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Meaning of Aum - Om

AUM is a mantra, that is, a repeated sacred sound to strengthen concentration and keep mental activity silent. This technique is very effective and it is universally employed in spiritual practices such as litanies, rosaries, repetitive prayers, recitations of verses from sacred books.

This Aum mantra is considered by all to be the mantra of mantras. It represents the original sound from which the universe was structured. This mantra Aum is practiced in many religions (Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism), but it is pronounced HUM among Tibetans, AMIN among Muslims, AMEN among Jews, Christians.

It is the same sacred sound which is common to all mankind.

We can also write it OM, but the letter O is pronounced A-OU in Sanskrit, it is a diphthong, that is to say a double syllable. This is why the spelling Aum is commonly used and when we break it down we have the 3 sounds A, OU, M.

Aum represents the triple manifestation of the primordial sound with all that is triple in creation, the three states of energy, the beginning, the middle and the end of all things, the three bodies: body, soul and spirit. It is the original sound of the universe, the symbol of absolute wisdom, because it contains its three principles. The threefold aspect of this mantra as well as the graphic representation of this sound is somewhat akin to the symbolism of the Triskelion and the Trinity.

Aum has very powerful effects on many levels: energetic, physical, emotional, mental, philosophical and spiritual.

To connect with this symbol allows to put oneself in harmony, in resonance with the universal consciousness. In this symbol we also find the 4 elements.

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