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Sacred geometry articles for harmonisation and meditation

Today we know that energy imbalances in a home or work space can trigger insomnia, migraines and nausea. These symptoms can appear following negative emotions, accumulated stress ...

Harmonise your home to find serenity and well-being

It is also advisable to carry out a purification and an energetic harmonisation after an important test in your life, such as a depression or an illness, in order to drive out all the bad energies imprisoned in your home in order to find it more pleasant and healthy. .

Home is a place to live where you should feel good.

And therefore, cleaning up your home is essential to live serenely and in good health.

By harmonising your home or surroundings with the symbols of sacred geometry, you will also harmonise and strengthen yourself in life.

You'll be able to:

• Have a peaceful atmosphere in the place, have more serenity
• Unblock financial problems, if these were favoured by the energy of the place
• Restore vitality and a new dynamic in everyday life
• Improve your relations with the other inhabitants of the place

This science of habitat is called Feng Shui.

What is Feng Shui?

It is a Chinese method that teaches us how to arrange every room in your house, in your apartment. The basic principle is that the energy, "Chi" circulates best in your environment. Practical tips that will make your life enjoyable without realizing it.

This Chinese art of living highlights certain rules of common sense in terms of layout, choice of colours and materials for a more serene habitat. The goal: find fulfillment and create a living space focused on well-being!

All the articles we have developed have been created for this purpose.

The Chinese considered Feng Shui as a philosophy of life allowing them to live in harmony with nature. Moreover, all the architects of major Chinese monuments, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing or the Great Wall of China, were inspired by the principles of Feng Shui to give their construction the harmonious breath necessary for their integration into nature.

When we know that the symbols of sacred geometry are geometric shapes based on the golden ratio and which connect us to the living, we better understand how they are an integral part of this science of Feng Shui.

In fact, all of the vibratory Mandalas offered at Mandalashop were created with inspiration from nature. And since they are connected to a world which is alive, that of nature, they are really alive and powerfully acting.

What are the colours of Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, there are Yin colours and Yang colours. Yin colours are pale colours, pastels or even cold colours (green, blue, gray); Yang colours are bright colours, warm tones (yellow, orange, red).

The colours of Feng Shui

Images credit: Depositphotos / Natura Feng Shui

Each Feng Shui colour brings a particular energetic vibration. Yin or Yang, they act on the energy of a room, energising or soothing it. For a harmonious balance and an interior filled with well-being, listen to your feelings and inspiration.