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                Sacred geometry items - Discover our inspiring collection

                Sacred geometry has been known since ancient times. It is characteristic of human life. We find sacred geometry everywhere around us: in nature, on temples, on ancient monuments... Its forms intrigue as much as its spiritual symbols. Mandalashop offers you here different symbols and figures of sacred geometry for your well-being.

                Sacred geometry, your daily well-being and health ally

                Sacred geometry is a kind of architectural and artistic creation based on the repetition of geometric shapes and figures. It is a complex system of spiritual symbols or religious structures involving time, the universe and forms. The basic patterns of existence are therefore sacred. Through the study of the nature of forms, patterns and relationships and their connection, one can easily understand the history and mysterious laws of the universe.

                Sacred geometry represents the universal language of creation. It designates the art of communicating divine wisdom through geometric figures having the value of symbols. Through sacred geometry, one can connect to the universe to do physical, emotional or mental healing work. Through forms, sacred geometry expresses the development of life, from seed to flower, manifesting and repeating structures ad infinitum.

                Sacred geometry helps to revitalize everything it touches, to awaken what is deep within us, what we often tend to repress. It helps you find reliable and stable landmarks in order to discover the road to your inner light. To benefit from the benefits of sacred geometry, you can wear it daily in the different forms that we offer: pendant, medallion, key ring... You can also practice meditation by focusing your attention on the central point of a symbol of sacred geometry (mandala, Sri Yantra harmonizing mat …).

                Symbols of Sacred Geometry at Mandalashop

                Sacred geometry has several symbols. To know how to choose your sacred geometry symbol, you will find all the necessary information on our site. Some sacred geometry symbols are better known than others. Here are the symbols we offer on Mandalashop.

                sacred geometry

                The tree of Life

                The tree of life is one of the best known symbols of sacred geometry. This geometry symbol is used as a sign of unity and love. The tree of life is mainly related to the principle of cyclic transformation of nature. It is characterized by the symbol of the Ankh (ancient Egyptian key to life) represented by a tree with its trunk and branches. The eye on the tree of life is the symbol of the intelligence of the heart. The roots designate the origins of humanity which give the flow of energy, but also the symbol of life and earthly food.

                The Sri Yantra

                The Sri Yantra is one of the most famous yantras. It is designated as the symbol of the creation of the universe. The Sri Yantra is characterized by the Bindu, a central point that unites all levels. The latter reinforces the effect of depth of the geometric shape, which makes it possible to increase the concentration. By meditating for example on our Sri Yantra harmonizing mats, you will obtain a kind of fullness as well as spiritual richness. They are available on our site in black, blue and purple backgrounds.

                The seed of life

                The seed of life is the universal symbol representing creation and the beginning of all things. It is the source of all creation on earth. The seed of life has 7 stages equivalent to the days of creation. She is at the origin of the flower of life, the one that will give the fruit of life as well as all that remains in reality.

                The flower of life

                In sacred geometry, the flower of life represents the creation of the universe. It is the symbol of the expansion of consciousness. Of all the waveforms, the flower of life is considered the most powerful. Its geometric pattern (flower pattern) is the most spiritual in the whole universe. The Mandalashop Flower of Life Energizing Disk is widely used to energize water and aid in practicing energy healing. The flower of life is also used to recharge the crystals.

                The mandala

                It is depicted as a circle, a symbol of life. The mandala is used to release one's creative energy and allow one to focus on positive thoughts. This symbol brings balance and harmony to the place where it is placed. You will find in our catalog more than 400 vibrational mandalas printed on various supports (canvas, energizing wooden tray, etc.).

                Metatron's Cube

                Metatron's cube is the sum of the constituent elements of creation. It includes all Platonic solids (cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron). Metatron's cube is a kind of map of genesis which remains one of the powerful symbols of sacred geometry. The spheres of Metatron symbolize the feminine and the straight lines symbolize the masculine.

                Metatron's Cube reveals the deepest secrets of the universe and its creation. Our Metatron's Cube round box is, for example, practical for keeping your jewelry, but above all for repelling any negative energy and increasing the vibratory rate of a room or a person. To recharge your gemstones, simply place them on the lid.

                The Yin Yang

                It is a symbol of sacred geometry represented by a circle with inside a sinuous line corresponding to a tangent. The two spheres each feature two other smaller spheres with opposite contrast. Yin yang invites us to consider unity in everything, despite the opposites: black and white, day and night...

                Even if the two parts are opposed, they complement each other and are essential to the formation of the circle, and the representation of the universe. Our harmonizing Yin Yang disc brings you energy, vitality and self-confidence. We also offer Yin Yang keychains and Yin Yang mouse pads on Mandalashop. Come and get on our one of the emblematic figures of sacred geometry through our products.