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Are you interested in the spiritual world, meditation or the universe of sacred geometry? The merkaba, this mystical symbol of sacred geometry which conveys a powerful energy, is one of the tools of lithotherapy, meditation, esotericism and decoration used by man for a long time. Like the flower of life, this healing tool stands out for its dimensions and its particular geometric shape. It acts not only on the body, but also on the mind. To make you enjoy its many benefits, we offer, at Mandalashop, a rock crystal merkaba and a rock crystal merkaba pendant.

Merkaba: what is it?

The merkaba (not to be confused with the merkabah, which is a spiritual process) has its origins in the first chapter of the book of Ezekiel. Its meaning is intimately linked to spirituality and remains quite varied. It refers to a vehicle of light and a divine chariot. For Georges Lahy, kabbalist author, this mystical term designates a pre-kabbalistic practice. It is also defined as a sacred symbol because of its atypical representation or illustration. Let's look at this last meaning.

The merkaba represents an energy field, tinged with the colors of the chakras, surrounding the human body and allowing it to resonate at a certain vibrational frequency. The stellated tetrahedron shape of this mystical geometry is reminiscent of the Star of David (star of David) developed in three dimensions. It is attributed Egyptian origins where each of its syllables has a meaning, namely:

  • Sea for "vehicle of light",
  • Ka for "the personal interpretation that one makes of the spirit",
  • Ba for “physical body”.

His illustration has everything of a work of art that touches a spiritual dimension.

Its use is popular in esoteric practices, but is also used for decorative purposes. Mandalashop offers, at an attractive price, rock crystal star accessories featuring the sacred geometry shape of the merkaba. They are suitable for anyone wishing to harness the energies of this vehicle of light.


Mandalashop, what is the merkaba for?

This mystical symbol with a high energy field serves as a tool for protection and healing. The merkaba allows you to easily access a higher state of consciousness to aid your ascent to spiritual awakening. Wearing a merkaba ring or pendant undeniably promotes your spiritual development and your extrasensory abilities. These accessories charged with light or positive energy help you find the balance between the physical world and the abstract one.

This symbol of mystical geometry or vehicle of light that is the merkaba also offers virtues for the body. Its energies not only strengthen your mental faculties, but also develop your sensitivity and your receptivity. Merkaba accessories (star-shaped ring, tetrahedron, star pendant, pendulum, etc.) in crystals or stones are also used to activate and balance the energy centers of the body.

The activation of the chakras (base chakra, crown chakra, heart chakra, etc.) also guides you as a being of light towards full consciousness and spiritual awakening. Just like the tree and the flower of life, the merkaba can also be used in interior decoration. Mandalashop allows you to enjoy the benefits and energies of this healing symbol, through the rock crystal merkaba and the merkaba pendant presented on this page.

Whether it is to practice meditation, balance your chakras, have clarity of mind or benefit from the protection of the merkaba, our accessories will be of great use to you. Our rock crystal merkaba and merkaba pendant improve the circulation of vital energy in the human being.

You will also find other sacred geometry accessories on our online store. Don't wait any longer and enjoy the benefits of merkaba by visiting Mandalashop.

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