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Talisman and lucky charm

Symbols of sacred geometry act as talismans, amulets, or lucky charms.

They will help you restructure and are a reminder of the presence of the magical world within you and around you.

The energetic jewel will naturally radiate its energy and its soul of life on you and your environment. Welcoming the vibratory symbol, whatever it is, into one's life instantly brings about a subtle change in everyday life, a blessing and a presence of Light that makes all the difference.

A talisman can be defined as an object, usually an inscribed ring or stone, believed to have magical powers and to bring good luck. The origins of the word seem to date back to the middle of the 17th century to an Arabic word, tilsam, possibly an alteration of the Greek telesma, which means "completion of a religious rite", from telein, "to complete, perform a rite", from telos, result, end. The etymology of the word, the study of its origin, gives us good clues to define its meaning.

Some believe that an amulet is used for protection, to repel negative energies, while talismans are used to attract positive energies and empower those who wear them. These items can be items displayed or kept in your surroundings, such as your home or workspace, or can be worn on you, such as jewelry.

Your lucky necklace will be a help and will allow you to awaken your hidden center, the one that opens the way to your soul and the great mystery of your true eternal being. All these lucky jewelry are tools of balance that bring Light.

Protection symbol

Your talisman will act as a protection against negative influences. You can also powerfully activate your symbol by focusing for a few moments on its symbolism.

We have carefully selected the range of jewelry that you will find at Mandalashop.

All of our pendants are made from 925 silver. This means that they will not oxidize over time and turn black as they do with a lot of jewelry.

Each jewel is carefully presented in a beautiful box made for this purpose, ready to be offered.

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