Mandala of Harmony

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Table set Mandala of Wisdom

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Flower of Life Table set

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What makes you want to spend time at the table? A home-cooked meal, good company, but also a dining room as welcoming as its hosts!

For a beautiful dining area, opt for our sublime textile table sets. A deliciously luminous touch that will make your space unique and where you will feel good.

Geometric shapes based on the golden ratio have the power to relax and bring about great inner transformations. They have the ability to increase your vibratory rate. Each one offers a unique vibration. Even just having them close to you will create vibrations that you can resonate with.

Eat foods with a good vibratory rate

We cannot live without water. Water carries vibration, a source of energy. This is also the case with food. It is important to us, of course, but its vibration is what is important for the vitality of life.

Everything that lives must continue to vibrate. In other words, each cell must also continue to vibrate.

Each food has a certain vibration. Of course, each organ or cell in our body has its own vibration. And the vibrations of food resonate with the vibrations of our organs and cells.

To influence the organs of the body with good vibrations, it is important to eat a variety of foods, but is it sufficient?

Today food is more and more abused at all levels: when it grows and is sprayed with pesticides, when it is harvested with ultra-modern machinery, when it is handled countless times, when we put them in plastic etc.

And even if we choose to eat organic and fair trade food, the product that arrives on your plate has lost a good dose of vitality.

So by placing your plate on a Mandala table set or a Flower of Life table set, your food will regain all its vitality.

How can a form have an action on the energy level?

Each geometric body has its own vibratory energy, which depends on its shape. This is called a “wave lenght form”. Already in ancient Egypt, as well as in other ancient cultures, it was known that some forms were more adequate than others when it came to capturing cosmic energies and manifesting them.

It was even considered that certain geometric figures and proportions had the capacity to reproduce the harmonious order of the cosmos on earth and thus to ensure that the Micro-Cosmos here (a temple or a pyramid) was the exact representation of the Macro-Cosmos from above. This knowledge is called Sacred Geometry. It is the foundation of all sacred buildings (cathedrals, temples, pyramids, ...), around the world.

And all of our symbols are structured according to the divine proportion, the golden ratio. This is why they are so harmonious.

Your table set will be a source of visual harmony, but it will also help revitalise all your food before you eat it.

Each item is hand-printed in our workshop.

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