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Lack of concentration ?

Typical problems related to lack of control of one's attention and concentration are:

● slowness in getting into or finishing a task
● the inability to perform a task for a long time
● difficulty in resisting environmental stresses (noises, sounds, images, discussions)
● difficulty resisting other personal concerns (worries, daydreams, various desires)
● difficulty staying focused for a long time (during a lesson, reading or work)
● the tendency to regularly forget things
● difficulty following a reading
● the feeling of having a cloudy head
● the feeling of distraction when someone is talking to you

How to focus

Since the famous Carl Jung brought the mandala to the West as a therapeutic tool, the mandala has been unanimous in art therapy, personal development activities and psychotherapy.

It allows refocusing, inner calm, self-knowledge, appeasement and psychic restructuring.

Now even at school, teachers are introducing this tool in the form of coloring to help calm down and develop children's concentration.

Of course you can also focus on the vibratory mandalas that we print on the different media. The approach is different from mandala coloring, but these mandalas are so powerful that they will open up new perspectives on yourself and on a world filled with wisdom and liberation.

In the symbol of the circle and its center (the Mandala), the periphery represents the body, the ray represents the soul and the center represents the Spirit.

The meaning of the Mandala as a tool of meditation is the return to the center.

To approach the center is to acquire knowledge, stability, balance. It's putting intelligence, order in your life. It is for this reason that Mandalas are excellent tools for concentration, relaxation and resourcing.

Fight against stress

Your Mandala mouse pad (or with other sacred geometry symbols) will radiate into the space where you put it. This can be on a desk for use as a mouse pad, but also placed on a bedside table for children for example, or under the pot of a slightly tired plant to boost it.

Each symbol, and in particular our vibratory Mandalas, will emit a vibration, an energy of its own. They are anti-stress symbols by nature because they allow you to stay zen and centered.

Then, the choice of colour is not trivial either. If you want to find calm and serenity, you will favor, for example, bluish shades, or tending towards purple. Each mandala associating shape and colour, let yourself be guided by the mouse pad that speaks the most to your heart.

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