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What is Wicca?

Wiccan Witchcraft is a movement founded on nature and in defense of life, which follows a moral code and which seeks to create harmony between people, empowering themselves and others.

Wiccan witches practice individualism and freedom of thought, but in close connection with the world around them, including plants, animals and other human beings.

They commune with water, sky, fire, trees, animals and stones in much the same way as the ancient indigenous peoples of America. They consider everything on our planet as a manifestation of the Divine.

Wiccan Witchcraft is an Earthbound religion that is meant to develop a person's spirituality.

Use of spiritual wiccan symbols

In the Wiccan religion and for Wiccans, as well as for most pagan cults, protective symbols and magical symbology are still today something fundamental within one's spiritual journey. In fact, there are many symbols, seals, Celtic knots that characterize the esoteric symbolism par excellence that each of us has seen and used at least once in our life as a witch.

When you walk towards a spiritual path like Wicca or any other Pagan Way, you inevitably come across ancient, archaic forms and symbolisms, as distant as they are still extremely powerful!

The history of humanity was born together with magic and with it all the spiritual and symbolic baggage that Man and the first witches and sorcerers have handed down for millennia up to the present day: initiates who still today celebrate and honor the sacred forces of distant times.

Why are magical symbols so important? They have always existed and have accompanied primitive human beings throughout the ages, representing forces, powers, magic, spirits and Gods, teaching them – even before science – how the universe in turn has cyclical symbols and symbols that are well suited to every facet of life and death. It is through the symbol that man has maintained his identity, transforming it in the course of his evolution.

Common Wiccan symbols in use today include:

  • Moon symbols
  • The Horned God
  • The Trinity Knot
  • The Witch's knot
  • The Ankh
  • The Pentagram

The moon is very important in Wicca. Wicca is largely centered around two major deities: the Moon Goddess and the Horned God. The most important moon symbol in Wicca is the Triple Moon or Triple Goddess symbol. It represents the moon goddess in her three phases: maiden, mother and crone. These phases, in Wicca, are representative of the life cycle of women, considered to be particularly linked to the moon.

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