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Lotus flowers are among the most important symbols in Eastern cultures. The lotus flower is considered the most sacred flower in Hinduism and Buddhism. This sacred plant is a symbol of renewal and fulfillment, but also of purity, beauty and immortality. Lotus flowers can be found all over the world, notably in the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt, on statues of Buddhist monks… Discover here the meaning of the lotus flower as well as the lotus flower articles from Mandalashop.

What is the meaning of the lotus flower?

While some wear the lotus flower symbol as a tattoo, others opt for lotus flower jewelry. Whether as a tattoo or a necklace, the lotus flower has a symbolic meaning. Although growing in deep mud, this plant still manages to unfurl beautiful petals of different colors, despite its unfavorable environment.

The lotus flower is therefore considered in many cultures as the symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. Do not hesitate to read our article dedicated to the lotus flower to learn more about the true meaning of this particular plant. In Buddhism, the lotus flower is symbolically associated with the figure of Buddha and his teachings.

According to this religion, lotus flowers symbolize purity of body and mind. The muddy water in which the plant grows is associated with attachment and carnal desires. The immaculate flower blooming on the water in search of light is the promise of purity and spiritual elevation. Most deities of Asian religions appear on a lotus flower during the act of meditation. In yoga, the traditional mediation posture remains the lotus position (Padmásana).

The lotus flower is also used a lot in the tattoo where it is attributed several meanings. In tattoos, the lotus flower symbolizes beauty, elegance, patience, peace, eternity, struggle, rebirth after difficult times in life, etc. The tattoo is often done with koi fish to symbolize strength and individuality. If you are not a tattoo fan, you can opt for lotus flower jewelry, especially those offered by Mandalashop. You will always have the symbol of the lotus flower with you.

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Mandalashop's Lotus Flower Items

It is very inspiring to carry an image or representation of lotus flowers daily. This is why we offer you here a varied selection of products bearing the lotus flower symbol. You can choose to wear lotus flower jewelry such as the Mandalashop lotus flower pendant or bracelet. The jewels available on our shop are of exceptional quality and do not deteriorate.

You will also find other lotus flower items on Mandalashop:

    capiz lotus flower candle holder in pink color,
    capiz lotus flower candle holder in blue color,
    floating lotus flower canvas,
    round mouse pad lotus flower sparks etc.

The jewelry and other lotus flower items that we offer on our site are a great alternative to tattooing. Just like the tattoo, you can have them on you on a daily basis. Order the lotus flower bracelet or the jewel of your choice on Mandalashop to take advantage of an exceptional product and the powers of this sacred plant.

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