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The Tree of Life

More than a tree with fruits and foliage, the Tree of Life is a universal spiritual symbol. Represented everywhere in many fields, the Tree of Life is associated with religion, mythology, sociology as well as culture, art and jewelry. This exceptional tree can have real power over daily life to help you find the way to happiness.

We find the Tree of Life in the form of engravings, paintings, embroidery, prints or sculptures that have existed since the beginning of history and symbolize the force of life and its origins, the importance of roots and the development of life. .

This symbol was already present among ancient peoples. In fact, it has been around the world and has been for centuries.

The Tree of Life meaning

The Tree of Life is a universal and timeless representation.

We find it for example:
• In Christianity: symbol of immortality, it is present in the Garden of Eden, just like the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
• In Islam: it represents eternal life.
• In Judaism: it represents the laws of the universe
• In Hinduism: it is called Ashvatta, it is an inverted tree.
• In Buddhism: this is Bodhi, the tree where Buddha attained enlightenment.

The Tree of Life is a symbol of strength, energy and wisdom.

It is also a symbol of protection, like other symbols.

But, what nobody tells you is that this tree is YOU.

Indeed, man is like a tree.

Trees, like nature, are a source of learning. They show us how the man / woman really should be, in his roots, trunk, and branches. From a symbolic point of view, man is identical to a tree. Many times we ignore this similarity and we just live in the roots totally ignoring the upper part of our being.

If you look at a tree, you see it through a filter, concepts, education. You don't see it for what it is.

Take time, stop and try to look at it differently. Maybe he will tell you about yourself and change your view of the world.

Unconsciously, men and women are turning more and more to the symbol of the Tree of Life, in the form of jewelry or other. Why ? Because internally we aspire to a greater life, in harmony with the greater whole.

And today we are cut off from our own nature.

All initiatory traditions have spoken of the tree and associated it with life and universal knowledge. In life you have to know what are your roots and what are your branches. You have to preserve your inner tree because it is the organism of life within you.

So by placing the symbol of the Tree of Life in your home it is with this awareness that you relate. It will be like a point of concentration in your daily life, on which you can focus to find calm and balance.

By focusing on the Tree of Life within you and making it alive in all your activities, you are bringing order and allowing the great cycle of evolution to act to transform and unify everything towards good.

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