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You probably believe in esotericism if you read these lines. This is also our case on Mandalashop, your specialist in sacred geometry symbols. Magic can indeed operate through powerful symbols in our daily lives. This is particularly the case of the pentacle, a universal symbol used for millennia. Ready to take advantage of its protective powers in your life? Let yourself be tempted by our collection of pentacle products!

The pentacle, a powerful symbol of protection

The pentacle is often used interchangeably with the pentagram. However, these two terms do not refer to exactly the same reality. Meaning "five lines" in Greek, the pentagram is an ancient esoteric symbol that represents a five-pointed star. The pentacle is a symbol that represents the same star except that it is in a circle.

The pentacle is a powerful mystical and spiritual symbol whose appearance dates back to Mesopotamia around 3000 years before our era. Beyond its symbolic character, the pentagram inscribed in a circle has different meanings depending on its field of application. In Wicca for example, the pentacle is a symbol of faith which also represents the five elements linked to life: air, water, spirit, fire and earth.

The pentacle is also a powerful symbol of protection used in white magic. It helps to fight against black magic and the forces of evil. The pentacle is also used as a talisman to ward off bad energies.

Similarly, the pentagram inscribed in a circle can be an evil symbol if reversed. In this case, the pentacle symbolizes Satan, a horned devil. Pentacle illustrations have other meanings as well. This symbol is also associated with femininity and fertility. The pentacle can also represent the standing man, the members spread apart (the Vitruvian Man for example). To learn more about the pentagram and its different illustrations, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article.


Why use a pentacle?

Like Metatron's cube, the tree of life, the flower of life or the seed of life, the pentagram inscribed in a circle is a powerful symbol that you can use on a daily basis to take advantage of its powers. It is for this reason that we provide you with our rich collection of pentacle items. Then make your choice on Mandalashop.

Want to enjoy the benefits of dynamization? This process brings energy and structure to your water and beverages. This is going to help you enjoy better hydration, better sleep, and a noticeable improvement in your endurance. To achieve this, use our energizing pentacle trays. All you have to do is put your drinks or even your food on it. Let the magic of the pentacle operate before consuming them. Your energy balance will only be strengthened.

Want to clean and recharge your minerals more simply? Also use our energizing pentagram trays. The procedure remains unchanged. Drop your minerals on your pentacle energizing tray and let them recover their energy for a few hours.

You can also use our pentacle canvases to harmonize your place of life or your place of work. Hanging on your wall, for example, a pentacle canvas will radiate its energy in order to dissipate all the bad vibes present in your living environment.

The pentagram inscribed in a circle can also act as a protective talisman. With this in mind, you can use our pentacle keychains. This symbol will give you the protection you need and allow you to connect with nature. You can then bring serenity into your life. Visit our store and discover our many pentacle products to benefit from all these benefits.

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