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Meaning of the Triskelion

Its name comes from the Greek "triskelês" which means three legs. It is above all a lucky charm. In Breton, it means the "three rays". Some liken it to the sun, because it looks with its three branches in the three directions and seems to watch over the universe.

The Triple Spiral Triskel is a Celtic and pre-Celtic symbol found on carvings in Brittany, England, and a number of Irish Megalithic and Neolithic sites.

This symbol represents the law of the Trinity. This law allows the creative principle to manifest itself in its creation. We find the law of the trinity in all religions and in many philosophies because it is essential.

It is often said that the Triskelion represents the three dynamic elements: water, air, fire. The earth is its center.

The spiral shape of the branches is a symbol of life, dynamism and enthusiasm.

Positive Triskelion and Negative Triskelion

These spiral branches also appear in the form of a quadriskel with 4 branches whose Breton name Hevoud means “well-being”. The Breton term Hevouded, “which brings happiness” has the same meaning as the word Swastika which means “which promotes well-being” and their forms are similar. The Triskelion line like that of the Swastika runs in both directions and represents positive or negative circular activation of moving energy and can be used to promote it.

How to use the Triskelion

The Triskelion is therefore a very effective symbol to reactivate our consciousness to the reality of this principle of the law of 3. This symbol is also an excellent rebalancing which can act on our energetic state.

Placing a positive Triskelion under our food, drinks, seeds and food supplements helps to energise them. You can also hang a Triskelion on the wall to harmonise certain rooms.

For use in therapy, it is possible to operate on the body with the two polarities of the Triskelion depending on the treatment to be provided: positive rotation to energise or negative to disperse.

At Mandalashop, we have chosen to develop articles with the Positive Triskelion, for a use of dynamisation and re-harmonisation.

We print all items in a traditional way in our workshop.
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