Seal of Solomon

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Are you interested in the spiritual world, the universe of sacred geometry and the various ways to protect yourself energetically?

The Seal of Solomon is one of the powerful tools of protection used by men for a long time.

Seal of Solomon : what is it ?

The Seal of Solomon is a symbol consisting of two intertwined equilateral triangles, also known as a hexagram, six-pointed star or hesalpha. The Seal of Solomon expresses the union of heaven and earth, of the spiritual world with the material world. It is formed by two crossed equilateral triangles and, sometimes, inscribed in a circle.

Symbology of the Seal

The Triangle with the vertex downwards represents the two heavy elements, Water and Earth, whose bodily principle makes them tend downwards, while the Triangle with the vertex upwards represents the two light and spiritual elements, Air and Fire. With the intersection of the two triangles a central hexagon is formed which represents the heart of man stable in a balance at the center of spiritual movement and bodily movement which allows to reach wisdom and inner strength. Furthermore, when there is a point inside the central hexagon, it symbolizes the union of all existing elements.

The Seal of Solomon is a very ancient symbol, made known starting from the Middle Ages, when it assumed the character of a talisman.

The symbol of the six-pointed star is not devoid of archetypal values, given that it is found in very different cultural areas. The two intertwined triangles, although iconographically associated with Judaism (Star of David), also figure in the symbolic heritage of Islam, in which they have taken on therapeutic-magical and alchemical values.

What is Solomon's Seal for?

The Seal of Solomon is highly sought after because it is a physical representation of the great wisdom possessed by King Solomon.

Those who wear this seal as an amulet feel in control of their lives. The seal symbol gives them divine grace and wisdom to make good decisions.

The Seal of Solomon also gives the wearer a powerful sense of being connected to the Divine.

The symbolic meaning of the seal of Solomon has to do with the flow of positive energies between heaven and earth.

It allows to exploit the powers of the four elements. If you choose to use it daily, it means you want to be at peace with Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Once used to ward off evil, keeping the forces of evil and darkness at bay, in modern times the Seal of Solomon is used as a symbol of magic and power by Western occultism.

Other people still revere it as a strong religious symbol - as they do the Star of David or the cross.

And finally, the seal of Solomon has been used as a symbol of protection for a long time.

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