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The flower of life represents the basis of all life forms on Earth. Highly prized by many people because of its potency, you may be wondering what it means and what it can do for you. Mandalashop helps you learn more about this geometry symbol. By browsing our shop, discover all our products representing the flower of life that we offer in delivery.

The meaning of the flower of life

The flower of life is a drawing representing a rosette which highlights the different elements present on Earth. Among these elements, we can cite plants, DNA or even minerals.

The composition of the flower of life

Composed of 19 interconnected circles, the Flower of Life has a central starting point from which various cell divisions originate. These are of the same diameter and make it possible to achieve a form of geometry evoking the development of cells and elements of the Earth. The circle surrounding the flower of life represents a protection of the cell among which existence develops. The flower of life is thus a perfect representation of the universal vital energy.

flower of life

Sacred Geometry for the Flower of Life

A symbol of sacred geometry which explains that "all life is part of a divine and geometric plan", the flower of life is made up of a cell and then other circles representing its development. We can thus find:

  •     the seed of life (possessing 7 circles like the number of days of the creation of the world),
  •     the egg of life,
  •     the fruit of life (and its 13 star-shaped circles),
  •     the tree of Life.

The flower of life is very important in many religions and practices. For feng-shui for example, it helps with concentration, meditation and activation of the chakras. The flower of life therefore has great spiritual strength. The various circles of geometry appearing in the flower of life also tend to attract us. By opting for our flower of life products in stock, you will be able to see the different shapes and messages that this symbol of sacred geometry can transmit to you. You will find the flower of life in different colours that will each bring you unique sensations and enter into communion with you.

The power of the flower of life

This sacred symbol has a very important attractive power. The products we offer on Mandalashop will allow you to better understand the contribution of the flower of life to everyday life. Find out how it can help re-energize you and give you more energy.

The flower of life, to cleanse and recharge the stones

You have just purchased a stone and put it on one of your jewellery. The flower of life will help you cleanse it of all the negative energies it has captured so that it retains its full effectiveness. By eliminating these bad waves and keeping its positive aspects, the flower of life will recharge your stone so that you can enjoy all these benefits. To clean and recharge it, you can use our flower of life round box that you will find on our shop in 7 rays, turquoise or 7 colours. By placing your jewels in the box, your stones will recharge and regain their full effectiveness thanks to the power of the flower of life. We also have other products in our shop such as the wooden energizing tray to recharge your stone.

The flower of life, to raise the vibrations of a place

Do you feel bad vibes at home? Opt for our stickers, our magnets and other harmonising disks for your decoration in order to bring positive energies to your home. The flower of life will have a vibrational harmonization action for your home. Your home (or the room in which you have installed our products) will be balanced, protected and full of harmony. We also offer a kit of “7 chakras” magnets, each in a different colour. For the flower of life to be effective, you can display it as a visual aid on the wall, on a shelf or even on a desk. Our flower of life stone incense holder could also be useful for you to bring new harmony to your home.

The flower of life, a water dynamizer

If you drink water, consider energizing it. By using one of our flower of life products in stock in our shop, you will get a boost that will help you have a good day. Thanks to the flower of life, the energized water will allow you to find a balance and to feel a positive energy. By placing your bottle or your cup on our mouse pad, our plate or our wooden energising tray for a few minutes, the power of the sacred geometry of the flower of life will take care of energizing and purifying the water of all impurities. By drinking the energized water, you will feel ready to deal with daily aggressions.

Meditation with the flower of life

Meditation and yoga enthusiasts mostly use the flower of life. If you practice these disciplines, the products present in our shop are made for you. For example, you can get our harmonizing flower of life mat. As you rest on this mat, the flower of life will help you refocus and refocus your mind. The power of this sacred geometry symbol will open your chakras and help you find the inner peace that lies dormant within you.

The vibrations and positive energies of the flower of life

Do you feel bad, lacking energy after a hard night's sleep? The power of the flower of life will help you find a certain balance. Different products from our shop such as our flower of life 7-ray mug, our t-shirts or our cushion cover will help you draw the energy of this symbol of sacred geometry. The mandalas present on these flower of life objects will allow you to feel joy and good humor.

positive energies

The benefits of the flower of life

Whether you use our wooden energising tray, our pocket mirror or our crystal suncatcher, the flower of life will bring you all its daily benefits. The vibrations it emits will allow you to revitalize your body, rebalance it and protect the energies that are around you. The flower of life will thus be a vector of energy and vitality.

For example, by drinking dynamized water, you will be able to feel less tired, you will have less illnesses. You'll also have better nights and you'll eat your fill. You will finally recover more quickly from your efforts thanks to better hydration with energized water. Each colour of the flower of life will bring you positive on a daily basis. Don't wait any longer and come and get one of our flower of life products in stock on Mandalashop. You will benefit from a discount of 2.50 euros for the first order and express shipping within 48 hours.

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