Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a sacred geometric figure represented by 19 circles that overlap and intersect. The symbol of the Flower of Life is considered to be sacred through many traditions around the world. In fact, it is found almost everywhere in the world.

Stone carvings of this geometric figure with interwoven circles have been discovered in Egypt at Abydos in the Temple of Osiris, in Turkey on the paving of the Temple of Artemis, in Asia on a paving of the Golden Temple of Amritsar. It therefore seems that this symbol, with the keys it contains, is planetary knowledge.

The Flower of Life symbol of Life

(Above, the Flower of Life, under the paw of the Bronze Lion, guardian of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China)

And in almost every corner of the world it has been given the same name: that of the Flower of Life.

Meaning of the Flower of Life

Two of the main names used could be translated as “the language of silence” and “the language of light”. It is the very source of all language. It is the primordial language of the universe, of pure form and proportion.

Moreover, inside this symbol we find all the constructions of the universe.

It is called a flower, not just because it looks like a flower, but because it represents the cycle of a fruit tree. The fruit tree first makes a small flower, which then undergoes a metamorphosis and becomes a fruit. The fruit contains seeds that fall to the ground, develop, take root and in turn become a tree, and this in 5 main phases.

The 5 miraculous and simple phases of this process or life cycle actually have to do with the geometries of life.

The Flower of Life contains the information of creation and conceals so much potential that simply contemplating its outline provides a profound session of introspection. By imbibing this pattern, we can amplify its power of creation.

This universal geometric figure reveals to our eyes the unfathomable mysteries of the genesis of the universes, because it can be transposed to all micro and macrocosmic scales.

The benefits of the Flower of Life

It is a perfect example of spatial organization and it becomes a timeless door that allows one to find oneself and to rediscover one's true being. The symbol of the Flower of Life, like other sacred symbols, allows us to free ourselves from our mental limitation, to spread our wings and continue our inner journey.

Its shape brings us harmony and balance. The Flower of Life helps to raise the vibratory rate in general, whether it is food, drink, a room, and therefore yourself.

It will help you in your daily life thanks to its energising and harmonising power.

To learn more about this symbol, I invite you to read the dedicated article on the subject.

The Flower of Life, meaning and unsuspected powers(In French for the moment)

You will find information on:

• Geometric shapes that are ubiquitous
• The power of the circle
• Why the Flower of Life is so sought after
• How to use this geometric figure in your daily life

(whether to energise water, better preserve your food, clean and recharge your minerals, harmonise your spaces, work on your chakras etc. etc.)

And finally, be informed that all the Flower of Life models that we offer are our own original creations. And we print them in a traditional way on the various supports.

You will also find in this section the widest choice of Flowers of Life on the market, since we have developed 13 different models, each one with its own colorimetry. You thus benefit from the effects of shape waves combined with those of chromotherapy.

Listen to how you feel to choose the model that's right for you. It is by choosing with your inspiration, your heart (not your mind) that you will achieve the best results.

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