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Yin and Yang: symbol of harmony and balance

Yin and Yang are two expressions of the same reality. They are always present as long as the event lasts. If one of them disappears, that is the end of this manifestation. The harmonious line between them indicates that they interact smoothly and effectively. One evolves in the other and vice versa, continuously and without interruption.

In everything there is Yin and Yang, as illustrated by the symbol of the point of the opposite colour in each polarity. It is the interaction of these two forces that creates movement, Qi (or Chi), universal energy and life.

As we can see this symbol is represented either on one side, positive and emissive side (dextrorotatory rotation), or on the other, on the negative and receptive side (levorotatory rotation). The guiding line with the golden ratio of this symbol gives a harmonious proportion to all its components.

This symbol, like many other symbols, therefore has two polarities, negative and positive depending on the direction of rotation. Polarity has no moral connotation and the use that can be made of it is therefore twofold either to activate a process or to slow it down.

So, to shine during a date, in a job interview or an exam, it is desirable to use your symbol with the positive phase forward (that is, the phase where the yin darkens from the water goes down and turns clockwise, from left to right).

Conversely to calm the energy, slow down an activation or imprint on those around us our desire for calm, it is good to use it with its front face in an anti-clockwise direction (this is i.e. when the dark yin turns from right to left). This use of the symbol will influence the environment to activate or calm it.

As you can see, at Mandalashop we have chosen to develop this symbol with the positive phase forward.

Thanks to it you will be able to find harmony and balance.

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