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Spelled Triskel in Breton or Triskele, the Triskelion is one of the most famous Celtic symbols in the world. It symbolizes fire, earth and water. Some believe that this Celtic symbol represents in the culture a cycle of life including childhood, adult life and night light. Unlike fixed crosses, the Triskele is a Celtic symbol of enthusiasm and dynamism. The branches of the Triskele have a special meaning. They should always be turned clockwise. This characterizes peace and quiet. When this symbol is turned to the right, it symbolizes war and evil spirits. Inscribed on objects, the Triskele is a real lucky charm. Discover on Mandalashop our range of products featuring this sacred Celtic symbol.

The Triskele harmonising disk to increase positive energy

This tool allows you to make the most of the virtues of the Triskele. You can use it to revitalize yourself and increase your energy. Our Triskele harmonising disk can help you have energized water. The Triskele emits cosmic vibrations that transmit virtues and qualities to the cells of your body. This Celtic symbol is very present in Brittany, Ireland or Galicia in Scotland. You can read more about this Celtic symbol on our site.

The Triskele harmonising disk helps to find harmony and balance in life. You benefit from positive energy, whatever the area of ​​your life. The energized water obtained from this Celtic symbol allows for better sleep and better hydration. By placing your water bottle on the Celtic symbol, you benefit from a creative energy. By placing your harmonising disk in your environment, you can harmonize your living space.


The Triskele round mouse pad to optimize concentration

Our Triskele round mouse pads are a source of inspiration for people who wish to connect on positive energies. The Triskele symbol on our mouse pads promotes the radiance of positive energies in your life. By concentrating on this Celtic symbol at work or at home, you can reach a level of concentration required to complete a task.

Through the law of attraction and affinity, the Triskele attracts the corresponding energy to you. The Triskele is a Celtic symbol that helps to have inner calm and center you. It is a mat used for meditation and yoga. The Triskele mat will allow you to be more efficient in your various tasks.

Triskele canvas to refocus on yourself

The Triskele canvas is a real source of positive energy in the house. It helps to bring peace and perfect harmony into your home. The Celtic symbol of the Triskele evokes emotions of peace and calm. The Triskele constantly releases positive energy that contributes to the growth and development of your inner being.

It is also a meditation tool that allows you to awaken your full potential. The Celtic symbol on our Triskele canvas helps you reconnect with yourself. Many therapists do not hesitate to use our Triskele canvases to create positive energy in their practice. This Celtic symbol thus puts vibrations that improve your daily life. The Triskele also helps eliminate negativities from life. If you are looking for a canvas with a Celtic symbol, do not hesitate to order your product on our site.

Triskele key ring, a real lucky charm

Having a Triskele keychain can be very practical in your daily life. It acts as a talisman and will also prevent you from misplacing your keys more often. Our Triskele keychain acts as a lucky charm that accompanies you everywhere. The vibrations emitted by the Celtic symbol attract positive vibes and eliminate negativities from life.

The Triskele releases creative energy and promotes positive thoughts. This Celtic symbol promotes trust, peace and protection. This Triskele keychain brings you many benefits. You can order your Triskele keychain on our site. With Mandalashop, you can enjoy the many effects of the Triskele.

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